Thursday, December 20, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 2-e

For today's QB news, it appears CrazySubs just subbed Unlimited OVA 1, feel free to go watch it now ♪

For the ASMR poll, "meh" won with 10v-29%. After that, it was a close battle between "I like them", "No opinion" and "I love them!" with 8v-23%, 7v-20% and 6-17% respectively, and last was "I hate them!" with 3v-8%.
Hm, as far as relaxing you when you have trouble sleeping, I kind of can recommend them... you do gotta look around for one that works for you, tho.

And next poll, which of the new WT chars is your fav? Will we ever get to hear "Catty" 's actual name?

Continuing with the Unicorn story, here's a bit more of Tomoe action?

Also, no post next week~ Merry Christmas and a happy new year, yo!


Thursday, December 13, 2018

Queen's Blade White Triangle profiles

Regarding the WT game poll, "interested but need to see more" won with 16v-31%, followed by "hype no matter what!!" and "gacha? No thanks" with 11v-21% with 10v-19%, and then "looks good so far!" and "bleh, pass" with 8v-15% and 6v-11%.

Next poll is about WT too, ASMR-oriented in particular! You can thank our buddy LuisFS for this one~

And here are the profiles of the new Triangle gals! We sure have some trouble figuring out Mei, we got the wrong romanization at the beginning (we were betting more on May, since Mei sounded more Hinomoto-ish or Shai-Fang-ish to us), and now her title :p


The Crimson Terror, Joan

Height: 176 cm
B: 99
W: 66
H: 88
Occupation: Prison Guard
Weapon: Happy Happy Kiss
Likes: Happy Happy Pearly
Dislikes: Party-poopers and sticks in the mud

One of the women summoned from a parallel universe by the Swamp Witch.

As lieutenant colonel to the advancing ‘Triangle’ forces, she’s happy to crush any Beautiful Fighter who dares stand in their way. Using her gigantic metal bat, the likes of which only someone with comparably superhuman strength could ever hope to wield, one swing from her is enough to devaste even the metal gates of the Iron Mountain.

And while she may look laid back at first… once she gets going in a fight, she becomes a berserker,
impossible to stop until her thirst for blood is quenched and every single enemy before her is pulverized.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Master of Queen's Blade Excellent Graphics: Elina, Nanael

For the Deathball/baseball poll, "not big on sports really" and "not big on baseball" won with 24v-48% and 11v-22%, followed by "I love baseball!", "I dabble in baseball here and there" and "I CAN'T STAND BASEBALL" with 7v-14%, 5v-10% and 3v-6%.
Hm, not a sportive bunch for sure, but then again, it's a genre HJ has never shown any interest in, how will it turn out for them...?

Next poll is about WT, obviously~

And seeing as we got some difficulties this week, we had to resort to one of these thingies from Master of QB Excellent, featuring the cheeky duo of Eli and Nana!


Thursday, November 29, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 2-d

For the poll about the 3 sisters in Rebellion, "Leina" won 20v-52% versus "Clau" 16v-42%, with "Elina" getting only 2v-5%.
Heh, no wonder Elina lost, she kept getting trounced by everyone... even Clau gets to lose to Mirim, of all people (or is Mirim actually a genius in disguise?)

Next poll is Death Ball-themed!

And in one more bit of the story, Tomoe gets to make her appearance! Also, pic!


Sunday, November 25, 2018

Happy Queen's Blade 13th Anniversary!

And here we are, one year older!

For our yearly recap:
-Gamebooks: no dice here.
-Visual books: noothing really, no.
-Anime: Unlimited OVA 1 came out, didn't really rock the world alas...
-Games: Queen's Blade White Triangle was announced, to be released some time next year!

Like last year, Unlimited is still releasing some figures, Elina's being the latest. And well, Unlimited's story is going on as well, probably reaching its later stage now.

Aaaaand... as you might be expecting after all these years, more swag pics~

Leading the way, I can't help but emphasize the new acquisition that was not easy at all for me to track down: a rare as lol, Excellent Model of SOU Leina!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Queen's Blade White Triangle stream!

Edit (26-11): Not May, Mei, oh well.

So a few hours ago, White Triangle streamed its stage event in MegaHobbyExpo, live! If you'd rather go to the very TLDR(W), you can skip ahead to the PV 1!

And what did we get out of it? Well, besides cementing Shiwasu no Okina as a QB artist (kyaaaaaah :3, finallllyyyy), we got a reveal of the new 3 girls that make up "The Hell Corps: Triangle", that being the Crimson Terror Joan, Hell's Admin Taylor, and White Lily Seductress Mei:

Also, a look at the yet unnamed cat hero that will accompany/help our girls protect the Continent:

Plus, towards the end there's an animation of how Leina's fabled "Dragon Tail" will look in-game, a (censored) armor-break sequence for Airi, and the opening OVA of our gals versus Triangle.

Yay, looking forward to it!
What do you fellas think?

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Sister Series Deathball Unveiled!

For the poll about Rana and his mother's breasts, "Power of LOVE" and "holds his breath" won with 15v-41% and 10v-27%, followed by "he looks up to gain air" and "he's not held that tight" with 8v-22% and 3v-8%. Alas, "he isn't all that deep" got 0 votes.
Yay, my choice got the most votes~ Still, yeah, a bit of a joke poll.

Next poll, just who's the strongest Vance in Rebellion anyways?

And for today's news, a new series by Hobby Japan was revealed: sports series Deathball!

Right off the bat (yay puns), the series has 31 characters drawn by 24 different artists, including HJ mainstay artists like Eiwa (doubly so), FS, Nitroplus, Matsuryuu, Aoi NagisaAiri's, Liliana's, Mirim's, and even other talented artists like TonySian or Akawaza Red!

All the gals have their full profiles, there's the first issue of some mini-comics, apparently it's a world with 4 races: Japanese (lol), Kinnari (elves), Oni and Osaki (beastmen?), and the rules are basically like baseball, but you don't need to actually use the bat and you can use anything that kinda resembles a ball, getting more than 90% of your uniform destroyed gets you eliminated, it's a foul if you attack someone without a ball and lose 3 members of your team and you're done.

So I wonder, what does this tale of "sportmanship" (lol) and "hyper sports" between metahumans have in store for us...?

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Queen's Blade White Triangle teased!

So, this morning, a smartphone browser game with armor break, celebrating 10 years of Spiral Chaos and featuring the Unlimited gals, was announced!

"All beautiful fighters will battle up till there's only one!"

Developed by BandaiNamco, on the Enza platform (apparently some kind of browser thingie to handle most of the data--a la Granblue?--and to share stuff by Twitter or Line), and expected by some sites to drop on 2019 (kind of an obvious prediction however).

We don't have a whole lot of information so far (apparently they're having an event on the 24th, at the MegaHobbyExpo thing), but let's see what we can figure out in the meantime!

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 2-c

Edit: I forgot, but no story next week, we gotta take a break every now and then.

We got great news today, but that does deserve its own post, doesn't it :3

For the poll about the strongest weapons, Clau's Thunderclap and Funikura won with 20v-22% and 15v-17%. After that, there was a tie between Catt's Giant Slayer and Aldra's Secret Cleaver with 12v-13%, another tie between the Celestial Saber and Leina's oft-overlooked Evindil with 8v-9%, then finally Tomoe's Kuchinawa, Setra and Risty's Iron Lover with 6v-6%, 5v-5% and 1v-1%.
Hm, no surprise in the top spots, but I didn't expect Risty's to rank so low. Maybe despite its destructive power, it's just an ordinary weapon after all...?

Next poll, let's have a bit more fun with Catt, this time starring Rana~ (suggested by The Spooky Scary Overlord, he's on a roll)

And for the story this time, Fio unveils a... um... problematic talent...?


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Queen's Blade: Leina 3D

Maybe a bit out of left field by now, but thanks to our buddy Luis' help, we translated the full book of the only 3d classic gal, Leina 3d!

Resolutions: LQ, HQ, HQ+

It comes with all manners of extras too, enjoy!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 2-b

Edit: now you can vote up to 3 times, our bad :3

For the Robin Hood vs Risty poll, "Both are great" won with 13v-48%, followed by "Risty" and "Robin" with 8v-29% and 5v-18% respectively, and finally there was "Neither" with 1v-3%.
Hm, guess it only stood to reason that Risty would win here, though there seems to be a lot of love for both...

Now next poll, classic weapon time? (again suggested by The Spooky Scary Overlord) With multivotes, too!

And moving on, Fio tells a bit more of the story...? Plus, pic!


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 2-a

For the evil trio buddy (body) poll, Menace won with 32v-42%, followed by an almost tie between Airi and Melona, 23v-30% and 21v-27% respectively.
Yaaaaay, my waifu won this time!! :3 Last time we did this poll, it was Airi who won with 53v-41%, followed by an almost tie of Menace and Melona with 39v-30% and 36v-28%.

Now, a poll graciously suggested by our buddy The Spooky Scary Overlord, let's ask about Risty's obvious inspiration as a chivalrous thief~

And as we start the second chapter of the Unicorn story, Fio starts spilling the beans...? Also, fancy a song? :3


Thursday, October 25, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 1-e

First of all, I'd like to remind you all that we're one month away from QB's next anniversary~, so if you got some pics of QB swag you'd like me to feature, you're still in time to send them my way, it's no fun if it's always the same guys :3

Regarding the previous poll about how Cattleya carries her huge sword, "don´t be silly, she just keeps them" and "hyperspace/cleavagespace" won with 16v-42% and 12v-31%. Then, there was "they vanish when off-screen" and "Rana keeps them" with 5v-13% and 4-10%, and lastly "they´re foldable" with 1v-2%.
Hm, well, I mean, "cleavagespace" isn´t something you´d disregard considering her... ehem, attributes, but I really thought the "foldable" option would seem more alluring than this, oh noes!

Next poll, we do a redux of the swamp trio poll! Obviously, it´s not because we´ve long run out of ideas for polls, whatever made you thiiiiiink that :3

And here we finish chapter 1! Is it time for the mysteries to be solved? Or maybe there's more in store...?


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 1-d

Regarding Nanael's situation with the Head Angel poll, "slightly vexed" and "annoyed" won with 9v-29%, followed by "this is it, to Hades with you" with 7v-22%. After that, there was "losing patience" and "never lose hope" with 5v-16% and 1v-3%.
Hm, there's something to be said for an angel's divine patience, isn't there...? For Nanael's sake too, lol.

Now next poll, let's get funky with Catt's crazy sword?

And for the next story bit, Airi seeks more info, and the sleeping beauty awakens...?


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 1-c

A propos of nothing in particular, after being in Ireland for more than a year, I'm going back to Spain next week, wish me luck~

On the Living Weapons poll, Setra won 29v-82% to Funikura 6v-17%!
Not much of a surprise here, our Setra buddy is way more manageable than the alternative, isn't he just? :3

Poll coming up next is, a rare Head Angel one!

And one more bit of the story! While Fio is frolicking around with Leina, Airi finds her captive gone...? (plus, pic!)


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 1-b

For the Bowsette poll, "loved it!" won with 27v-42%, followed by "like it" and "neutral to it" with 12v-18% and 10v-15%. After that, there was a tie between "enjoyed it but fed up" and "what's a Bowsette?" at 6v-9%, then last was "hated it!" with 3v-4%.
Hmm, interesting little phenomenon it was (and still hasn't ended), I wonder what it'll end up turning into...?

And next poll, Living Weapons time?

So, it's time for Leina and Fio to meet! What's gonna happen? All bets are off!


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 1-a

For the poll about opinions on Unlimited OVA 1, "could have been better" won with 10v-28%, followed by "alright" with 8v-22%. After that, there was a tie between "great!" and "pretty good!" with 6v-17%, and last was "awful" with 5v-14%.
Hm, I wasn't much of a fan of the OVA either, even though the story was the closest we've seen to canon in an anime, it was a bit of a poor-man version, imho.

Next poll, we know you might not come here for the latest meme, buuut...

And after the introduction, let's start the story proper! ...Oh, what do we have here, a grown-up man with like a lot of dialogue, and who doesn't need Leina's help, in our Queen's Blade? Lol, the author sure had some progressive ideas for the time :3


Thursday, September 20, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 0-b

Regarding the Holy Instruments poll, Laila's wings won with 28v-63%, followed by Sigui's burning mace with 10v-22%, and last was Laila's cannon with 6v-13%.
Heh, I somehow knew the wings were gonna win. Independent flight is too much of a temptation, ain't it~

And next poll, now that some time has passed since Unlimited OVA 1's release, did ya fellas got around to watching it?

So, here he finish the SOU prologue! Time to introduce our new hero(ine?), plus finish the Tomoe vs Airi fight! Also, Eiwa pics; we've only just begun! :3


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 0-a

Regarding the "Sansuma" mobile collaboration thingie poll, "longer projects are more worthwile" won with 18v-58%, followed by "mix of quick collabs and longer projects!" with 12v-38%, and then "quick collabs give us something to munch on!" with 1v-3%.
Hm, I wonder just how popular this very collaboration was... and why it wasn't an Unlimited thing, instead of classic...

Now next poll, how about those funky holy instrument thingies Rebellion introduced?

...So, the prophecies long forgotten have come true!!
I'll bet you guys weren't expecting this when I mentioned we were preparing new stuff last month~

But yup, here's the beginning of the very QB novel in the flesh! In the end we never found a proofreader to help us with it, so I had to learn the ropes enough to prove to my partner that I could pull off most of it myself :3

If you've read a bit of the Unlimited stuff, you might recognize the style, though this story is notably more focused, the battles pleasantly longer, it has a bit more of worldbuilding, plus it features our so-called new hero Fio. How does he compare with Doormat Michel...? We'll let ya be the judges~!

And without further adeu, at long last, enjoy! :3

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Queen's Blade The Live: Liliana (7/7)

Regarding the opinions on new Ymir poll, "looks good but doesn't feel right" and "looks great, outfit suits her!" won with 18v-45% and 12v-30%, with "no strong opinions" following with 4v-10%, and then a tie between "looks bad, good outfit tho" and "looks awful!" with 3v-7%.
Well, I guess that was a win for our dwarf, the revamping must have been worth it~

Next poll is about the QB collab thingie with that mobile game we saw the other day, what'd ya think?

And here is the last of the live pirate! Hope you liked her, let us know if you want us to work on Airi or Alicia another day~
If you're so inclined, we got download links for ya:

Liliana the Live (LQ): Here
Liliana the Live (HQ): Part 1, Part 2

Plus bonus, the making-of vid!


Next week: we start with our so-called secret weapon? (kyaa :3)

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sangoku Smash collaboration

Sup guys, so yesterday the QB Unlimited retweeted this announcement about a QB collaboration in a mobile game. The game in question is apparently called Sangoku Smash (3 Kingdoms Smash?), by A-Team, available here, and possibly known as"Sansuma".

This one
The collaboration apparently started last week (sure took the QB guys time to announce it) and will only last for a couple more days, so I guess you're still in time to check it out for yourselves if you wanna.

So I thought: how could I, of all people, not see what it's all about? And then I did.

Want some?

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Queen's Blade The Live: Liliana (6/7)

For Ymir's comparison poll, the 3 options at the top were surprisingly close, winning "Classic!" and "Unlimited!" with 16v-39% and 14v-34% each, followed by "Both" with 10v-24%, and finally "None" with 1v-2%.
Well, seems the new outfit was different enough to split her fanbase... maybe? lol

Now next poll, the Ymir reaction poll we actually intended to make last week!

And here's one more bit of the cosplayer, we'll be done next time!


Thursday, August 23, 2018

Queen's Blade The Live: Liliana (5/7)

For this week's news, if you were looking for an Elina dakimakura cover somehow, HJ's got you covered (pun intended?) now~

For the "men in QB" poll, "men as regular presence but focus on gals" and "only focus on gals" won with 25v-38% and 18v-27%, followed by a tie between "one male main char" and "no guys! ever!" with 9v-13%, and lastly there was "guys should be more present in general" with 4v6%.
Hm, not a lot of surprises here, but I see many people are warm to the idea of bringing more guys. You reckon that'd help a bit with the worldbuilding as a whole...?

Now next poll, how does the new Ymir compare to the old one? :3

And here we continue the live pirate, with the extra making-off stuff!


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Unlimited Ymir smashes her way through?

And finally, posted in the official page (the Twitter hasn't announced it yet), the last Queen's Blade Unlimited char was unveiled!!

A cute, distinctive bride look for sure, looks a bit like Cinderella there...

What do ya guys think?

Queen's Blade The Live: Liliana (4/7)

For the news this week, Unlimited Ymir just popped up...! Tho, I'll make a new post for that.

Regarding the watching OVA 1 poll, "definitely plan on watching it!" and "I will eventually" won with 15v-34% and 12v-27%, followed by "saw it already!" and "wait, it's been ripped!?" with 8v-18% and 6v-13%. Last, there was "0 intention of watching it" with 2v-4%.
Well, seems lots of people wanna watch it, we're waiting to hear your opinions then :3

New poll, what do ya think about guys in QB anyways?

And here's the remaining "playable" part of the live pirate's book, next will be the "extra" part!


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Queen's Blade The Live: Liliana (3/7)

So for this week's news, keeping with the tradition, I forgot that last week we made 8 years in this blog (yaay~)!!
However, this time it (almost) doesn't take us by surprise, coz we've been working on something cool, that we might start releasing soon-ish!!!

Also, you might have heard rumors about Unlimited OVA 2 being released for September 21st (due to this online posting)... but eh, the time frame is so ludicrous alone, it's not even worth disproving...

For our scanlating situation poll, the 3 answers got close results, winning "small releases of 3-4 pages/week" with 11v-40%, followed by "drop the weekly release flow and focus on manga" and "stick with the release flow and drop manga if they're too lengthy" with 8v-29% and 7v-25%. We also got an "other" option, "a mix of dropping weekly release and small releases" with 1v-3%.
Hm, not enough of a landslide to change the status quo, is that it? Guess we'll see...

Next poll, the Unlimited OVA 1 popped up indeed (in very transient sites such as this one, for example), so how about it?

And here's one more installment of the cosplaying pirate!


Thursday, August 2, 2018

Queen's Blade The Live: Liliana (2/7)

For the poll on the 7 Virtues designs, in a surprisingly close vote, Sariel and Raphael won with 27v-18%, followed by Uriel with 25v-17%, and another tie this time with Michael and Metatron at 24v-16%. The less favored angels were then Sandalphon with 13v-8% and Gabriel with 7v-4%.
Lol, it's almost like the flat-chested ones lost and the big-boobed one won...?

Next poll, we were wondering if the way we went about the Amara Academy was something you wanted more of...?

And we continue with the brunette pirate!


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Queen's Blade The Live: Liliana (1/7)

For the Nyx comparison poll, "Both" and "Unlimited" ended up at the top with 26v-37% and 24v-34%, followed by "Classic!" with 18v-25%, then "None" with 2v-2%.
Wow, that's way more of a close call than I expected, but I guess the Unlimited version did manage to appeal to enough people :)

Now next poll, it's time to choose favorites in that sister series about the angels?

And, if you had any doubt we're trying to broach every single aspect of the QB world, here we begin with Liliana's live book! Featuring Yuki Aoyama, who could have benefitted from a pink wig, let's be honest :3


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Master of Queen's Blade Excellent Graphics: Melona, Menace

Regarding the redux VQ poll, "I love it!" won with 32v-43%, followed by "I like most of it", "I like some of it" and "I only like a few parts of it" closely one after the other with 16v-21%, 13v-17% and 10v-13%, and finally "I hate it" with 3v-4%.
Comparing with the last time we did the poll, the first two options had more followers, while the last three were a bit more crowded together at the bottom. Hm, maybe after the novelty wore off, people are a bit less excited about that series...?

Next poll is Nyx' comparison poll... and we're reaching the end of the road with these~

So here are a few more designs, for the remaining two gals from the so-called evil trio!


Next week, we go live...?

Monday, July 16, 2018

Unlimited OVA 1 Pics Roundup!

So, last friday OVA 1 finally came out!

I was waiting for the usual guys to review the thing... but they must be sluggish, coz they haven't yet. Fortunately, some other fellows picked up the slack, like this one:

And SankakuComplex going for the lewds as always:

While this one ended up basically documenting the whole thing:

Thanks to that tho, we now got some decent pics of the new boy Michel~

What do ya guys think about 'em?

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Master of Queen's Blade Excellent Graphics: Echidna, Irma

For the Cattleya comparison poll, "Both" ended up winning with 26v-41%, followed by a tie between "Classic!" and "Neither" with 14v-22%, and then "Unlimited!" with 8v-12%.
Heh, so is she the most polarized char after all...?

Next poll: due to technical difficulties (lol), what'd ya guys feel about VQ now? The QB twitter mentioned it just the other day, too.

And here are a couple more gals and their designs!


Thursday, July 5, 2018

Master of Queen's Blade Excellent Graphics: Leina, Melpha

For Delmore's comparison poll, "Unlimited!" and "Classic!" won with 37v-62% and 15v-25%, then it was "both" with 7v-11%, and "neither" got none.
Well, that was a bit surprising, I was expecting Classic to have less votes, guess he still got the touch... :3

Next poll, Cattleya's turn!

And here we start with a few more designs from the Master of QB book!


Thursday, June 28, 2018

QB Mini Comics: Amara Academy (2/2)

Regarding Irma's comparison poll, "Classic!" won overwhelmingly with 33v-50%, followed by "Both" and "Unlimited!" with 18v-27% and 11v-16% respectively, and lastly there was "Neither" with 4v-6%.
Yaaay, classic Irma is best Irma fo'sure~~!

Next up to the bat, Delmore!

And here's the last part of Amara Academy by F.S., though technically this is a "manga made for the occasion", we're throwing it in as an extra! It's available in the Translations page too now!

Next week, a bit more of those rare QB design documents!


Thursday, June 21, 2018

QB Mini Comics: Amara Academy (1/2)

Regarding the comparison poll with Aldra, "Unlimited!" and "Classic!" won with 25v-40% and 19v-31%. After that, there was "Both" with 13v-21%, and finally "Neither" with 4v-6%.
Heh, hard to decide about this one, huh? She changed so much, it's no wonder...

This week's poll is abou--Irma-chwaaaan! :3

And here we begin with one of FS' small comics, that he posted recently on his Pixiv!


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 2-3(e)

On the Unlimited PV poll, "was and definitely still am interested!" and "neutral" won with 20v-37% and 17v-31%. After that, there was "was on the fence but more interested now!" with 10v-18%, and finally "wasn't and am not interested" and "was on the fence but lost interest..." with 5v-9% and 2v-3%.
Well, glad to see a lot people are interested :D

So, back to our comparison polls, turn for the Queen~

And here we finish volume 2 of the story, the travel to that rarely seen place is about to begin!

By the way, we're taking a bit of a break from the story for a while, but we'll bring you some rare stuff in the meantime. For example, we go back to school next week...?


Thursday, June 7, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 2-3(d)

On the poll about Nyx' recently revealed Unlimited form, "looks amazing!" won with 33v-53%, followed by "looks good! Can improve tho" with 11v-17%. After that, there was "eh, it's Nyx" and "looks meh, downgrade" with 9v-14% and 8v-12%, then finally "looks awful" with 1v-1%.
Heh, not bad, let's hope she becomes a bit more popular now...? :3

Next poll is about the OVA PV from last week, what'd you fellas think?

And we continue the story, with a Elina vs Tomoe that might mirror that of a previous novel~!
Speaking of which, my partner did leak in Discord that we have begun translation work on the Unicorn stuff, but we just can't release it if we don't get any more editors/proofreaders to help out... And the same goes for other QB mangas or drama CDs really, so if you wanna see even more flavors of QB and think you can lend a hand, don't be shy and help us release all the QB stuff evaaaar! :D


Thursday, May 31, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 2-3(c)

On Risty's comparison poll, "Classic!" took it with 33v-51%, followed by "Unlimited!" with 21v-32%, and then "both" and "none" with 7v-10% and 3v-4%.
Heh, I guess Risty's original wild look is something that just sticks to your head, ain't it...

Next poll, Nyx' reveal takes the spotlight~

And here we continue the story! It could be argued that the PV has kiiiinda confirmed it's a flute rather than a whistle... but we'll stick to our guns until we can get a proper look~ (also, if the 1st volume has some bonus, we can always release an updated volume version, amirite)


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited PV is out!

Somehow missed this yesterday apparently, but the OVA PV was posted, showing the returning chars!

One of the bits should be showing Elina's new technique, Draco, somehow similar to Leina's Dragon Tail, as kind of expected.

What do you fellas think?

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Burn, baby, burn! Unlimited Nyx is on!

So remember when I said yesterday Nyx might be coming in a few weeks? Close, but not~

She has some changes for sure, but surprisingly few for such an unpopular char (they learned not to overblow it after Clau...?). Funikura is looking a bit less grotesque now, too.

And then, there was only one little dwarf... :3

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 2-3(b)

For this week's news, the Unlimited twitter seems to have hinted at Nyx next, so maybe it's just a matter of weeks for the fiery gal...?

Regarding Tomoe's poll, "I like them both" got an overwhelming victory with 30v-48%, followed by a close call between "Unlimited!" and "Classic!" with 15v-24% and 14v-22%, then finally "never liked her and still don't" with 3v-4%.
Wow, now that's a great acceptance ratio, even better than Echidna's last week. Guess our very own "yamato nadeshiko" charms everyone's hearts no matter how many ribbons she has...? :3

Next is the turn of the so-called amazoness!

And here's one more bit of the story, where Nanael drops by with some rare info!


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 2-3(a)

For Echidna's poll, in the end "I like them both the same" got a clear win with 26v-44%, followed by "Classic!" and "Unlimited!" with 17v-28% and 14-23%, and then "never liked her and still don't" with 2v-3%.
Well, sure seems like she got off easy, or maybe it's because she's always been kind of an obvious Dark Elf anyways, plus her skin tone has never been 100% consistent? (an issue some F.S. chars share)

Next, it's Tomoe's turn up for the poll!

And, as we start another story part with an apparent similarity to one of the other novels, let me remind you guys that if we ever hope to release even more cool stuff (like maybe any of the aforementioned novels?), we're gonna need more proofreaders to lend a hand~


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 2-2(b2)

Regarding Melpha's poll, "I prefer Unlimited!" and "I prefer Classic!" won with 33v-43% and 27v-35% respectively, followed by "I like them both the same" with 15v-19% and "never liked her and still don't" with 1v-1%.
Wow, I wasn't expecting such a close tie, and much less for Unlimited to win... guess it's true that she needed a bit of a redesign to attract more fans...?

And now it's time for Echidna's poll~!

So for the story, Risty pops up again with some juicy info...?


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 2-2(b1)

For the poll on the new Cattleya, "looks great and new outfit fits her!!" won with 36v-52%, followed by "looks good but something is off" and "can't say I got strong opinions" with 15v-22% and 11v-16%. After that, there was "absolutely horrendous!" and "looks bad" with 5v-7% and 1v-1%.
Well, more than half of the people like the new Catt, that isn't pretty bad at all :3

And we continue our comparison polls, Melpha's turn now~!

Regarding the story, here's a bit more of Tomoe!


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 2-2(a)

For the Nowa poll, "I like Classic Nowa a lot more!" and "I like them both the same" won with 21v-37% and 16v-28%, followed closely by "I like Unlimited Nowa a lot more!" with 13v-23%, then finally "never liked Nowa and still don't" with 6v-10%.
Well, seems like the new Nowa has grown on enough people, not bad at all!

And for our next poll, we couldn't avoid asking about what has probably been the most anticipated QB news in a long time, sending enough ripples to even reach the most dormant QB fans... Cattleya's new look, of course :3

Speaking of wives, at the end of the previous story bit, did we hear someone with a peculiar intonation that could very well be my waifu? Maybe~!


Monday, April 23, 2018

Unlimited Cattleya joins the brawl!

So, today the twitter unveiled the char many people were waiting for!

If the design unlike the usual "naked apron" doesn't seem familiar, it's supposed to be based on the one she was wearing back in Leina's story:

Now, only Ymir and Nyx left. Will the dwarf get the next turn because of the obvious rivalry, and then it'll be the magician's turn...?

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 2-1(b)

For the poll on Elina's design changes, "I like Unlimited a lot more" and "I like Classic a lot more" won with 27v-39% and 21v-30% respectively. After that, there was "I like both around the same" with 13v-19%, and then "never liked her look and still don't" with 7v-10%.
Heh, quite polarizing opinions, and a close call too... guess there were more people satisfied with her than with her sister~

Next poll, Nowa Unlimited time!

And we continue with the story, finishing part 1 of volume ("chapter", as they call it) 2... yup, the numbering is a bit of a mess :3


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Anime Visuals (3)

Guess this might be a daily thing for now, since we got Nowa visuals~!

Still no Lou or commando confirmations, it seems...?

Queen's Blade Unlimited Anime Visuals (2)

And surprisingly, for the 2nd day in a row (as our buddy Koodu from the Discord reminded us), we got new visuals, this time for Airi!

Apparently, her scythe was a bit simplified...?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Anime Visuals

3 months away from the OVA's release, the twitter account revealed the first visuals for Elina!

What do ya fellas think?

Personally, I'm kinda looking forward to seeing the new guy Michel, who hasn't really appeared in any OVA art so far...

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 2-1(a)

For the Unlimited vs Classic Leina's poll, there was a surprising tie at the top between "I like Unlimited better!" and "I like them both the same", with 22v-34%, followed by "I like Classic better!" with 17v-26%. Lastly, there was "didn't like before and still don't", with 2v-3%.
Well, it seems she sure got out on top, let's see how the others fare... :)

Next poll, Unlimited Elina's turn?

And here we continue with the 2nd volume of Unlimited, featuring a Risty vs Tomoe match...!


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Drama CDs: Nanael's XXX (3/3)

On the poll on char personality types, "polite" and "outgoing" won with 18v-41% and 10v-23%. After that, there was "domineering", "soft spoken" and "rough" with 8v-18%, 5v-11% and 2v-4% respectively.
Funny, I'd have thought the "outgoing" types would trump the poll, guess the "yamato nadeshiko" stereotype ain't nothing to scoff at? :D

Now next poll, we begin a series of comparison polls with the new Unlimited selves, and who better to start it off that our poster gal Leina~?

And (accompanied by another of those ill-timed copyright claims), here's the last part of the bizarre drama CD!


Hope you fellas liked this rare look at the earliest QB drama! :3
Compiled them all in this playlist, as usual!

Next: we continue Unlimited's story, with the so-called volume 2!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Drama CDs: Nanael's XXX (2/3)

On the maid's identity quiz, "Meena" won by a landslide with 13v-35%, followed by "It's actually Melona" with 7v-18%. After that there was "Mime" with 4v-10% and "Medea" with 3v-8%. Then, a four-way tie between "Siam", "Fio", "Florelle" and "None" with 2v-5%, a tie between "Mima" and "Wittol" with 1v-2%, and no votes for Genjou.
Lol, that's way more "it's actually Melona" votes than I expected, wouldn't that be funny if Melona was just pulling a prank~?

Now for something completely different, which of these character types do you prefer?

And here we continue with Nanael's weird CD! Alas, this one actually had one of those copyright ID thingie with the music that we're trying to solve as usual :p


Friday, March 23, 2018

Unlimited Alleyne on the scene!

As Nowa helpfully advanced a couple weeks ago, here's the redesign of the expert elf!

Can't really point out many changes (the old clothes were a bit more puffy, like flowers, I guess?), but then again, if it ain't broken, don't fix it, am I right?

And then there were three~

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Drama CDs: Nanael's XXX (1/3)

Regarding the Michel poll, "1/5 worst job" and "3/5 decent attempt" won with 9v-20% and 8v-25%, followed by "4/5 could be better" and "5/5 great inclusion" with 6v-19% and 5v-15%. Lastly, there was "2/5 not enjoyable" with 3v-9%.
Lol, poor Michel... though, truth be told, as a character he kinda falls kind of flat, doesn't he? Considering how he's somewhat based on Fio... I wonder if we'll be lucky enough one day to see how the dancer measures up...?

Now, next poll is a funky quiz about one of the maids...?

And here we're smugly proud to bring you: Nanael's XXX!
...Wait, what is it supposed to be, again?

Well, first off, it's not nowhere near as hardcore as the title implies :D. And second, the information we have about it is: zero, zilch, nada~
There's literally no mention of it ever existing anywhere in the Internetz (except for the guy selling it second-hand, that is). The only clue we have is that it's voiced by Elina's VA playing our dear angel (the preliminary version before they got their groove on?), a trait it shares with the small Nanael dress-up game we saw sometime ago here (again, translated here), so we can probably assume they were released somehow around the same date, August 2007 (plus, the pic in the CD's cover would come from the game as well).

So what does this very obscure, extremely fake-sounding but surprisingly real, canon-ish CD consist of? Let's find out!


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-3(b)

For the poll about story and sexyness, "good deal of echi with okay enough story" won with 22v-45%, followed by "balanced mix of both" with 15v-31%. After that, there was "little ecchi here and there" with 6v-12%, and finally "strong story with no ecchi" and "lot of ecchi" with 3v-6% and 2v-4%.
Compared with the last time we asked, more than 3 years ago, the first 3 spots matched the current ones, with 30v-43%, 13v-18% and 11v-15%. The last 2 spots were reversed by a slight margin, with 8v-11% preferring "lot of ecchi" to 7v-10% preferring the "strong story".
Considering how many years have passed, I probably should have updated the series that served as an example of each option... but eh, chalk it up to me being lazy I guess :)

Next poll, we went ahead and asked about the new shota! (assuming enough people are following the story, since the OVA seems to be going the extra mile to hide him for whatever reason :p)

And continuing the story, Elina deciding what to do with Airi brings also the end of chapter 1-3, which is the end of volume 1 as well, basically the entirety of what the next OVA will cover~


Next: before moving on with volume 2, let's bring back the XXX(?) to Queen's Blade?

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-3(a)

First of all, the QB twitter hinted yesterday about Nowa's Captain being on the horizon, so maybe we can look forward to her soon...?

Regarding the Unlimited OVA's poll, "looking forward to it" and "ready and waiting like you wouldn't believe!" won with 24v-43% and 14v-25% respectively. After that was "sorta neutral" with 9v-16%, and with a slight difference between the rest, there was "wait, there's gonna be a new QB OVA?" with 4v-7%, "nope, not interested" with 3v-5% and "not all that interested, meh" with 1v-1%.
Well, count me in among the ones eager and waiting~! With our author at the helm of the story, it might very well be the QB anime season with the best story, y'know :D

Since we're in a rut coming up with new polls lately, how about bringing up this oldie, let's say for the sake of how you'd wish the Unlimited OVA to develop~?

And here we begin the 3rd and last chapter of the so-called volume 1! As the author basically spoils in the very title, someone becomes a proper Beautiful Fighter in this one... heh, Siam would be proud...


Thursday, March 1, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-2(a-2)

For the Pixiv visiting poll, "I browse it pretty often!" won with 20v-44%, followed by "every once in a while" and "hardly ever use my account..." with 9v-20% and 7v-15% respectively. After that, there was "What's Pixiv?" with 5v-11% and "don't even bother" with 4v-8%.
I can't say I visit it much, but every once in a while you can find some solid gems there, huh? (btw, we'll try to highlight the best stuff from FS' pixiv in our twitter~)

And following up last week's news about the OVA (available now for preorder in Toranoana too), how do you fellas feel about it?

So one more bit of story: despite the confusing numbering, this is the end of chapter 1-2. It aaalso features a bit of an infamous bathing scene, sigh...


Friday, February 23, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited OVA 1 announced!

So, today the official Twitter announced the first OVA is getting released on July 13th!

It has many different editions apparently, limited editions will have a mini-novel by our author (80 pages) and a pic by our new artist.

Plus, according to the anime page as well, different stores might get different bonuses, with Melonbooks getting like a fanzine with comments from previous artists or Hans, HJ Online getting a random postcard among 5, and Toranoana getting an Airi tapestry thingie.

The stores also confirm that Michel will be voiced by Aya Suzaki, and with the reveal of the OVA's title ("Elina's Journey") and its basic plot, it confirms our suspicions that it's going to follow quite closely the story we're translating at the moment.
Hope they do a stellar job with the animation!

Go, Unlimited, go~!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-2(a-1)

For the poll about the 3 so-called QB traits in a Queen, "kindness" won with 31v-56%, followed by "beauty" with 14v-25%, and then "strength", with 10v-18%.
Compared with the last time we did it, back then it was "beauty" which won with 31v-47%, then "kindness" with 23v-35%, and in last place again "strength" with 11v-16%.
Heh, if strength keeps being the least favoured trait, maybe they shouldn't decide the whole thing with a fighting tournament, amirite~?

Next poll is about Pixiv, since FS went and opened one (thanks to Koodu from the Discord for the heads-up :D).

Now we continue with the story, sauna time! Featuring a cameo from a couple gals from last time, too.


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-1(g-2)

Regarding the poll on the VII Virtues spin-off, "looking forward to it!" won with 16v-43%, followed by an almost tie between "interested like you wouldn't believe!!", "dunno about the concept" and "can't say the idea interests me" with 7v-18%, 6v-16% and 5v-13%, and lastly there was "the 7 what now??" with 3v-8%.
If you ask me, it's actually kind of a fun series, they condense fanservice and some humor in 4 mins in a similar way to how Bikini Warriors did... :3

Next poll, we repeat one we did some time ago, about those funky QB attributes!
...Speaking of which, lately we're kinda coming up empty when trying to think of new polls (guess it's been some years now, huh...). Do you guys have any idea for a poll that could be exciting or fun to ask? :D

Now, it took a while, but we finished chapter 1-1! Next chapters won't be so long, thankfully. More info on Michel gets revealed...?


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-1(g-1)

For the Patreon poll, by overwhelming majority, 23v-57%, "no account and no interest" ended up winning. After that, there was "1-20 $" with 7v-17%, then "have an account, put no money" with 5v-12%. Trailing after those, a two-way tie between "21-100$" and "100+$" with 2v-5%, and "what's a Patreon" got no votes.
Hm, somehow expected a bit more of support, though I guess depends on which artists you favour... and it's not like I contribute hugely myself :p

Next poll, the 7 Virtues spin-off to the 7 Sins sister series, which kinda turns the idea on its head, has started! Thoughts?

Moving on with the story, we're close to being done with the veery long chapter 1-1, and a couple chars make their Unlimited debut!


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-1(f)

For the original Irma poll, "3/5 was alright" won with 19v-37%, followed by a close call between "4/5 has a lot of strong points!" with 12v-23% and "5/5 loved all about her" with 11v-21%. After that, there was "2/5 was never that great" and "1/5 was bad all around", with 6v-11% and 3v-5%.
Great to hear lots of people liked my Irma! Wonder why she was rather low in the popularity scale then...

Next poll, there was some controversy or somesuch about Patreon not long ago, so tell us, do you fellas use it?

Moving on, here's a rather short chapter... where Elina makes a surprising declaration?


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-1(e)

First of all, in our ongoing quest to translate everything QB under the sun (as if that was something only a couple guys could pull off?), we got a twitter now:! We might translate there stuff like the funky tweets from the official Unlimited account, so check it out if you wanna!

Also, some news about Unlimited's upcoming OVA! Considering how the author of our novel is cowriting the script and the announced chars match the story so far, it's quite likely that the OVA is intending to follow the official story, for a change! Plus, more to come late February.

Now, for the previous poll about "soft" or "fit", "balanced!" took it with 49v-59%, and after that "soft!" with 18v-21%, followed closely by "fit!" with 15v-18%.
Guess balance is where it's at, huh? Can't complain myself, my Menace was the representative there :3

Next poll --let me preface it by saying I wasn't the one suggesting it :3--, one more about my Irma-chwan!

Storywise though, it's time for the new heroine and hero (?) to meet?


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-1(d)

On the resolutions poll, "they're not my thing" won with 15v-50%, followed by "usually do well" with 7v-23% and "pretty much never complete them..." with 3v-10%. After that there was "usually do poorly" and "I don't make them" with 2v-6%. Then, last was "I always apply them!" with 1v-3%.
Hm, guess it's a bit of a silly yearly tradition to follow through... though then again, trying to improve oneself is kind of commendable as well?

And since we recently noticed that new-ish pic from F.S., what do you go for anyways?

Now we're back to Elina again, what did she have in mind when she confronted Claudette?


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-1(c)

For the poll about my Irma, "looks good but doesn't feel right" won with 30v-40%, followed by a tie between "looks great, the outfit suits her!" and "she looks awful, plain awful!" with 16v-21%. After that, there was "can't say I have strong opinions" with 10v-13% and finally, "looks bad, the outfit is fine but..." with 3v-4%.
Hmm, a polarizing poll if I've ever seen one... what a pity...

One more poll, so how do your resolutions hold up anyways?

And after quite a long time since last chapter, here we're resuming the fabled Unlimited story, now intending to release installments in a row as long as we can! What kind of developments are waiting for us?


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Upheaval (10/10)

For the Santa poll (redux), "he's definitely real!" won with 20v-37%, followed by "maybe?" and "sorry kid" with 11v-20% and 10v-18%, and after that, there were "s-sure he's real" with 7v-13% and lastly, "no, and he was never real" with 5v-9%.
Compared with the last time we did the poll 3 years ago, the winning option was the same, "no, and he was never real" was second with like triple the percentage as now, "maybe?" was third, and "sorry kid" and "s-sure he's real" followed, all of them with lower percentages than now (except for the 2nd one, as mentioned).
Hm, I wonder, are people getting gentler with kids now...? lol

One more poll, the poll about my Irma-chwan that we never made due to Xmas time! :3

And for the finish, here´s the epilogue vid, what happened after the battle?


You can also check the playlist I made here with the full story!

I thought it was actually pretty cool, it provided some quite rare character arc for Elina, and even gave us some closure on top of it (pity that we never heard of the girl after that), plus gave some protagonism to the twins, who had never really shined up till now...
Hope you fellas liked it!!

Next: we´re going to dive into the Unlimited story, it´s time to see what the new stuff is all about!