Thursday, December 21, 2017

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Upheaval (9/10)

For the survey about classic QB chars being naughty or nice, in the end they ended up like this:


I'm sure there's some interesting details to observe about the results... but I'm kinda in a hurry lately with all the Xmas preparations, if anyone else wants to do the honors, I'll appreciate it :3

Next poll, we're repeating one from a couple years ago I think?

After the weird double-gunshot-like sound(?), the battle continues, fiercer than ever!!


Oh, and no post next week, we gotta rest every now and then y'know~

So, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Upheaval (8/10)

Since we kind of made a blunder with the survey last time, not being able to put it on the side of the blog as usual, we're leaving it on for one more week!

Now, hope you had fun with the crazy antics of the drama CD so far, because shit is getting real fast! We're at the climax of the story: the raw, intense battle of the twins vs Elina!!


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Don't drop your guard around the Unlimited assassin!

In a kind of confusing release, where it was announced in the site a while ago but still isn't up there, the new design for Irma was unveiled!

Kind of reminds me of Zara somehow, with the skirt and the scarf covering her mouth. Considering how unpopular she has always been (unfortunately), guess a redesign was unavoidable anyways...
What do you fellas think of this one?

More news as it develops!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Upheaval (7/10)

For the 7 Virtues anime poll, "definitely interested" won with 24v-51%, followed by "I'll pass" with 9v-19%. After that, there was "might or might not give it a try" with 6v-12%, "not interested in either" with 5v-10%, and "I'll give this one a shot!" with 3v-6%.
Hmm, more support than I was counting on, for sure :)

For the next poll thingie, we made a survey, but we didn't know you couldn't attach it to the side of the page, oh well... you can open it here, for now:

We go back to Elina and Sigui for a bit, things are getting hot, will they go all out...?


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Upheaval (6/10)

For the quiz thingie about the 2nd flattest gal, Sainyang won with 27v-42%, followed by a tie between Ymir and Cham Cham with 14v-21%, a 4-way tie between Eilin-Aldra-Alice-Nowa with 2v-3%, and nobody voted for Katja.
Lol, you know, the correct answer was supposed to Eilin, followed by Ymir and Katja... Man, everyone bullying poor Sainyang... :3 Or rather, this is how they're supposed to measure up:
-(Yuit 59)
-Eilin 60
-Ymir 61
-Katja 65
-ChamCham 69
-Alice 72
-Sainyang 75
-Aldra 75
-Nowa 78

For next poll, what do you think about the new sister series HJ announced recently, based on the devils one?

And now, it's time for the 2 stories to intersect! What kind of trouble are the twins getting into now?


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Happy Queen's Blade 12th Anniversary!

And one more year of QB happened, Unlimited being the latest hype, amirite?

For the recap of how things are going:
-Gamebooks: apparently Cinderella was indeed the last Grimoire, no more books in sight
-Visual books: last one was FS' Seut-ISM thing (as in, literally between "safe" and "out"), no more announced so far
-Anime: it seems Grimoire won't be coming back any time soon, but we got Unlimited to look forward to now~

Besides this, apparently the Unlimited series is going to start releasing figures now, Airi leading the pack as usual, but in duplicate, surprisingly.

In any case, to celebrate the anniversary, as we have already been doing for these past few years (yay, more and more links each time~), here are a few pics of QB swag!

Unfortunately, this time it was only me who could pitch in, so here's my latest QB stuff for your enjoyment! It was a good thing I brought the small cards to Ireland with me, I was able to take one final pic with more details~ (plus thanks to me using flash, we could get some funky rainbow effects on a couple of them)

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Upheaval (5/10)

For the poll on Twitter use, "never" won with 19v-38%, followed by "rarely" and "from time to time" with 11v-22% and 10v-20%, then it was "regularly!" with 7v-14% and "what's Twitter?" with 3v-6%.
Hm, not a lot of Twitter fans around, I thought it was supposed to be more widespread tho...

Now next is one of those funky quizzes, who's the second flattest...?

And let's go back to Elina for a bit, who happens to face a new guest? Or rather, about time the last gal showed her face?


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Watch out for the Unlimited prankster!

So yup, the Unlimited site was updated today with our Melona's new design!

Really, really subtle changes this time around, and it's only 5 left! Will the rest be so lucky~?

What do you fellas think? :3

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Upheaval (4/10)

For the so-called "Nice Skin Day" poll, it was an overwhelming victory for Menace and her massages with 30v-54%, followed by Nyx and her Funikura secretions with 9v-16%, a tie between the noble Elina and the plump Melpha with 6v-10%, and last was the young Nowa with 4v-7%.
Yaaay, my Menace~ Guess the oil massages were good for something in the end~

Next poll, since the QB guys are thankfully more active lately (re: Unlimited twitter), do you guys even Twitter?

And, we're getting to the fun part! More specifically, the debut of the twins and their antics in a drama CD!


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Upheaval (3/10)

For the previous poll about Delmore, "good change, Delmore wasn't that great" won by a landslide with 23v-46%. After that, there was "neutral on the change" with 9v-18%, a tie between "bad change, not Delmore anymore" and "bad change, downgrade from Delmore's dynamic" with 7v-14%, and lastly "good change, better version!" with 4v-8%.
So I guess our new succubus-like gal has gained the appreciation of a good part of the fans, not bad for such a drastic change :3

Now for the next poll, you see, yesterday apparently was "Nice Skin Day" due to one of those japanese mumbo-jumbos ("いい(11)肌(8)", I don't fully get it myself), so why not a poll?

And we're here with more bickering between Elina and Ymir!
Oh also, like last vid, this one apparently infringed copyright as well, but we haven't received a reply from the original owners yet, hm :S


Spoilers? If it needed any confirmation, it was Melona who tried to fit Elina with the armor. Funny, we never saw her funky eyes in the corresponding pic... would it have been too much of a telltale sign?

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Upheaval (2/10)

So for Unlimited Aldra's poll, "the design is good and needed for her" won with 19v-29%, followed closely by "is just good" and "neutral on the design" with 16v-25% and 15v-23%, and after that were "bad, not interesting design" and "bad, unrecognizable design" with 9v-14% and 5v-7%.
Glad to see people mostly liked the new queen, different as she might look :3

Next poll, as promised, is about Delmore's surprising change!

And here's one more installment of the CD, featuring Elina reminiscing a bit...
It also represents a literal little victory for us, because you see, apparently the music that sounds from 0:14 onwards triggered a copyright infringement in Youtube (that we weren't able to sidestep, unlike last time)... but we valiantly repealed it, and actually won~!

Anyhow, enjoy!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Upheaval (1/10)

For the poll about Melona's charm (definitive version), there was (yet another) close call at the top, with "fun personality" winning 25v-43% versus "jiggly chest" 23v-40%, followed by "thick thighs" with 9v-15%.
Hm, guess it's hard to dispute how both of those traits are basically what make her our Melona, huh?

Next poll, as we couldn't really have it any other way, how're ya feeling about new Aldra? Just ALDRA tho, we'll be focusing on the new Delmore next week, ok?

...And, we're back with videos~! With a canon drama CD to boot!

I've been really looking forward to releasing this one, y'now~. If you remember the Illustrated Stories a few years ago (5 years already? No way), you'll remember this chapter about how Yuit, Luna Luna and the twins defeated Elina in the southern jungle and basically sent her off a cliff. However, that wasn't the end of Elina (as if), and the story promised to continue as an interlude in a drama CD... which is this one!


Spoilers?: if you don't remember the "Fierce Tiger's Nest" Ymir mentions, it's the one that Annelotte, Mirim and Maria infiltrated to rescue the imprisoned (and cursed) Risty.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Long live the (loli) Queen: Unlimited Aldra!

So yep, Aldra's design for Queen's Blade Unlimited was just shared today. Delmore went through a remarkable change indeed:

Looks less imposing for sure, but also looks her supposed age (12) more properly than before, maybe? Also, the change that might be most relevant is that she isn't sealing her left arm anymore, will she be able to unleash her whole power now...?

What do you guys think?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Queen's Blade 2008 Summer Designs: Melona (3)

For the poll about Melona's charm points, "fun personality", "jiggly chest" and "thick thighs" won with 29v-27%, 26v-24% and 17v-16%. After that, there were her "cute eyes" and "soft bottom" with 12v-11% and 11v-10%, and for the single-digits votes, there were "bouncy ears" with 7v-6%, "adorable smile" with 3v-2% and "nice tummy" with 1v-0%.
Hmm, I see it was a close fight at the top, guess it won't be easy to decide a winner in...--

...The follow-up poll, which of them is the ultimate one?

Now, here's the end of Melona's sure fanciful run of endless disguises!


Next: No more designs for now! Instead, we begin with a release I've been waiting for like, what seems like ages~!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Queen's Blade 2008 Summer Designs: Melona (2)

For the poll about what Setra is, "an unrepentant pervert" won with 26v-47%, followed by "Menace's good and loyal friend" with 18v-32%, and then "an ancient, wise tool" with 11v-20%.
Hm, but then again, why not all of them~?

Next poll, where would you place Melona's charm anyways?

And here's a bit more gooey Melona goodness, broaching the subject of Ymir's flatness as I kinda spoiled in the comments last time! :D


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Queen's Blade 2008 Summer Designs: Melona (1)

For the poll on Unlimited Setra, "I think it's a good change for Menace" and "I disagree with the change, makes no sense for Setra" won with 21v-44% and 13v-27%, followed by "on the fence" and "I think it's a good change for Setra" with 7v-14% and 4v-8%. "I disagree with the change, it looks bad" lost with 2v-4%.
Hm, lots of differing opinions, seems like good ol' Setra found a way into our heart, huh?

Here's another Setra poll in a row: just what is he...?

And here we start with our pink slime girl and her many faces! (literally 1000, right?) We did need some expert help to make sense of some of the scribbles all over her designs, sigh... :p


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-1(b)

For the poll about writing skills, "better than decent" and "I can manage" won with 13v-35% and 11v-29%. After that, "I can sort of write okay" and "I'm terrible at writing" with 7v-18% and 5v-13%. Last place was for "my writing is pretty great actually!", with 1v-2%.
Hm, I think I'm not bad myself, but then again, it's been years since the last time I even tried, so... :p

Moving on with the polls, this time is about good ol' Setra, who apparently is now a ring?

And, here's one more part of the story, going back a bit in time to the actual beginning of Elina's misadventure!


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Bow down before the might of Unlimited Menace!

So yeah, my Menace was just given the Unlimited treatment today!

Apparently Setra became a ring, so she's now a through and through brawler, which I guess was kind of the original intent all along.

Not that many chars left!

Whadda you guys think?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Nanael (6)

By the way, before I forget, remember part 11 of the Menace CD Drama we translated like a year ago, where she entered the men's sauna by mistake? Well, apparently someone with a certain sensibility let Youtube know about the video, and they removed it...
Sigh, I wonder what we can do now... upload it again without the pic, maybe?

For the poll about Unlimited Tomoe, "okay design" and "great design! glad they didn't change it" won with 26v-40% and 23v-35%, followed by "great design! could use more changes" with 10v-15%, and finally "bad design, no changes" with 5v-7%. "Bad design, feels lacking" got no votes.
Hm, seems an overall positive impression, why change what it's not broken, amirite?

Let's go next for one of those funky polls we do from time to time, this time about writing~

And here's Nanael's last part! It is rare to get such raw, unfiltered art in QB...


Next: Melona... but not before a bit of something else?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Nanael (5)

When it came to the Ymir poll, it was sort of a close result, but "young girl!" beat "old woman!" 38v-60% to 25v-39%.
Heh, being a loli granny is kinda confusing, isn't it...

For the poll coming up, how did you feel about the new Tomoe redesign?

Here's one more bit of Nanael, casually beating the dead horse of her being on a trial~


Friday, September 8, 2017

Unlimited Tomoe, cutting the opposition to... ribbons?

So, the newest design for Queen's Blade Unlimited was shown, and it was the eastern samurai gal!

Very subtle changes actually; amongst them, like my partner noted in the Discord, she keeps getting more ribbons with each installment (hence the really bad pun in the title up there?). What do you fellas think?

More news as they develop!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Nanael (4)

On the pupil's poll, Nowa took it with 17v-31%, followed by Annelotte and Menace with 13v-24% and 12v-22%. After that, there were Irma and Leina with 7v-12% and 5v-9%.
Heh, of course Nowa was gonna win it. Didn't expect Annelotte so high up, pity that my Menace was so close to 2nd place tho, and my Irma just can't catch a break, huh... :3

This poll's week is about Ymir, and a question we've kinda been wondering about lately (and was part of a VQ entry featuring Liliana as well, if you may recall): is she old or young?

Now, here's a bit more of Nanael! Dunno how clear it comes through, but we're pretty sure that the 3rd pic there is a reference to Evangelion, not only with the giant monster ("kaijuu") and barrier talk, but also the pose itself. The more you know, huh?


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Nanael (3)

So for the "Airi servant or slave" poll, "servant" beat "slave" with 51v-68% vs 24v-32%.
Gotta agree this time, wouldn't be the first time Airi has shown she's into the business just because she wants to, right?

On to a new poll, a pupils one, with a few more options than I initially proposed, but oh well :3

Let's continue with the angel who keeps getting milk all over herself!


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Nanael (2)

Oh hey guys, you know one of the running gags in this blog, where every year I only remember about this site's anniversary a few weeks after the fact? Well it happened again~
Celebrating the 7th anniversary here, we still got loads of material to work on! (any extra proofreader would help speed it up enormously, though)

So about Nanael's harem poll, it was kind of a close call, but "I'd tell her to take a hike" won versus "I'd definitely join" with 42v-55%, against the latter 34v-44%.
Oh, poor Nanael, I thought she'd be a tad more popular than that. Or is it that people don't like being in a harem...?

Now next poll, how do you view Airi as?

And here we start all the fancy designs of the half-assedly-fighting angel!


Queen's Blade Unlimited Risty is go!

So today the HJ site was updated with the profile of our wild amazoness, Risty!

Can't say she changed a lot, huh? Funny how everyone has different hair now. Besides, she changed the buckler for a more fancy-looking, compact shield... plus she lost her shoulder tattoo, and her leg tattoo changed design?

What do you guys think?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Nanael (1)

On the "Leina's competence" (so to speak) poll, preferring her "having a lot to learn" won with 39v-70%, followed by "having so much to learn she's barely fit for a main char" with 13v-23%, and finally there was "having little to learn" with 3v-5%.
Hm, guess stories of improvement are always popular, huh? Just ask the guys at Shonen Jump, lol.

Since we're going with Nanael this time, harem poll?

And here's the so-called introduction of our angel. Just what kind of manga is our Hans pal even trying to reference here...?


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Prologue & Chapter 1-1(a)

Edit: Oh, next will be Nanael's designs, not Melona's, my bad :p

For the poll about angels panties, Laila's weird panties took it with 39v-57%, followed by Nanael's classic polka dot panties with 20v-29%. After that, there were Kyuel's simple panties and Hachiel's vertical stripes with 5v-7% and 4v-5%.
Hmm, I wonder what would have happened if my Menace with her horizontal stripes had been there as an option~?

The poll this time is based on one that they did in the Unlimited twitter before, so why not, huh?

And lo and behold, here's the start of the Unlimited story! Unlike other posts where we try to release a finished thing in consecutive weeks, we'll try something new this time and post these as we manage to get them translated, interspaced with other stuff in the meantime.

So without further adeu, here's the two first installments we have of the brand new story!

Prologue: Story of the Beautiful Fighters

The Queen's Blade, a life or death tournament held once every 4 years, gathering Beautiful Fighters from across the land to compete.

In accordance with the practice set by the Founding Queen who gave new life to the Continent, only the strongest woman can be allowed to rule over all.

Thus, under the vigilance of an angel, any winner to an official Queen's Blade match may issue any one order to the loser.

Take away an adversary's precious weapon for yourself? Maybe enslave them instead? Or perhaps... demand the throne from the current Queen herself!

From the borderlands, a noble's daughter sets out in search of her beloved sister, Leina, who threw it all away to become a Beautiful Fighter, Elina's adventure begins here.

(more after the jump)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Airi (6)

For the poll about Unlimited Claudette, "great design but not Claudette" won with 37v-50%, followed by "great design and fits the character" with 19v-26%, then "bad design and not Claudette" with 11v-15%, then "okay choice for design and character" with 6v-8%.
Heh, gotta agree this time with the majority, the design might be cool and all, but is too different from the Claudette we know and love, isn't it...

This week's poll comes from yesterday also being Panties Day (8/2 = pa-tsu), so angel panties galore!

And here we finish Airi's sketches, including her absorbing move that would kind of become a bit more intimate in the anime and posterior adaptations :3


Next: ...Oh, a rare irregular post, neat!

Unlimited Melona teaser

Since yesterday was apparently "bunny day" (because of one of the japanese pronunciations of 8 and 2, you see), the guys on Twitter posted a nice sketch of our bunny-eared slime girl:

Looking good, right?

More news as they come!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Airi (5)

Edit: One of our fellows, Sayo, commented in the poll:

I can't comment on the QBB blog itself (how about allowing comments using Twitter, guys?) so maybe someone could copy this there? Assuming anyone reads these poll comments in the first place... Anyway, I don't have a problem with new costumes in general. It's a girl's prerogative to change her outfit, right? My main gripe with these redesigns is that they all have basically the same body shape. There should be a much bigger difference between Melpha and Nowa, right? Having said that... This isn't Claudette. It looks like a completely different person. "Unlimited" shouldn't mean you can just do whatever you want!

We had never heard problems about posting comments, but though we can't really do anything about commenting from Twitter, we just changed the configuration to allow anyone to comment, even without a Google+ account or a "registered user" openID thingie.
If this becomes spam hell, we'll revert to how it was~


On the new Layton game poll, "what's a Layton?" and "considering trying it out" won with 13v-36% and 12v-33%. After that, "uninterested in the series" and "already preordered/playing!" followed with 6v-16% and 3v-8%. Finally, there was "can't stand puzzle games" with 2v-5%.
Oh, not a lot of puzzle fans around here, I see? If you ask me, it's a nice installment in the series, with some nice (and tricky) puzzles, charming characters and a handful of cool twists to boot...

Moving on with the next poll, obviously the talk of the week is Claudette's brand new look, surely worth some discussion.

Now here's a bit more of Airi, including the difference between a wraith and a ghost (funny considering how we haven't really seen any ghost in QB? Or does anime Shizuka count?)


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Unlimited Claudette joins the fray!

A.k.a. "I can't believe my older sister is this cute?!", maybe? (lol)

But yeah, after quite an image change kind of past the point of recognition (except for the thunder sword, that is), here's Claudette's new look:

"Elina... how lovely are thou..."

What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

More news as they develop!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Airi (4)

On the hours of sleep poll, "6-7" won with 26v-49%, followed by "7-8" with 14v-26%. After that, there was "6-" with 9v-16%, and "8+" with 4v-7%.
Hm, I guess I always sleep only a bit more than 7 hours myself, any more than that and I'm not sleepy the next day... :p

Next poll, how's about that new Layton game? This time it was me who pushed for the poll, but what can I do, I'm a fan of the big guy :3

Here's another installment of Airi tho! She sure ended up with a lot of expressions, huh.


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Airi (3)

For the Unlimited designs poll, "most are pretty great" won with 25v-31%, followed by 3 close choices, "love all of them!!" with 15v-21%, "only like a few of the new ones..." with 13v-18%, and "I'm sort of in the fence" with 11v-15%. Then after that, was "new designs?" with 5v-7%, and finally "hate every updated version!" with 2v-2%.
Guess I don't need to mention, I'm a fan~... though Melpha's was quite surprising indeed.

This week's poll is about hours of sleep! ...Oh, right, you know how Maria spent all day sleeping?

So, marching on with the wraith's designs, here are some of her not-very-common dematerializing tricks!


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Airi (2)

So on the Fate Grand Order poll, "What's FGO?" and "haven't tried, probably won't" won with 13v-27% and 11v-23% respectively. After that, there was "haven't tried, probably will" with 8v-17%, and a tie between "already playing it!" and "zero interest in those mobiles games!" with 6v-12%. Finally, "already tried it in japanese" got 3v-6%, while "tried it out, not my thing" got no votes at all.
Oh, not many Fate fans? And that asskicking-looking Fate Extella was just announced for PC, too! ...Though well, I can't really seem to get hyped to try FGO myself :p

Next poll, obviously Unlimited, how's it looking so far?

And here's more stuff about our Airi, including their flimsy excuses for some of the weird-looking positions?


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Airi (1)

For the poll about Nowa's companion pet, "monkey" won with a 24v-61% versus the "flying squirrel" with 15v-38%.
Guess Lou made his way into our hearts... though we don't really see much of him usually, do we?

Now next poll, what do you think about that new Fate game?

And lo and behold, here's our maid! A bit of an introduction this time, to whet your appetites~


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Queen's Blade Unlimited site revamp!

A whole redesign of the QB Unlimited site just brought us the redesign of Echidna & Melpha!

They also gave individual pages to the characters there (with basically the same information as their classic selves, except for the battle quotes), started a funky story (featuring a new shota character?), and even opened a Twitter account!

More to come on July 7th?