Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Queen's Blade 10th Anniversary!

So here's the day HJ's been hyping for a while, 10 years of QB~!

To recap the current situation:
-Gamebooks: Eiwa's Snow White is coming on January 29, as announced today.
-Visual books: we haven't heard anything this year.
-Anime: Grimoire OVA1 is coming bundled with Snow White, featuring Alicia, Zara and Seiten, plus Leina's and Airi's cameo (they sure kept Airi's under wraps :p). Sometime after that, the OVA2 will feature Kaguya, and (presumably :3) many of the other chars. Will it come bundled with another book, maybe Cinderella's (as Seiten showed us)? More news as they develop.

As for the usual pics from the community, spanning back to three years already, this year we asked our pal Eradose:

Plus I had a couple pics of my own, beginning with the poster that sacrificed itself for our sins (read: had to cut it to pieces in order to scan it :v), one minute of silence in its honor, please:


  1. Nice collection Eradose!
    I had not enough new stuff for this year, sorry Leecherboy^^