Thursday, June 28, 2018

QB Mini Comics: Amara Academy (2/2)

Regarding Irma's comparison poll, "Classic!" won overwhelmingly with 33v-50%, followed by "Both" and "Unlimited!" with 18v-27% and 11v-16% respectively, and lastly there was "Neither" with 4v-6%.
Yaaay, classic Irma is best Irma fo'sure~~!

Next up to the bat, Delmore!

And here's the last part of Amara Academy by F.S., though technically this is a "manga made for the occasion", we're throwing it in as an extra! It's available in the Translations page too now!

Next week, a bit more of those rare QB design documents!



  1. You know, I think the new Delmore would have been more original if they had kept the suit and tie from before, odd though that may sound. As it is, she's just another generic "sexy female demon" type. Hot, maybe, but instantly forgettable.

    1. it's a problem that afflicts all the new designs really, if they're not carbon copys from the originals they just look generic.