Thursday, June 21, 2018

QB Mini Comics: Amara Academy (1/2)

Regarding the comparison poll with Aldra, "Unlimited!" and "Classic!" won with 25v-40% and 19v-31%. After that, there was "Both" with 13v-21%, and finally "Neither" with 4v-6%.
Heh, hard to decide about this one, huh? She changed so much, it's no wonder...

This week's poll is abou--Irma-chwaaaan! :3

And here we begin with one of FS' small comics, that he posted recently on his Pixiv!


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  1. Thanks very much for the comic. Of course, I boomarked F.S's pixiv account as soon as you drew my attention to it, but it's nice to have the text translated.

    About the poll: Not wishing to influence the voting in any way (and it looks like everyone's made up their minds already), but I wonder how many people realise that Irma's Unlimited get-up is a combination of her Fang uniform (as in the game book) and her cleaning lady outfit? (Although that stupid scarf is new.) Well, I certainly didn't know that when they published it, but I've sone a bit of Irma research since then... Anyway, regardless of any opinion on how it looks, I think this is A Bad Thing™. How is she supposed to pose as a cleaning lady if she doesn't something different to change into?