Thursday, December 24, 2015

Vanquished Queens 3 Compilation

For the previous poll about Echidna's skin, "dark" beat "light" with 53v-70% to 22v-29%. Hmm, sure she's a dark (wild) elf, but I don't usually see her so dark-skinned either? Though, VQ3 sure went on at length comparing her skin with Menace's, so I guess I can't deny this one.

Then next one, umm... Xmas poll, indeed.

And making the last break for now, here's the compiled VQ3! Took us some time to release ever since the translation technically ended, but my partner wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to review it and refine some stuff, we ended up doing a myriad of minute changes, besides adding the missing prologue as expected. Normal resolution here, bigger one here.


So, next week we'll start our very dramatic, new project~!
As I might have mentioned before, that'll be on the 1st! ("friday post, what is this madness?" amirite xP)

And, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, y'all!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Snow White previewed

4 posts in 2 days? Well aren't we hyper~

Couldn't help it this time tho, since HJ fortunately went back to their good habits and gave us a preview of the next character. Besides the stuff that we knew, she using her apples in various ways, they show new pics as well.

Eradose's Queen's Blade book review series

We don't get a lot of the actual game discussion lately, do we? Well, fortunately, our buddy Eradose recently started a small video series to review some of the proper QB books, plus a few others from the previous Lost World series, even including that Star Wars couple (considering the famous movie being released today, makes for some great timing indeed~).

He'll keep updating them daily for the next week, until Christmas, so if you want to hear some nice analysis about the books, don't miss them!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Queen's Blade : Commissions Part 5

Annnd welcome back to Final Agent's Commissions'Spotlight!
Great timing too, because man do I have loads 
of neat new stuff to show off!

By Tasselcat
So let's get on with the commissions!

Queen's Blade : Rare Stuff Part 3

And we're back for yet another installment of :
Rare Stuff with Final Agent

Where we look through our stash of rare Queen's Blade swag and meticulously decide what to post and when to post it... or basically just forget all about most of it until the last minute and decide to show it off whenever. You know, whichever works.

But first, poll results!

Injustice and suffering. To meet or not meet Funikura, which fate have you all chosen?
1rst - Nyx should meet Funikura (24 Votes / 45%)
2nd - Nyx should never meet Funikura (29 Votes / 55%)

Well would you look at that! Pretty much a close call!
The polls were neck and neck all throughout week, so it looks like when it comes down to it, deciding which fate is best for Nyx just isn't a simple matter, is it? 
No matter what her fate, Nyx is destined to suffer, so when you consider that, what should matter beyond that for her? That she find power at the expense of her ideals? That she maintain her heroine of justice's heart and innocence untouched by Funikura's cruelty at the expense of a miserable future?
A shame we may never find out.

Next poll! Time for part 2 on the skin color challenge! Just how dark skinned or light skinned does Echidna seem to you?

Now with those bad feelings and our new poll out of the way, onto the rares...

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Unofficial Queen's Blade Gameplay Videos

About the "I'm Japanese" character poll, Tomoe won with 63v-78%, followed by Kaguya's 11v-13% and Izumi's 6v-7%. Hm, we tried to word it so that it was just whoever gave off the most "japanese feeling", but Tomoe still took it, huh? :3

And next poll, a tough choice about Nyx rather meeting Funikura or not...

So for this week's break, do you guys remember that unofficial, Chinese game we mentioned here like half a year ago?

Well my partner managed to nab one of 'em Windows Phones and tried to brave his way through it, leaving us with these few videos! I tried to cut all the times when the lag/loading time was taking just way~ too long, so even if there's a bit of aimlessly wandering around, we're still making the game look better than it is.


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Cute QG (2 of 2) (End)

Update: Uh, apparently Google broke the "recent comments" gadget we had. I'll keep looking into getting it back :p
Update 2: I found an alternative for the "recent comment" thingies, maybe this one's more stylish? :3

First of all, apparently I missed this, but confirmed by Eiwa himself, it looks like Snow White will be summoning both Tomoe and Annelotte as cameos in her book, nice~

On the poll about buying from Japan, "never ordered" and "sometimes" won with 22v-36% and 19v-31%, while "regularly" and "at least once" trailed behind with 12v-20% and 7v-11%. Well, gotta support the market, right?

Next poll is about our japanese representatives in the 3 QB series, who among them pulls it off the best in their own way?

So we're going with the final freetalks at last! Oh, and spoilers again. How do Jean and Cute's talks end?


Whew, that was every bit as crazy as we thought in the beginning, and then some! Not for nothing we spent like 2 years on these... ^^U Hope you guys liked them! Oh, and I made a QGSC playlist, too.

So, that's enough Spiral Chaos for now, our next project will take us back to the usual QB (and canon QB at that~). We'll be starting it next month (next year, lol), which means the following weeks we'll post some interesting stuff while we take a break.

Look forward to it~!