Thursday, June 14, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 2-3(e)

On the Unlimited PV poll, "was and definitely still am interested!" and "neutral" won with 20v-37% and 17v-31%. After that, there was "was on the fence but more interested now!" with 10v-18%, and finally "wasn't and am not interested" and "was on the fence but lost interest..." with 5v-9% and 2v-3%.
Well, glad to see a lot people are interested :D

So, back to our comparison polls, turn for the Queen~

And here we finish volume 2 of the story, the travel to that rarely seen place is about to begin!

By the way, we're taking a bit of a break from the story for a while, but we'll bring you some rare stuff in the meantime. For example, we go back to school next week...?


Chapter 2 : A match before her Majesty the Queen (Part 3)

To Hinomoto

The next morning, the group, joined by Tomoe, prepared for their departure at the inn’s main hall.

“Now then, are you ready to lead us to Hinomoto?”
“I’m afraid I’m in no position to refuse... though, if I may, I implore that you make sure to dress appropriately before we disembark at the very least.”
“Lady Elina, Lady Elina...”
The maid whispered, beckoning over to the blonde, who’d already begun to frown at Tomoe’s request.
“The women of Hinomoto are somewhat petite. Being thin, they may resent you for exposing your supple body.”
The wraith quickly informed Elina, doing her best to keep the priestess from hearing.
“Well, fine. I’ll consider it.”
“My thanks.”
Tomoe sighed, a dejected look clear on her face.
[To not only be forced back to Hinomoto without completing my objective... but leading a group of western warriors as some guide on top of it... How can I ever show my face to the Emperor?]
Seeing Tomoe’s chagrin, Michel approached her.
“Miss Tomoe, here...”
He gently held out his whistle to her.
“Your whistle? What of it?”
“Try blowing on it.”
Tomoe softly grabbed hold and did as she was asked, Michel’s body shivering and fidgeting from the transmitted sensation of the priestess’ touch.
“No sound... same as before.”
She handed it back, puzzled.
“Yes, but something did come of it, didn’t it, Miss Tomoe? Can you tell?”
“Tell what?”
“How your fatigue and pain have faded away.”
It was only after he’d pointed it out that Tomoe noticed; the pain in her left arm, a constant reminder of her battle with Risty... it was gone.
“How did...?”
“Michel’s whistle has the ability to heal wounds and cure ailments.”
Elina spoke out while Michel nodded.
“With this, you should be able to complete your mission, Miss Tomoe.”
“D-Do you mean that?”
The brunette beamed.
[I can fulfill my mission after all...]
“I’d planned on telling you earlier, I just... kept missing my opportunity to do so.”
“I can’t thank you enough. Thank you, so very much, Mister Michel.”
Tomoe cupped Michel’s hands into hers and squeezed them tightly, then turned to  face Elina.
“Did you plan for all this, Miss Elina?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I simply wanted to go to Hinomoto because I’d heard my sister was going there. Don’t get the wrong idea.”
“Miss Elina...”
“Alright, we’re leaving! Airi!”
“Very well, then let us get moving, everyone!”
The luggage-encumbered maid prompted everyone else.

Why would Leina, who should have been heading for Maramaks, veer off to Hinomoto instead?
The trio’s travels, and chase after Leina, continue.

Chapter 2 END


  1. That Delmor demon guy with the classic Aldra.. Kinda looks like the joker for some reason.

  2. So Tomoe wishes Elina to dress appropriately, does she? I wonder how much support she'd get if you put it to a poll...?

    On which topic, I think Tomoe's view that everyone outside Hinomoto is scandalously underdressed is totally undermined by the costumes of her compatriots. I mean, Shizuka isn't exactly what you'd call heavily clad, and as for Izumi, she makes some of the girls look positively modest in comparison...

    Of course, neither of those two have made an appearance in the Unlimited story, so I suppose it's not a problem in this version. (I wonder if Shizuka even exists here? Hmm.)