Thursday, August 31, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Nanael (3)

So for the "Airi servant or slave" poll, "servant" beat "slave" with 51v-68% vs 24v-32%.
Gotta agree this time, wouldn't be the first time Airi has shown she's into the business just because she wants to, right?

On to a new poll, a pupils one, with a few more options than I initially proposed, but oh well :3

Let's continue with the angel who keeps getting milk all over herself!


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Nanael (2)

Oh hey guys, you know one of the running gags in this blog, where every year I only remember about this site's anniversary a few weeks after the fact? Well it happened again~
Celebrating the 7th anniversary here, we still got loads of material to work on! (any extra proofreader would help speed it up enormously, though)

So about Nanael's harem poll, it was kind of a close call, but "I'd tell her to take a hike" won versus "I'd definitely join" with 42v-55%, against the latter 34v-44%.
Oh, poor Nanael, I thought she'd be a tad more popular than that. Or is it that people don't like being in a harem...?

Now next poll, how do you view Airi as?

And here we start all the fancy designs of the half-assedly-fighting angel!


Queen's Blade Unlimited Risty is go!

So today the HJ site was updated with the profile of our wild amazoness, Risty!

Can't say she changed a lot, huh? Funny how everyone has different hair now. Besides, she changed the buckler for a more fancy-looking, compact shield... plus she lost her shoulder tattoo, and her leg tattoo changed design?

What do you guys think?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Nanael (1)

On the "Leina's competence" (so to speak) poll, preferring her "having a lot to learn" won with 39v-70%, followed by "having so much to learn she's barely fit for a main char" with 13v-23%, and finally there was "having little to learn" with 3v-5%.
Hm, guess stories of improvement are always popular, huh? Just ask the guys at Shonen Jump, lol.

Since we're going with Nanael this time, harem poll?

And here's the so-called introduction of our angel. Just what kind of manga is our Hans pal even trying to reference here...?


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Prologue & Chapter 1-1(a)

Edit: Oh, next will be Nanael's designs, not Melona's, my bad :p

For the poll about angels panties, Laila's weird panties took it with 39v-57%, followed by Nanael's classic polka dot panties with 20v-29%. After that, there were Kyuel's simple panties and Hachiel's vertical stripes with 5v-7% and 4v-5%.
Hmm, I wonder what would have happened if my Menace with her horizontal stripes had been there as an option~?

The poll this time is based on one that they did in the Unlimited twitter before, so why not, huh?

And lo and behold, here's the start of the Unlimited story! Unlike other posts where we try to release a finished thing in consecutive weeks, we'll try something new this time and post these as we manage to get them translated, interspaced with other stuff in the meantime.

So without further adeu, here's the two first installments we have of the brand new story!

Prologue: Story of the Beautiful Fighters

The Queen's Blade, a life or death tournament held once every 4 years, gathering Beautiful Fighters from across the land to compete.

In accordance with the practice set by the Founding Queen who gave new life to the Continent, only the strongest woman can be allowed to rule over all.

Thus, under the vigilance of an angel, any winner to an official Queen's Blade match may issue any one order to the loser.

Take away an adversary's precious weapon for yourself? Maybe enslave them instead? Or perhaps... demand the throne from the current Queen herself!

From the borderlands, a noble's daughter sets out in search of her beloved sister, Leina, who threw it all away to become a Beautiful Fighter, Elina's adventure begins here.

(more after the jump)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Airi (6)

For the poll about Unlimited Claudette, "great design but not Claudette" won with 37v-50%, followed by "great design and fits the character" with 19v-26%, then "bad design and not Claudette" with 11v-15%, then "okay choice for design and character" with 6v-8%.
Heh, gotta agree this time with the majority, the design might be cool and all, but is too different from the Claudette we know and love, isn't it...

This week's poll comes from yesterday also being Panties Day (8/2 = pa-tsu), so angel panties galore!

And here we finish Airi's sketches, including her absorbing move that would kind of become a bit more intimate in the anime and posterior adaptations :3


Next: ...Oh, a rare irregular post, neat!

Unlimited Melona teaser

Since yesterday was apparently "bunny day" (because of one of the japanese pronunciations of 8 and 2, you see), the guys on Twitter posted a nice sketch of our bunny-eared slime girl:

Looking good, right?

More news as they come!