Thursday, October 18, 2012

Queen's Blade: An Angel's Scolding + Backstories: Tarnyang & Sainyang and Yuit & Vante

(10-19 Update: Alicia and Zara's books are now up for preorder, go Grimoire go!)

Guess who found a second-hand copy of a tiny game long sold out everywhere?

Unlike the Tomoe and Risty game from a while ago, this one is fully-voiced, and you even have the translation of all the lines in its QB Wikia page, so feel free to tease the cheeky angel here: Mirrors/Sendspace

As for the backstories, both couples have trouble with invaders, what will they do?


Tarnyang & Sainyang

 This unexplored region isolated from the exterior by a steep mountain range that parted the clouds was the legendary paradise for the inhabitants of the Continent. A dreamlike Shangri-La that nested in a land of intense cold. There were some special twin sisters there.

“Sainyang, wake up!”

Tarnyang shook awake her younger sister, who would have continued sleeping forever if she left her alone. Unless her younger sister Sainyang woke up, Tarnyang couldn’t walk, either.
Because, the two of them had been connected with a collar as soon as they were born.

“Sainyang, the elders are calling! Get up now!”

When Tarnyang shouted once again in a loud voice, her younger sister finally began to sit up, rubbing her eyes.

“Yaawn~… hi, Tarnyang… what?”

When the couple left their home, the village of Shai-Fang was in an uproar.
The “Sacred Vessel” that protected the village had been taken away by someone.
If they didn’t have the “Sacred Vessel”, that paradise would be swallowed up by a snowstorm in the near future.

“Hey… Tarnyang. Surely the Sacred Vessel is in the outside world. What will we do…?”

What will we do, she was going to ask, but it was easy to predict what her older sister would say next. Sainyang could only sigh deeply.
Meeting people they didn’t know from lands they didn’t know, that was a source of depression for Sainyang.

“Righ~t! The time to leave for the outside world is finally here! Sainyang, pack your lunch! We’ll beat everyone who gets in our way with the Double Dragon Formation!”

When she looked at Tarnyang’s profile innocently pleased as she said so, Sainyang also felt like it could be fun somehow.

Sure enough, can Tarnyang and Sainyang regain the Sacred Vessel?
They won’t know that unless they fight.

Yuit & Vante

“Ga… kaga… gao-n!”

The gears creaked with a strange driving sound.
That was the sound emanating from the doll with a beautiful appearance.
With the size of a large human, it was a mechanical doll with the air of a beautiful elf woman dressed in servant-like clothes.

“Hn? What is it, Vante?”

A Little Elf girl addressed the doll.
Her eyes revealing intelligence, her expression became cuter as she moved them around.
Vante’s eyes shone red.
The doll didn’t have the ability to talk.
Instead, she conveys her will by emitting light from parts of her body and through driving sounds.
Though there’s no telling if that’s strictly her will…

“…Once again, it’s an intruder.”

Vante’s eyes shone. The girl took it as an affirmative light.

“Geez… While Mother is away, if I don’t protect this forest~”

The girl said as if disgusted.

“But, they must be quite skillful to escape without difficulty from the many traps I laid out.”

Her name was Yuit. Though young, she was a genius who had inherited the brain of her mother, the one nicknamed the “Great Alchemist”.
Besides her mother, there was no one who surpassed her in the use of alchemy.
The girl opened an oddly shaped tool attached to her sleeve, and took out a parchment.
Rustle, she wrote something down.

“Vante, can I rely on you?”

Vante screamt to reply to her mistress’ voice.
She was the “Alchemy Steelwoman”.
Fighting with fists of steel, she was the child of the miracle of alchemy.

“I’m giving you an order in the name of Yuit, your mistress! Destroy the intruder!”

By writing an action in the scroll used as an operating device, Vante acts on the operator’s will.
She rushed as a gale.
In order to fulfill her mistress’ orders.

Sure enough, can Yuit and Vante defeat the unknown intruder?
They won’t know that unless they fight.


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  2. Many thanks, for translating and sharing the rare Nanael game. It's a real treat!

  3. They won't know unless they fight...hmm, for the manga translations I might have to rethink if "I won't know without trying" and add the word fight in there for the typesetting...

    It really IS the QB catch phrase though, can't take it too lightly.

    1. Yeah, about that, the first time I translated that phrase (back in Upheaval 7), I didn't knew we'd see it this much.
      As far as I know, it's also been translated as "You'll have to fight to find out", "This is something that won't be determined until they fight" (anime, ch. 3) and "the outcome won’t be known without a fight" (Illustrated stories ch 10), but since it's supposed to be a pretty natural-sounding sentence (gets a lots of non-QB results in Google), I think my translation is quite suitable.

  4. Where did you find this Nanael game? I'm really impressed with how you manage to get all these rarities.

    "They won't know that unless they fight" isn't so much a catchphrase as it's more like arc words. Kinda like "Yo buddy, still alive?" from Ace Combat Zero.

    1. Well, I found this one on, that apparently has some second-hand stores or something.
      It wasn't there when I found out about the game (around the time I posted the other one), but the other day I searched it again, and lucked out ^^

    2. They deliver internationally? I see a lot of QB stuff I'd want to grab...

    3. Sure they do, at least the Surugaya sub-store where I've bought this and some of the novels deliver just fine to Spain.
      And even if they didn't, you can use a forwarding service like, Yokatta or Goody-Japan.

  5. hello, i'm new at this site
    i want ask how u play this game??

    1. Hi, it's pretty straightforward, just click on Nanael or dress her in various outfits like the Wikia page I linked to above says, and once you get all the combinations, you can pour the milk on her, and that's basically it.

    2. that's the problem. when i click the app it's just showing white screen

    3. A blank screen? Weird... What's your O.S.? Maybe you should turn on the compatibility, or use applocale to run it or something...