Thursday, December 29, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Winter Designs: Elina (5)

On the naughty QB gals poll, the Witch, Melona and Elina took it with 24v-18%, 17v-12% and 16v-12% respectively. After them, Echidna, Classic Aldra and Nanael were honorable mentions with 11v-8%, 10v-7% and 8v-6%. Next were Cinderella (6v-4%), a 4-way tie between Rebellion Claudette, Menace, Nyx and Luna Luna at 5v-3%, and a tie between Airi and Alicia with 4v-3%. Other ties were Despina and Hansel at 3v-2%, Ymir and Snow White at 2v-1%, and Risty and Liliana with 1v-0%. Last was Irma, who got no votes.

Y'know, it's a pity we ended up misplacing Seiten (was it a trick of hers? :3), I wonder what position she'd have gotten...

So next poll, you know about this New Year tradition from Japan? Who'd you rather dream about?

And here's the last of Elina's stuff!


Next (year): Claudette!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Queen's Blade : Rare Stuff Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas, hope you're having a great Hanukkah and happy holidays and other varied winter celebrations to everyone, welcome to this special edition of :
Rare Stuff with Final Agent

Where we go through our rare stash of Queen's Blade related stuff and pull out whatever we can to make a decent-ish post with! Today, me and Leecher figured we'd try and give a little extra something to you guys and girls so we hope you enjoy.

A bonus poster that was included with the Queen's Gate Noel Vermillion figurine a while back.
More after the break!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Winter Designs: Elina (4)

Regarding the "FS old style vs new style poll", "I don't really mind" won with 22v-37%, followed by "old style!" and "new style!" with 15v-25% and 12v-20%, and last was "can't tell the difference!" with 9v-15%.
For me, I do prefer the old style better... and you know what, it's kinda been bothering me how the "I don't mind" choice didn't have an exclamation mark (even though I was the one writing the choices this time ^^U)

So next poll, a huge amount of choices? Let's find the Coal Queen!

Now, we're close to wrapping things up with Elina! Also, finally featuring her "wicked words" trademark!


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Winter Designs: Elina (3)

For Luna Luna's Sunshine vs Moonlight poll, "fair is sun; dark is moon" won with 32v-57%, followed by "pale is moon; tan is sun" with 18v-32%, while "don't know" was last with 6v-10%.
You know, I honestly thought this was kind of a straightforward question, but was surprised when my partner said he saw it the other way around :3

Next poll, what do you think about the evolution in F.S.' art...?

Now, featuring this set of Elina's pages, is her rea~lly weird dodging move, we still haven't completely been able to figure out how it works... :p


Friday, December 9, 2016

Menace & Melona Melonbooks exclusive tapestry

Well, I did have this suspicion in the back of my mind... :p

So yup, like I posted just yesterday about Toranoana, Melonbooks revealed today that they too are offering a new tapestry. The best among the 3 stores? Quite probably!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Winter Designs: Elina (2)

Regarding the "Elina is..." poll, "an experience manipulator" won with 27v-38%, followed by a tie between "a psychopath pride-filled tyrant" and "a lonely little girl whose big sis pays her no attention" with 21v-29%, and lastly "a proud warrior who can't find anyone worthy" with 2v-2%.
Hm, quite the divided opinions on this one, huh? Is she maybe way softer than we've been giving her credit for...?

Now next poll, I just posted today about her exclusive Toranoana tapestry, so let's roll with Luna Luna!

And here are some more of those funky moves of Elina's!


Luna Luna's Toranoana exclusive tapestry

I mentioned the other day how F.S. is releasing an illustration book with QB stuff, which is getting a compilation of short comics + an ordinary clearfile when preordering at HJ store. Melonbooks still hasn't announced anything special, but Toranoana is getting a rare Luna Luna tapestry thing.

Does that book have any more surprises for us?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Winter Designs: Elina (1)

For the preferred anime direction poll, "good as it is (ecchi)" won with 27v-45%, followed by "like the books (convenient censorship)" and "full hentai" with 18v-30% and 13v-22%, and last was "should have reigned things! (books were lewd enough)" with 1v-1%.
I guess there's no pleasing everyone... funny that the censorship in the QB books seems to have come from HJ themselves, though.

And since we're with Elina now, another installment of the "X is..." polls! :3

So now we start with the youngest Vance, lots of details like Tomoe.