Thursday, June 28, 2018

QB Mini Comics: Amara Academy (2/2)

Regarding Irma's comparison poll, "Classic!" won overwhelmingly with 33v-50%, followed by "Both" and "Unlimited!" with 18v-27% and 11v-16% respectively, and lastly there was "Neither" with 4v-6%.
Yaaay, classic Irma is best Irma fo'sure~~!

Next up to the bat, Delmore!

And here's the last part of Amara Academy by F.S., though technically this is a "manga made for the occasion", we're throwing it in as an extra! It's available in the Translations page too now!

Next week, a bit more of those rare QB design documents!


Thursday, June 21, 2018

QB Mini Comics: Amara Academy (1/2)

Regarding the comparison poll with Aldra, "Unlimited!" and "Classic!" won with 25v-40% and 19v-31%. After that, there was "Both" with 13v-21%, and finally "Neither" with 4v-6%.
Heh, hard to decide about this one, huh? She changed so much, it's no wonder...

This week's poll is abou--Irma-chwaaaan! :3

And here we begin with one of FS' small comics, that he posted recently on his Pixiv!


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 2-3(e)

On the Unlimited PV poll, "was and definitely still am interested!" and "neutral" won with 20v-37% and 17v-31%. After that, there was "was on the fence but more interested now!" with 10v-18%, and finally "wasn't and am not interested" and "was on the fence but lost interest..." with 5v-9% and 2v-3%.
Well, glad to see a lot people are interested :D

So, back to our comparison polls, turn for the Queen~

And here we finish volume 2 of the story, the travel to that rarely seen place is about to begin!

By the way, we're taking a bit of a break from the story for a while, but we'll bring you some rare stuff in the meantime. For example, we go back to school next week...?


Thursday, June 7, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 2-3(d)

On the poll about Nyx' recently revealed Unlimited form, "looks amazing!" won with 33v-53%, followed by "looks good! Can improve tho" with 11v-17%. After that, there was "eh, it's Nyx" and "looks meh, downgrade" with 9v-14% and 8v-12%, then finally "looks awful" with 1v-1%.
Heh, not bad, let's hope she becomes a bit more popular now...? :3

Next poll is about the OVA PV from last week, what'd you fellas think?

And we continue the story, with a Elina vs Tomoe that might mirror that of a previous novel~!
Speaking of which, my partner did leak in Discord that we have begun translation work on the Unicorn stuff, but we just can't release it if we don't get any more editors/proofreaders to help out... And the same goes for other QB mangas or drama CDs really, so if you wanna see even more flavors of QB and think you can lend a hand, don't be shy and help us release all the QB stuff evaaaar! :D