Saturday, February 27, 2016

QB Battle 43.2

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Truth be told, I've been sitting on this one for a while, because I wanted to release a version with a bit more "oomph" to it... but eh, might as well let 'er rip now.

So yup, this version has a basic version of the Tutorial mode, with around 30 trials to try to teach the basics of the game. The advanced version with individual character trials, "character mechanics", will be grayed out for now, still working on that.
The idea is also to incorporate the insightful analysis of our pal Charles somehow, to let you know at a glance how you should optimally be playing with/against the characters.

If you notice some of them not working right, or you think some could be improved, let me know!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (1/20)

For the poll about Kyuel getting a book, "sincerely doubt she will" won with 19v-57% to "totally think she will", with 14v-42%. Oh well, time will tell, right...?

Then next poll, granted, we're still in the middle of releasing drama CDs, but how do they stack against the freetalks so far?

And lo and behold, here's my waifu again~, it's a small world.
So, remember the first QB thingie I ever translated, Menace's story drawn by FS? Well, this is her drama CD which no one had managed to translate so far, the idea is to release a track per week.
The only drawback is that since FS' art is so~ lewd here, we're going to have to blur the pics a little for Youtube not to flip out. But fret not, for we'll release a "director's cut" version for download after we're finished, with the proper pics.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Drama CDs: Elina Character Drama

For the previous poll about playing the card game on PC,  "willing to give it a shot" and "I'd be interested but no time" won with 35v-56% and 15v-24%. Then, there were "interested in just the cards" and "already tried it out" with 7v-11% and 5v-8%, and no one voted on the "not interested on the game or the cards".
Truth be told, we aren't really sure how you go straight to play the PC version though, lol...

Then next poll, Kyuel conjecture time! Good timing too, since next week the HJ Magazine should have some news...?

Now, bringing an end to these short, character-focused dramas, here's Elina! Does this manage to make her (of all people) sound cute? I think it might!


Oh, and I made a playlist with all these together, for reasons!

So what's coming next? Who knows :p Decisions, decisions...

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Drama CDs: Tomoe Character Drama

About the previous poll on the Grimoire OVA, "I plan on checking it out!" and "saw it already!!" won with 23v-41% and 13v-23%. After that, there was "I'll probably check it out sometime" and "wait, it was ripped already!?" with 12v-21% and 7v-12%. Lastly, "0 intention of watching it" got 1v-1%, and "don't really plan on watching it" got no votes.
Well, the reception seems positive so far, they went out of their way to weave the fairytales into the narrative so I was quite pleased with it, too.

Next poll, how about playing on PC that QB game my partner keeps playing to collect all them cards?

And here's Tomoe's stuff. Not a lot to say, because the title describes it perfectly: this is indeed "Tomoe and Shizuka's little talk about "that" ".


Next: Elina!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Drama CDs: Nanael Character Drama

Edit: Oh, I almost forgot, ANN reported that we're getting next OVA (and presumably, book) come next spring.

On the previous poll about Snow White, "looking great" and "open to being won over" got the most votes with 24v-54% and 10v-22%, while "don't care" and "already preordered!!!" trailed behind with 6v-13% and 4v-9%. No one answered "who?" this time, so that makes me a bit happy.
My partner might have this bias against Eiwa, but I'm quite looking forward to her myself ♪

Now next poll's about the OVA (wink wink, nudge nudge), how about it?

Time for Nanael's show, as self-absorbed as you might have expected!


Next: Tomoe!