Thursday, May 24, 2018

Burn, baby, burn! Unlimited Nyx is on!

So remember when I said yesterday Nyx might be coming in a few weeks? Close, but not~

She has some changes for sure, but surprisingly few for such an unpopular char (they learned not to overblow it after Clau...?). Funikura is looking a bit less grotesque now, too.

And then, there was only one little dwarf... :3


  1. Wow!! nice!! Wonder if she'll get revenge on Elina or join the marshland swamp witch team in this sseries?

    1. I hope she does get back on Elina at some point, it always frustrated me how Elina always ended up getting away treating everyone like crap.

  2. yeah!! ^^ Nyx finally come!!! She looks great with new design! Very cute!!Love her expression. I will waiting for her action in the story.

  3. now i hope that Ymir comes next and given a upgraded look as well.

  4. Did I mention that the artist really likes thongs?

    And big breasts. Nyx seems to have gone up more sizes than most...

    That aside, interesting redesign. I like the way the artist's managed to create something new out of most of the same design elements as the original. Unlike certain other characters I could mention.

  5. Nice! NOW i'm starting to get into the designs, I like the slight changes in the hairstyle as well as the new dress