Sunday, July 28, 2013

QB Battle 38.6

Update (07/30): Review of the 2nd VQ OVA here, with Menace unexpectedly popping up for a bit... and VQ OVAs 3 and 4 announced for next year!

Mirrors: App + Media (update) + Extra + Fanmade (update)
Sendspace: App + Media (update) + Extra + Fanmade (update)

And here's our gorgeous mermaid Tiina (as usual, the first link in the translations page has the translation of her whole book, along with the others still not edited into english), and also added a few improved images of the fanmade char Ayra.

Still not feeling it in my gut to resume updating the game regularly, too bad... :p

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Queen's Blade Backstories: Tiina and Alice

Unfortunately, no real news from this month's HJ magazine (we're crossing our fingers for the WF 2013 in a few days), but... Grimoire time! If you thought I had forgotten about the lovely mermaid, you literally have another thing coming!

Also threw in Alice to close the deal, it's about time she regained some of the spotlight...



Sunday, July 21, 2013

Queen's Blade Rebellion Zero 2

For a bit of news, here's another review of Goldie, Alicia's live-action book was reviewed here and here, and a kind anon deciphered the alphabet from the QB anime!

And, here's the second half of Annelotte's introduction!

Download it here, and enjoy!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

QB Beautiful Fighters FAQ (4): Echidna, Nowa and Alleyne

Update (07/19): Goldie was just reviewed here! Go, sumo girl! xp

Just a couple days before Goldie's out, and here's an elven special!


FAQ 10 : Echidna

Question : This question is for Echidna. You’ve lived for more than 500 years yet, despite that, have a self-proclaimed undefeated record. Considering your extensive combat experience, I’d like to hear if you’ve ever had a hard time battling someone.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Queen's Blade Conversations: Airi

Update 2 (07/16): Preview of the upcoming OVA here! Introducing the "Archangel of Light", aka Rebellion Nanael...?

Update: Goldie was just previewed! And, changed one of Airi's dialogues, had mixed up "slurp" with "drool", haha ^^U

So in the end, Moeyo did review Tiina after all. And, we're pretty close to reaching the end of these! Creepy Airi was creepy, though...


Thursday, July 4, 2013

QB Beautiful Fighters FAQ (3): Elina, Irma & Nyx

So in the end only one guy reviewed Tiina's book, but anyways, here are more faqs about the classic chars.


FAQ 7 : Elina

Question for Elina. It's mentioned that Elina's favorite thing is Leina, but what about Miss Claudette? Doesn't she like her too? Please let me know.