Thursday, November 29, 2012

Queen's Blade Backstories: Melona, Claudette and Melpha

I guess you guys saw Zara scanned already? That was fast, and the funny thing is that Alicia is supposedly outranking her more or less in a 6 to 1 ratio (at least according to Amazon's bestsellers).

But back to original QB again, there's another English one mixed in here so it's 3 again.



Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Queen's Blade 7th Anniversary!

Don't know if you guys have heard, but today marks 7 years since the lucky day Leina's and Risty's books were released, kinda crazy what they've accomplished since then.
For this same reason, HJ are running an event at Akiba right now, with a gallery, cosplay, talkshows, signings by F.S. and Alicia's and Zara's artists, and even a charity auction.

Here's QB's current situation, to recap a little.
-Gamebooks: Alicia and Zara were released quite recently (yay links galore, and that's not even counting my half-translation of their HJ previews), Rebellion's Witch is still delayed, no Queen's Gate books in sight.
-Visual books: English Perfect Visual book and Vanquished Queens 2 to be released next week
-Anime: Vanquished Queens anime just announced, Grimoire anime discussed in the event above?, no news on more Rebellion anime

(Update: Unconfirmed rumor from the talkshow says Grimoire chars by F.S. and Leina's artist Kaneko Hiraku are under preparation. Awesome!)

And well, kinda inspired by a post from fellow QB fan Setsunarx a while ago, I thought this would be a good time to show off my collection (excuse the crappy cellphone pics, though). Can you recognize all of them?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Queen's Blade Rebellion Endings (III): Tarnyang & Sainyang, Luna Luna, Sigui

Maybe you heard already, but this month's HJ news seem to be the announcement of a surprising Vanquished Queens anime, and the release of 7 Deadly Sins' Mammon figure.

Aside from that, a familiar character kinda steals the spotlight in this batch of endings, but you sure won't hear me complaining.


Tarnyang & Sainyang

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

QB Exiled Warrior 8

One more chapter, with some nice action! We have some of that weird QB fauna, some flora with interesting roots (lame pun), and Echidna that won't just stay on the sidelines this time!

Download it here, and enjoy!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

QB Battle 36.3

Mirrors: App + Media + Extra + Fanmade (update)
Sendspace: App + Media + Extra + Fanmade (update)

And after a short break, I'm back with these, adding B.Jenet (thanks to Rumormonger Baofu):

Coming next, Zatch Bell.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Queen's Blade Backstories: Original Aldra, Alleyne and Ymir

Moving forward, we land back into original Queen's Blade territory.
Since I'm technically cheating by using one of the english versions, you get 3 of these instead.
And I guess using the "majestic plural" must be a custom among Queen's Blade queens, since Claudette would use it later too.



Thursday, November 8, 2012

QB Exiled Warrior 7 + Queen's Blade Rebellion Endings (II): Branwen, Eilin & Ymir & Laila

Here's one of those rare joint posts, so to speak! On one hand, we start the second volume of the manga with a dash of political intrigue, guest starring another of the chars:

Download it here, and enjoy! (I think the files are repeated twice? Our bad ^^U)

And on the other hand, here's the next batch of endings.

Enjoy! (x2)


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Queen's Blade Backstories: Mirim and Annelotte

As a bonus, I bring you today the drama CD from Menace's biography. It's still Anarista's only appearance to this day, so give it a listen whenever you can (Mirrors/Sendspace):

And finishing up the Rebellion girls until the delayed witch comes out, here are more backstories. Annelotte's is one line away from being the actual Rebellion prologue, but still...