Thursday, November 26, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Cute QG (1 of 2)

First of all, HJ just posted the FV PV for Grimoire's OVA1.
Making an even more unexpected appearance than Airi, and voiced by Juri Kimura, that's our Snow White indeed♪

So for the previous poll about my waifu, dark-skinned won 75v-76% to light-skinned 23v-23%. Huh, unexpected, F.S. sure didn't draw her like that at any time, now did he? :p

Then, next poll, you guys bought much from the country of the rising sun? (technical difficulties had us change the poll at the last minute, lol)

And so, we begin the last boss for real! In case you didn't know, these are the hardest freetalks ever to achieve, since Cute appears in 3 different states through the 2nd game, and if you fail to talk to her enough in any of those periods, the next talks get locked out for the rest of the walkthrough. It's also the first vid where we'll put a spoiler message, because of reasons.
So, what has become of his Milady since last time?


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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Queen's Blade 10th Anniversary!

So here's the day HJ's been hyping for a while, 10 years of QB~!

To recap the current situation:
-Gamebooks: Eiwa's Snow White is coming on January 29, as announced today.
-Visual books: we haven't heard anything this year.
-Anime: Grimoire OVA1 is coming bundled with Snow White, featuring Alicia, Zara and Seiten, plus Leina's and Airi's cameo (they sure kept Airi's under wraps :p). Sometime after that, the OVA2 will feature Kaguya, and (presumably :3) many of the other chars. Will it come bundled with another book, maybe Cinderella's (as Seiten showed us)? More news as they develop.

As for the usual pics from the community, spanning back to three years already, this year we asked our pal Eradose:

Snow White + Grimoire OVA 1 up for preorder!

Edit: Toranoana's listing reveals that Airi is also cameoing. Fancy that! I guess she'll be better received that our perennial main char, huh.

So, they took their time, but from today on, you can preorder our new gal on her own, or the pack bundled with the OVA1, both to be released on January 29th.

No new pics from Snow White yet, maybe some of the stores will get one further down the line. Go, Grimoire, go~!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Cute (2 of 2)

First of all, apparently last month it was confirmed that we'd get our Snow White on January, plus the voice cast for Grimoire OVA1 was revealed:
-Alicia: Saori Onishi
-Zara: Ishigami Shizuka
-Seiten: Hikasa Yoko
Can't say I know many VAs, any thoughts?

For the Nyx inspiration poll, it was a close run but the tabletop D&D-ish answer won with 22v-40%, followed by Spider-Man and the Goddess of the Night Nyx with 15v-27% and 12v-21%, last place being for the sun-moon duality, with 6v-10%. But huh, the correct answer was Spidey indeed, we thought this'd be an easy win since we had already stated so in her wikia page~ One of these days we'll translate the Hans interview where he talked about this stuff...

Now next poll, a silly thing about my waifu. Inspiration for Luna Luna's color change, perhaps?

Back to our couple, is the hypnosis business over?


Btw, I made a playlist with all of QBSC's freetalks, ain't I just thoughtful~?
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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Cute (1 of 2)

For the drawing poll, "can't draw to save my life" won with 25v-45%, then "I can manage" and "sort of okay" with 15v-27% and 12v-21%, then "pretty consistent" and "decent" with 2v-3% and 1v-1%. I guess not everyone can be a QB-tier artist, right :p

Next poll is a small quiz about Nyx, funky answers to consider, huh?

So now, last character, whoo~! Will having talked to different gals help Jean's relationship with that Milady of his?


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Aine (2 of 2)

So about the previous poll on next Grimoire books in english, Zara and Goldie took it with 34v-33% and 29v-28%, while Tiina and Gretel got 21v-20% and 17v-16%, and will have to wait until next time. Hm, not the result I was expecting myself, considering that Tiiiina is one of my fave Grimoires... but the public hath spoken, indeed.

So next poll, drawing time? How do you manage anyhow?

As for Jean and Aine, will the plan turn out okay?


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