Thursday, June 30, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (20/20)

For the allegiance poll in Melona's stead, "leave for fun" won with 17v-35%, followed by "stay for benefits" and "leave options open" with 13v-27%, then were "leave for power" with 4v-8% and "stay for loyalty" with 1v-2%.
Hm, certainly being the witch's servant is a funny position to be in, ain't it?

Now next poll, me and my partner have been debating this one lately, and it's quite likely one of these is basically official... but still, how do you prefer to call the witch?

Aaand, we finish Menace's story with the 3rd all-new track, that as such doesn't have a pic, alas.


I also made a playlist here, as is usual by now.
Hope you guys liked Menace's story CD!

Next: the unblurred version... and we begin something else~?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (19/20)

For the previous poll about Grimoire ending with Cinderella, "could have a couple more characters" and "it can keep going!" won with 18v-35% and 17v-33%, followed closely by "I don't want it to end!!" with 12v-23%, and lastly "it can rest easy now" and "should have done with ages ago!" with 2v-3%.
Well, how could it end already? We barely have half the usual artists participating, what about the shy Irma-like gal, the cheeky Nanael-type or an overly serious Alleyne-styled one...?

Now, Melona poll, would you stay or leave in her stead...?

And, the two friends separated for so long get a chance to meet again~


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (18/20)

For the poll about Senran Kagura, a tie at the last minute won between "I like it" and "I'm a big fan" with 22v-41%, followed by far with "I'm neutral" with 5v-9%, and lastly a tie between "I dislike it" and "haven't heard/looked into it" with 2v-3%.
Hm, you know, I was pretty hyped about playing the game on PC at last... but I ended up liking the mechanics from Neptunia Action Unleashed a lot more :p

Now next poll, how about Cinderella theoretically being last Grimoire...?

And, the battle ended. Fun fact: this track is called "I'm sorry, Menace", and you can even see the pic below... but Melona technically never apologizes, what do you know.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Queen's Blade Anthology vol 2 ch 3

Oh look, if it isn't part 3 of this! Plus, it's actually a sequel to vol 1 chapter 3, Echidna teasing Tomoe continues; it's one of the staples of the series, huh?

Download it here, and enjoy!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (16&17/20)

For the Overwatch poll, "not interested" and "sick of hearing about it" won with 22v-39% and 14v-25%, followed by a tie between "I love it!!" and "thinking about buying it" with 8v-14%, and lastly there was the "bought it and enjoying myself!" with 4v-7%.
Well, I can't say it was my type of game either, but the gals really aren't half bad there.

Then, how about the Senran Kagura recently released for PC? "Tits are life, ass is hometown", as they say?

Now, double session of Menace's story, can she turn the tables?


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (15/20)

On the hypothetical Rebellion anime revival poll, "complete season 2" won with 32v-49%, followed closely by "redo it entirely" with 29v-44%, and lastly followed "let it rest" with 4v-6%. Hm, considering how the anime deviated from the Illustrated stories, I'd like it to be remade, too :p

Let's see, next poll is... oh, that Overwatch thingie I keep hearing about? Sure, bring it on!

Now, things aren't looking good for Menace...?