Thursday, July 5, 2018

Master of Queen's Blade Excellent Graphics: Leina, Melpha

For Delmore's comparison poll, "Unlimited!" and "Classic!" won with 37v-62% and 15v-25%, then it was "both" with 7v-11%, and "neither" got none.
Well, that was a bit surprising, I was expecting Classic to have less votes, guess he still got the touch... :3

Next poll, Cattleya's turn!

And here we start with a few more designs from the Master of QB book!



  1. Nice to see more of these Excellent Graphics descriptions since they're good reminders of the things that gave the classic cast their original characters and the things that were essential to their creation. For Cattleya's poll I still voted for liking both, but I'd still easily choose her classic look over the new one any time. While her open display of her thong panties is sexy, now that I think of it the 'single strip of cloth' (as I think it was described in her Excellent Graphics description, though Im definitely paraphrasing) attached to her apron was a hell of a lot more ecchi, combined with her far more bare legs it seeemed she was constantly almost completely bottomless. Seeing both versions of Cattleya side by side really hits it home for me how much Hiraku Kaneko's original design is better. You would think a bikini look would show more skin than an apron would, but somehow it doesn't. Also, that apron is just so quintessentially an anime MILF look to begin with. Her new look, the way it originally was, just works much better as an alternative outfit than as her main one. Then there's the proportions... who is this new artist who's doing Unlimited, do we know yet? People said she seems chubbier now or something but I still don't see it, it's just her proportions in general that seem strange, and somehow that even makes her seem a bit less busty *shock and horror*. One non-negative thing I can say about the Unlimited look, though, is that it seems to better represent her blacksmith life than her motherly life (not that I prefer that, but its nice to see her wardrobe has variety). Although the apron could work either way (it always seemed more like a wielders apron than a kitchen apron), that crazy utility belt really drives home the blacksmith look. Still, like it originally seemed to be, the Unlimited outfit just works better as an alternative outfit... damn, this makes me wish there was a versus fighting game based on Queen's Blade even more now. Dammit Namco Bandai, this would have been an easy one! A no-brainer for sure! Just make a Soul Calibur but with Queen's Blade characters instead.

    1. New artist guy is Shinya Osaki, not really that well-known, has done art for a few H games and stuff.