Sunday, August 30, 2015

Queen's Blade 10th Anniversary Tournament at Anime Fargo 2015

Hey there Queen’s Blade fans, the name’s Eradose.  You might have seen me lurking around here from time to time, but today, I have something really important to share with you guys.

QB Tournament Poster.jpg

For the 10th anniversary of the Queen’s Blade series, I’ll be hosting a Queen’s Blade tournament at the Anime Fargo 2015 convention (a special thanks to Final Agent for making the poster (Final Agent : You’re welcome)). The convention begins on Friday, September 19th, at the Baymont Inn & Suites Hotel (formerly known as the Doublewood Inn) in Fargo, North Dakota (yes, Fargo is a real city, no, it’s nothing like the movie). Registrations will take place on the opening day of the convention while the tournament itself will take place at 7PM on Saturday, September 19th. This will be a 16 player tournament, so make sure you register as soon as you can.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Cerate QG (2 of 2)

On the previous poll, the Demons won with 48v-72% against the Angel's 17v-27%. Hm, I guess the angels didn't have god's blessing this time, did they?

Then next poll, a rare dragon-twin themed one!

So we finish with Cerate, after last time, can Jean help restore the balance to the force?


Next: Luna!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Cerate QG (1 of 2)

For the 5th anniversary poll, the visits from 4 years ago (illustrated stories) won with 16v-29%, followed by from 3 years ago (QB mangas) with 14v-25%. Then it was 5 years ago (the beginning) and 2 years ago (freetalks) with 11v-20% and 10v-18%, and lastly 1 year ago (polls) with 4v-7%.
It's a matter of fact for a site to lose some fans as time goes by, and to try and gather some new ones, so it's not a bad balance after all... in fact, it makes me happy to see there are still a bunch of guys following us from a long, long time ago :3
We're also going to be pressured now to have some kind of milestone each year, lol... though the next one shouldn't be much trouble.

So next poll, heaven or hell, choose your pick? Don't be like Delmore, who depending on if you counted the anime or not, was either a (fallen) angel or a demon :p

Now, how has our triceratops evolved?


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Queen's Blade : The mobile card game

Hello everyone, Final Agent here and I'm coming to you live with a sorta fresh Queen's Blade news update! The Queen's Blade card game for iOS and Android has been active for almost three whole months now! Let's have a round of applause!

Wait, what's that? What Queen's Blade card game app? You've never heard anything about it? Well then, guess it's time to drop the sarcasm and get straight to the point, that's normal, because Hobby Japan hasn't said much of anything about it to be quite frank!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Cerate (2 of 2)

Last poll about the Bikini Warriors, "watching so far" won with 24v-35%, followed by "will watch when done" with 13v-19%. In the middle, there was a tie with "not watching but maybe someday"  and "what now?" at 11v-16%, and lastly "watched but dropped" and "no plans of watching" with 5v-7% and 4v-5%.
I'm watching the bikini babes as well, I guess for a fanservice-laden, RPG-cliche-mocking miniseries, we could do much worse :3

As for the poll, last week was this humble blog's 5th anniversary, yay~ We've come a long way, haven't we?

So Cerate, can she manage to make her opinions get through to Jean?


Next: Cerate (QG)!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Cerate (1 of 2)

Last week's poll about Leina, we saw the "inexperienced, longing for freedom girl" winning with 35v-50%, with "powerless and overprotected" behind at 19v-27%, while "selfish and irresponsible woman" and "a child who misses her mother" were last with 9v-13% and 6v-8% respectively.
It was kinda hard to separate between them, I went for the second but could have easily voted for a combination of some of these, lol.

This week we're tackling HJ's bikini gals at the poll: how about the ongoing (little) sister series? 

And so we begin with the last of the dinosaurs, also last of the original monster girls!
Can the triceratops Cerate find some common ground with Jean?