Thursday, August 30, 2018

Queen's Blade The Live: Liliana (6/7)

For Ymir's comparison poll, the 3 options at the top were surprisingly close, winning "Classic!" and "Unlimited!" with 16v-39% and 14v-34% each, followed by "Both" with 10v-24%, and finally "None" with 1v-2%.
Well, seems the new outfit was different enough to split her fanbase... maybe? lol

Now next poll, the Ymir reaction poll we actually intended to make last week!

And here's one more bit of the cosplayer, we'll be done next time!


Thursday, August 23, 2018

Queen's Blade The Live: Liliana (5/7)

For this week's news, if you were looking for an Elina dakimakura cover somehow, HJ's got you covered (pun intended?) now~

For the "men in QB" poll, "men as regular presence but focus on gals" and "only focus on gals" won with 25v-38% and 18v-27%, followed by a tie between "one male main char" and "no guys! ever!" with 9v-13%, and lastly there was "guys should be more present in general" with 4v6%.
Hm, not a lot of surprises here, but I see many people are warm to the idea of bringing more guys. You reckon that'd help a bit with the worldbuilding as a whole...?

Now next poll, how does the new Ymir compare to the old one? :3

And here we continue the live pirate, with the extra making-off stuff!


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Unlimited Ymir smashes her way through?

And finally, posted in the official page (the Twitter hasn't announced it yet), the last Queen's Blade Unlimited char was unveiled!!

A cute, distinctive bride look for sure, looks a bit like Cinderella there...

What do ya guys think?

Queen's Blade The Live: Liliana (4/7)

For the news this week, Unlimited Ymir just popped up...! Tho, I'll make a new post for that.

Regarding the watching OVA 1 poll, "definitely plan on watching it!" and "I will eventually" won with 15v-34% and 12v-27%, followed by "saw it already!" and "wait, it's been ripped!?" with 8v-18% and 6v-13%. Last, there was "0 intention of watching it" with 2v-4%.
Well, seems lots of people wanna watch it, we're waiting to hear your opinions then :3

New poll, what do ya think about guys in QB anyways?

And here's the remaining "playable" part of the live pirate's book, next will be the "extra" part!


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Queen's Blade The Live: Liliana (3/7)

So for this week's news, keeping with the tradition, I forgot that last week we made 8 years in this blog (yaay~)!!
However, this time it (almost) doesn't take us by surprise, coz we've been working on something cool, that we might start releasing soon-ish!!!

Also, you might have heard rumors about Unlimited OVA 2 being released for September 21st (due to this online posting)... but eh, the time frame is so ludicrous alone, it's not even worth disproving...

For our scanlating situation poll, the 3 answers got close results, winning "small releases of 3-4 pages/week" with 11v-40%, followed by "drop the weekly release flow and focus on manga" and "stick with the release flow and drop manga if they're too lengthy" with 8v-29% and 7v-25%. We also got an "other" option, "a mix of dropping weekly release and small releases" with 1v-3%.
Hm, not enough of a landslide to change the status quo, is that it? Guess we'll see...

Next poll, the Unlimited OVA 1 popped up indeed (in very transient sites such as this one, for example), so how about it?

And here's one more installment of the cosplaying pirate!


Thursday, August 2, 2018

Queen's Blade The Live: Liliana (2/7)

For the poll on the 7 Virtues designs, in a surprisingly close vote, Sariel and Raphael won with 27v-18%, followed by Uriel with 25v-17%, and another tie this time with Michael and Metatron at 24v-16%. The less favored angels were then Sandalphon with 13v-8% and Gabriel with 7v-4%.
Lol, it's almost like the flat-chested ones lost and the big-boobed one won...?

Next poll, we were wondering if the way we went about the Amara Academy was something you wanted more of...?

And we continue with the brunette pirate!