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Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 2-1(b)

For the poll on Elina's design changes, "I like Unlimited a lot more" and "I like Classic a lot more" won with 27v-39% and 21v-30% respectively. After that, there was "I like both around the same" with 13v-19%, and then "never liked her look and still don't" with 7v-10%.
Heh, quite polarizing opinions, and a close call too... guess there were more people satisfied with her than with her sister~

Next poll, Nowa Unlimited time!

And we continue with the story, finishing part 1 of volume ("chapter", as they call it) 2... yup, the numbering is a bit of a mess :3


Chapter 2 : A match before her Majesty the Queen (Part 1)

The Airi Affair

Three shadows walked alongside the less than busy highway, their forms muted by the haze of the sweltering heat around them: a blonde girl with girl with a long spear, Elina, the boy she swore to protect, Michel, and the unfortunate attendant struggling to keep up with the two, saddled with a mountain of luggage on her back, Airi.

“I’m getting tired of walking.”
Airi’s expression brightened at Elina’s words.
“Ah, but indeed! Of course you would! Then why don’t we take a break? Just a small one! Oh and might I request some essence while we’re at it, please?”
“No breaks.”
“But whyyy? You’ve not shared even a lick of essence with me ever since the city. If this keeps up... I might fade away.”
The bluntness of Elina’s reply made Airi’s cheeks puff up.
“How positively cold-hearted, Lady Elina! Were I to go, who would be left to carry all your luggage then!? That aside, it was only due to your own careless remarks that we ended up in this situation to begin with, is it not!?”
Michel vigorously nodded his agreement to that one.
The start of their journey on foot began the previous day when, after several fairly selfish remarks from the Vance girl, such as the stagecoach’s shaking being utterly unbearable and the other passengers being smelly, among many others, the driver finally lost it and kicked Elina, along with her 2 companions, out.
Frankly, Michel couldn’t help but admire the man, kicking them out without a second thought to the possible consequences to giving the boot to the Vance House’s second daughter was ballsy to say the least. Not that he’d ever admit to thinking it...

“E-Err, Lady Elina?”
The Vance girl answered in a curt and displeased tone, with an expression to match.
“Our luggage... I don’t think I’d be able to carry all that.”
Of course, Elina was already well aware. Just as she was quite aware that, as Airi had so kindly pointed out, the fault for being ousted from the carriage fell squarely on her shoulders. Oh how Elina would have loved to point out that none of this would have happened had Airi not failed to secure them a chartered carriage instead but... the attendant’s failures often reflected the master’s, and Elina was just as much to blame for not giving her the order herself first really.
“I suppose I have no choice then.”
Elina sighed, then beckoned the wraith.
“L-Lady Elina!”
The redhead quickly hurried towards the blonde, luggage in tow.
“Try not to get too greedy, understood?”
Elina shot a quick glance around, keeping the maid’s grabby paws at bay. The road may not have been the busiest place she’d ever seen, but shamefully kissing out in the open was still asking for a bit too much from her...
“This will be the only time, I don’t want us falling behind and potentially missing out on clues to Sister Leina’s whereabouts.”
She stepped over to some bushes by the side of the road.
“Michel, watch our luggage for a bit while I feed Airi.”
“Y-Yes, Lady Elina.”


“The coast is clear then?”
The maid nodded, having already confirmed so using her lesser spirits. They were no longer within visible range of the highway. As it stood, from under this small grove of trees where sunlight just barely managed to peek through, the vegetation surrounding them made for quite the natural wall, keeping the two well out of sight.
So no matter what they did from this point on, there was no chance of anyone seeing anything.
“Alright... then come here, Airi.”
“Yes, Lady Elina.”
Airi sprang towards the blonde, like a dog barely able to contain itself anymore.
Elina dodged.
“T-That was mean. Why didn’t you catch me?”
“You were about to knock me down before even giving me the chance to do so, so I dodged.”
Paying little heed to the redhead’s protests, the Vance girl ordered the maid to kneel.
“Well done, Airi. Keep in mind, essence is something for me to grant, not for you to take. You’d do best to remember that.”
Entranced by Elina’s every word, the wraith lifted her head and was swiftly treated to Elina gently placing her lips to hers.
“Aah... Lady Elina...”
From partly opened lips, the maid’s tongue peeked out, thirsty for more, to which the blonde wordlessly met by parting her own lips in response. The maid’s tongue hungrily took to the blonde’s the instant it was given the chance but before the wraith could attempt anything more, Elina slowly broke the kiss.
“Don’t get carried away.”
She lightly bopped the maid's head, again.


“...They're certainly taking their time.”
The boy stared up at the sky, having already taken the time to move every bag off to the side of the road.
White clouds lazily flowing through the bright blue skies, the warm embrace of the sun's rays bathing down on him... it really was a nice day.
It was just a shame they didn't really have much of the time to enjoy it.
“Are you waiting for someooo~ne?”
Michel's body straightened up with a jolt, hearing a voice close-by calling out to him.
[Who was that?]

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