Thursday, May 24, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 2-3(b)

For this week's news, the Unlimited twitter seems to have hinted at Nyx next, so maybe it's just a matter of weeks for the fiery gal...?

Regarding Tomoe's poll, "I like them both" got an overwhelming victory with 30v-48%, followed by a close call between "Unlimited!" and "Classic!" with 15v-24% and 14v-22%, then finally "never liked her and still don't" with 3v-4%.
Wow, now that's a great acceptance ratio, even better than Echidna's last week. Guess our very own "yamato nadeshiko" charms everyone's hearts no matter how many ribbons she has...? :3

Next is the turn of the so-called amazoness!

And here's one more bit of the story, where Nanael drops by with some rare info!


Chapter 2 : A match before her Majesty the Queen (Part 3)

Nanael Descends

“So, what might be the plan for today?”
Airi asked the blonde as she took care of her the next morning. Having overslept, Elina was currently a sluggish, not to mention behind schedule, mess.
Elina answered as well as anyone could manage being half-asleep, leaving her listless body to the maid, who promptly got to work changing her clothes for her.
While playing the ‘whistle’ last night did help to alleviate some fatigue, a full journey’s exhaustion was apparently not something one could simply shrug off overnight, magic whistle or not.
“We need to focus on our next step.”
The purpose for their trip, chasing after Leina, hadn’t changed and with the newest tip she’d obtained from Risty, vague as it was, it was high time for the hunt to continue.
“We’ll need to make haste then, if we hope to catch up.”
According to the bandit, Leina said she was heading eastward. Apparently there was some sort of clue leading to Maramaks over in Hinomoto, but…
Elina’s eyes shot wide open. She’d totally forgotten… well, returning dead drunk and causing that fuss in the middle of the night hadn’t really helped matters either, but…
[I’m sharing a room with a Warrior Priestess from Hinomoto!
Damniiiit~, I really bungled things up this time.]
There was no other way of putting it, Elina had royally screwed up: the one person she thought near completely unimportant to her efforts turned out to be more important than she could have ever guessed.
Constantly looking down on others, there was a flaw Elina sorely needed to work on.
“And… what of the Warrior Priestess, Airi?”
“Let’s see… well she was already out when I awoke, so the stadium perhaps?”
“The stadium. Right, I’d forgotten she was a Beautiful Fighter.”
“Yep, just like you, y’know~~”
The two heard a familiar voice.
*Knock-knock,* A blue haired angel lightly tapped on the window from outside, smiling.
“I got some business with you  today. Ya mind letting me in?”

“Here to get me involved in another match?”
“Mhm, you got it~! And hey, I could totally just dump this on you and leave if you want, all the same to me. But since Lady Nanael’s such a nice gal, I thought I’d give you the rundown first instead.”
The angel beamed, in contrast to Elina’s visibly sour look.

The way the Referee Angel explained it, the reason for her visit was pure and simple: Elina had been chosen by the Queen to participate in an exhibition match before her at the stadium, in private and after the stadium’s activities had been concluded for the day.
“You can always snub the invite, but there are penalties.”
“Yeah, you know all those benefits Beautiful Fighters get?”
“I’m familiar with one, otherwise I can’t say I’ve had them all expressly explained to me.”
“Oh, well, since I’m already here, then I may as well explain them to you. Aren’t I the nicest?”
The blonde shot a flat look at the less than humble angel.
“First off, there’s freedom of movement. Beautiful Fighters can go anywhere they want on the Continent minus a few of exceptions, mostly related to this one backwater territory that refuses to acknowledge the tourney and all. Nothing but barbarians who don’t know better, y’know? Too dumb to fear God’s wrath, I guess.”
(Say one more word…)
Hearing the angel describe her homeland as ‘some backwater territory’ forced Elina into biting her own tongue just to keep from interrupting.
“Next up is secure lodging. All participants are provided free, minimum standard, lodgings near their local stadium. You’re already close enough as it is to this one though.”
“I don’t do minimum standard accommodations, so I’d hardly be interested in any case.”
“Oh right, while I’m at it, I should probably mention, since it’s important.”
“What is?”
“When was your last match? You’re required to fight at least one Queen’s Blade match per week, win or lose, y’know?”
The question made Elina raise a brow. She’d only agreed to becoming a Beautiful Fighter due to circumstance, she hadn’t been actively looking for fights at all.
“Yeah, then rejecting the exhibition match before the Queen now will at worst result in you being disqualified in that case.”
“What happens then?”
“Oh, you’d have to give up every benefit you got as a Beautiful Fighter.”
“Meaning, I would regain my freedom, Lady Elina.”
The maid chimed in, bringing in tea for the blonde and milk for the angel.
“And what would you do the moment you regain your freedom, Airi?”
“First, I would secure little master Michel. The rest is a secret.”
“Wha-!? That’s bad!!”
The boy, who’d been simply content listening to the conversation thus far, protested. By himself, he wouldn’t stand a ghost of chance against the wraith.
“You needn’t fret, Michel, I have no intention of quitting just yet. One, I still need to assure your protection and two, I refuse to let such a fine maid slip by me.”
Going back on her promises now would also sully her family’s good name, but she assumed that much would be obvious to them by now.
“Fine then, I’ll accept the match.”
“‘Bout time~”
The angel answered with a grin, pulling out the invitation, handwritten and sealed with beeswax by the Queen herself.
“Here ya go.”
“Wow, such formality.”
“This’ll prove to anyone who asks that you’ve been summoned for an exhibition match before the Queen. Flash this to the guards and they’ll know what to do.”
“This really is from the Queen…”
The noble girl carefully examined the seal to confirm its authenticity, then went on to open it.
A smile crossed her face despite herself when she saw who she’d be up against.
[Looks like luck is still on our side.]
“Postpone our travel preparations, Airi.”
“Of course, Lady Elina. But, are you sure about this?”
“Slow and steady wins the race, or whatever, right?”
The boy could only watch and wonder at what might have caused her sudden change in attitude...


  1. Don't know if it's only me but I don't see the current poll.

  2. I voted for Classic Tomoe, but not because of the ribbons. It's the bare thighs. Sure, I like ogling Tomoe's exposed flesh when the opportunity arises, but having it permanently on display like that contradicts the modesty that's an essential aspect of her character. In my opinion. Apparently a minority one in this case...