Thursday, October 25, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 1-e

First of all, I'd like to remind you all that we're one month away from QB's next anniversary~, so if you got some pics of QB swag you'd like me to feature, you're still in time to send them my way, it's no fun if it's always the same guys :3

Regarding the previous poll about how Cattleya carries her huge sword, "don´t be silly, she just keeps them" and "hyperspace/cleavagespace" won with 16v-42% and 12v-31%. Then, there was "they vanish when off-screen" and "Rana keeps them" with 5v-13% and 4-10%, and lastly "they´re foldable" with 1v-2%.
Hm, well, I mean, "cleavagespace" isn´t something you´d disregard considering her... ehem, attributes, but I really thought the "foldable" option would seem more alluring than this, oh noes!

Next poll, we do a redux of the swamp trio poll! Obviously, it´s not because we´ve long run out of ideas for polls, whatever made you thiiiiiink that :3

And here we finish chapter 1! Is it time for the mysteries to be solved? Or maybe there's more in store...?


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 1-d

Regarding Nanael's situation with the Head Angel poll, "slightly vexed" and "annoyed" won with 9v-29%, followed by "this is it, to Hades with you" with 7v-22%. After that, there was "losing patience" and "never lose hope" with 5v-16% and 1v-3%.
Hm, there's something to be said for an angel's divine patience, isn't there...? For Nanael's sake too, lol.

Now next poll, let's get funky with Catt's crazy sword?

And for the next story bit, Airi seeks more info, and the sleeping beauty awakens...?


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 1-c

A propos of nothing in particular, after being in Ireland for more than a year, I'm going back to Spain next week, wish me luck~

On the Living Weapons poll, Setra won 29v-82% to Funikura 6v-17%!
Not much of a surprise here, our Setra buddy is way more manageable than the alternative, isn't he just? :3

Poll coming up next is, a rare Head Angel one!

And one more bit of the story! While Fio is frolicking around with Leina, Airi finds her captive gone...? (plus, pic!)


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 1-b

For the Bowsette poll, "loved it!" won with 27v-42%, followed by "like it" and "neutral to it" with 12v-18% and 10v-15%. After that, there was a tie between "enjoyed it but fed up" and "what's a Bowsette?" at 6v-9%, then last was "hated it!" with 3v-4%.
Hmm, interesting little phenomenon it was (and still hasn't ended), I wonder what it'll end up turning into...?

And next poll, Living Weapons time?

So, it's time for Leina and Fio to meet! What's gonna happen? All bets are off!