Thursday, December 20, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 2-e

For today's QB news, it appears CrazySubs just subbed Unlimited OVA 1, feel free to go watch it now ♪

For the ASMR poll, "meh" won with 10v-29%. After that, it was a close battle between "I like them", "No opinion" and "I love them!" with 8v-23%, 7v-20% and 6-17% respectively, and last was "I hate them!" with 3v-8%.
Hm, as far as relaxing you when you have trouble sleeping, I kind of can recommend them... you do gotta look around for one that works for you, tho.

And next poll, which of the new WT chars is your fav? Will we ever get to hear "Catty" 's actual name?

Continuing with the Unicorn story, here's a bit more of Tomoe action?

Also, no post next week~ Merry Christmas and a happy new year, yo!


Thursday, December 13, 2018

Queen's Blade White Triangle profiles

Regarding the WT game poll, "interested but need to see more" won with 16v-31%, followed by "hype no matter what!!" and "gacha? No thanks" with 11v-21% with 10v-19%, and then "looks good so far!" and "bleh, pass" with 8v-15% and 6v-11%.

Next poll is about WT too, ASMR-oriented in particular! You can thank our buddy LuisFS for this one~

And here are the profiles of the new Triangle gals! We sure have some trouble figuring out Mei, we got the wrong romanization at the beginning (we were betting more on May, since Mei sounded more Hinomoto-ish or Shai-Fang-ish to us), and now her title :p


The Crimson Terror, Joan

Height: 176 cm
B: 99
W: 66
H: 88
Occupation: Prison Guard
Weapon: Happy Happy Kiss
Likes: Happy Happy Pearly
Dislikes: Party-poopers and sticks in the mud

One of the women summoned from a parallel universe by the Swamp Witch.

As lieutenant colonel to the advancing ‘Triangle’ forces, she’s happy to crush any Beautiful Fighter who dares stand in their way. Using her gigantic metal bat, the likes of which only someone with comparably superhuman strength could ever hope to wield, one swing from her is enough to devaste even the metal gates of the Iron Mountain.

And while she may look laid back at first… once she gets going in a fight, she becomes a berserker,
impossible to stop until her thirst for blood is quenched and every single enemy before her is pulverized.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Master of Queen's Blade Excellent Graphics: Elina, Nanael

For the Deathball/baseball poll, "not big on sports really" and "not big on baseball" won with 24v-48% and 11v-22%, followed by "I love baseball!", "I dabble in baseball here and there" and "I CAN'T STAND BASEBALL" with 7v-14%, 5v-10% and 3v-6%.
Hm, not a sportive bunch for sure, but then again, it's a genre HJ has never shown any interest in, how will it turn out for them...?

Next poll is about WT, obviously~

And seeing as we got some difficulties this week, we had to resort to one of these thingies from Master of QB Excellent, featuring the cheeky duo of Eli and Nana!