Monday, April 23, 2018

Unlimited Cattleya joins the brawl!

So, today the twitter unveiled the char many people were waiting for!

If the design unlike the usual "naked apron" doesn't seem familiar, it's supposed to be based on the one she was wearing back in Leina's story:

Now, only Ymir and Nyx left. Will the dwarf get the next turn because of the obvious rivalry, and then it'll be the magician's turn...?


  1. i think we will see a redo of Ymir the dwarf and then Nyx maybe even redo Shizuka as well to be a part of the group.

  2. Cattalya looks like she gained more than a few pounds in that get up!! I was hoping whe would still be muscular!!
    The new costume makes her look flabby!! I do like the new head scarfthough.

  3. Actually, I love it, lol. She actually looks like a Blacksmith now. Only thing I don't like are her bottoms which accentuate her flabby bits. It's just a bit... gross. Her breasts are already massive enough; the tiny thong is just overkill.

  4. wow, This one actually looks really good, it still feels like Cattleya but it's unique enough that it sets itself apart from the original.

    I actually don't mind that she has a bit of "flab" here and there, it kinda harkens to her being essentially retired from fighting while you can still see how toned her arms and legs are from being an active Blacksmith.(it gives her a more distinct body type).

  5. "She'll probably have lost about eighty pounds," is what I wrote. I got that one wrong, didn't I? She hasn't shed a single ounce! Which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned, except that it shows up the lack of variety in the body types of all the other girls...

    So, about the "new" outfit. I actually quite like it, for once. I don't even feel the redesign was completely unnecessary, unlike certain others... Of course, as you point out, it isn't a completely new design, though you could argue that the other artist had no justification for changing it in the first place. Also, it's interesting how some elements of the original outfit have been incorporated (though I'm not entirely sure her hair needs to be tied up in two different ways).

    Final random thought: This artist really likes thongs.

  6. It's been a long time, but didn't you guys have gravatar or disqus login options? Not seeing it listed had me reconsider posting until now... but now it's about time I finally said something about my favorite character ever.

    Personally, I'm really scratching my head at all the people saying she looks flabby or plump at all anywhere in this version. She actually looks more toned in comparison to her original look. As a huge Cattleya fan and as someone who abhors reboots, I'm actually pleasantly surprised. She's basically the same but with a new arguably sexier outfit... which is where the only problem comes in: She lost her key fetish (but then that's basically what the entire reboot is doing so far). Her fetish was the "nearly hadaka-apron" or "nearly naked apron" which is a staple of milf/motherly/wife and straight shota ecchi/hentai manga. So while I think it's hot that she's pretty much standing around in a totally uncovered, bare, and tiny thong underwear even next to her son, I do miss the apron (you have to admit, it's easily more ecchi than a bikini top), even though I always thought its design was a bit busy and wish it was simplified (but then I tried to tell myself it couldnt look like a regular apron, it had to be a "battle apron" lol). The utility belt (what the hell does she have in those pouches??) and the sword also look strange, but at least the belt kinda helps balance out her look.

    Other than that, I'm pleasantly surprised that they didn't turn her into another generic moeblob like the rest and turn rana into a moeblob loli. Really, I was totally expecting such horrendousness. Hiraku Kaneko-san must have been breathing heavily over the new artist's neck on this one. I like that they incorporated that outfit from the Leina book... but it'll forever be an "alternate outfit" for me as its always been. The Apron is the main outfit, while this one, the bedtime/cooking croptop + thong, and the tiny purple bikini are alternates. Man, does this mommy have a sexy wardrobe... and man do I wish Namco Bandai had turned this series into a Soulcalibur style fighting game.

    1. Hm, Gravatar or Disqus? I've certainly seen the latter used around the webz, but I'm not sure what the advantages would be...?

      Maybe we could run a poll on that, see what our fellas think about it...

    2. dr. gulabjamuns (zhizn snake)May 5, 2018 at 3:26 PM

      Hmm, they were never an option here before? Then maybe I'm getting confused with another blog I used to post on... then what did I use to long in here? lol. Maybe I just used google, that must be it. Forgot the password for that now... oh well.

    3. dr. gulabjamuns (zhizn snake)May 5, 2018 at 3:56 PM

      Oh. and is that a Smash Bros. reference in the headline? lol

    4. Oh, it's fine then.

      And yeah, it's a Smash Bros reference alright, figured I'd have to use it at least once, and Catt seemed the perfect chance to somehow :3