Thursday, March 26, 2015

Queen's Blade : Rare Stuff Part 1

And finally, for today's intermission we present to you an entirely new segment I like to call :

Rare Stuff with Final Agent

In these posts, we'll look over promotional material, artwork or other miscellaneous Queen's Blade related things that would not be meaty enough to get their own blog posts. Stuff I've collected over the years that have collected dust and that I'd like to share with you all other than just my commissions, because after all, nothing beats official stuff!

The 2nd Annual Queen's Maid Tournament Begins

The 2nd Annual Queen's Maid Tournament has begun!

The Queen's Maid is a life-or-death struggle fought every once in a while to determine who is the greatest Maid of all the lands. Whether one is from a foreign world, inhuman or even male, all are allowed to participate so long as they display the ability to either cook, clean or look like a maid.

It is these skills, and the support of their fans, that will allow each challenger to move forward in the rankings, in the hopes of aiming for the top and defeating last year's champion, the Infernal Temptress Airi.

The challengers will have their opponents selected via chance, with the first and second rounds being Free-For-All melees between 4 participants at a time, with only the top 2 challengers from each battle being permitted to advance further.

By the end, only one will remain to face Airi in one last battle to determine who will obtain the seat of Ultimate Maid.

Who will find glory as the Ultimate Maid, who will face humiliation and defeat. The Queen's Maid Tournament will see to it that only one will prevail, who will that be, they will have to fight to find out.

Queen's Blade : Commissions Part 3

And once again I appear before you all, ready with yet another set of commissions to cover for yet another impromptu intermission week! Getting back into the groove of working on talk events hasn't been easy, not after working on VQ for so many straight weeks.


Today's batch will have a bit more variety in it than the last, adding even more Grimoire representatives to the mix beyond Kaguya and even adding a pic for one of the Classic girls too!

But before we can get to the good stuff, let's briefly go over the results of our poll this week.

We won't know unless they fight! Who is the strongest in the Continent?
1rst - The Veteran Mercenary, Echidna (23 Votes / 29%)
2nd - The Lord of the Thundercloud, Claudette (22 Votes / 27%)
3rd- The Fighting Master, Alleyne (19 Votes / 24%)
4th- The Weapon Merchant, Cattleya (16 Votes/20%)

With a clutch last minute vote, victory for this poll goes to The Veteran Mercenary, Echidna! Echidna, Claudette and Alleyne were all neck and neck throughout the entire week so it was a real close one too! As for Cattleya... well, let's just say brute force must seem like a hard sell when faced against blistering speed or flashy attacks to our fans...

And now, on to the commissions...

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Arane QG (2 of 2)

For the poll about the guys, Rana and Setra took it with 16v-19% and 15v-18%, then it was Owen and Fio with 10v-12% and 9v-11%. Around the middle, Jean and Aldra's Darling tied with 8v-9%. Dogura, Count Vance and Delmore went next with 5v-6%, 4v-4% and 3v-3%, and last place was for Hans, Belphe & Dogor and Kreutz, who got 2v-2%, 1v-1% and no votes for the margrave. I'm happy my waifu's eternal buddy Setra got so high (he's one of the oldest chars after all)... and surprised the obscure Fio got so many votes, to be honest. :3

And next poll, the classic 4 Strongest in the Continent, isn't it? What would have happened if the fast-learning (plot-armored?) Leina hadn't appeared...?

So at last, how does the spider saga end?


Now then, if you think we only got monster girls left, you're in for a surprise, because...

Next: Aryutta!

...But first, we'll have a break next week, to rearrange our biorhythms, or something along those lines. My partner will try and come up with something nice to post, though.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Arane QG (1 of 2)

On the last poll, dead Shizuka won with 40v-54% vs alive with 34v-45%. Hm, still a close contest, huh? If HJ could release some more info on Rebellion Tomoe to clear the doubt... :p

And next poll is uh, King's Blade...? Oh well, sure there are a lot of options, for one.

Now, how has the relationship between the two evolved?


Queen's Blade Grimoire Despina's Profile

This did take us more than expected, but finally, here's the newest addition~, the alleged "strongest beautiful fighter" by prolific doujinka Kure (Cle) Masahiro, a.k.a Clesta!


Pied Piper of Hamelin Despina

*Pipiropiropiro* Come my sweets, come and follow me~!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Arane (2 of 2)

Edit (03/06): Kyah~, the newest Grimoire char, "Pied Piper of Hamelin" Despina was just announced~ We'll try and translate her stuff as soon as we can :D

About the "topographic" poll, in the end "hills" won with 52v-56%, then it was "mountains" with 35v-38% and "plains" lost with 5v-5%. Who'd have thought the big, bouncy mountains wouldn't dominate in this series...? :D

So next poll is, what do you think Shizuka is doing currently, anyways? It must sound weird since we was a "resurrectable" option in a poll a few weeks ago, but I'll have you know I was as quick as a flash to complain about that one~

And now, what can Jean get out of our spider gal?


Well then, the girl after that might surprise you, it did surprise me at least... :p

Next: Arane (QG)!