Thursday, August 25, 2016

Drama CDs: Beautiful Fighters (2/6)

For the 7 Sins poll, "color me interested" took a very narrow first place with 17v-34%, followed by "I'll give it a chance" with 16v-32%. Following suit was "anticipating it like you wouldn't believe!!" with 9v-18%, and then "the 7 what now?" and "no thanks" with 5v-10% and 2v-4% respectively.
Sounds like most of you guys are up for it. Well, Bikini Warriors turned out pretty decent, huh? :3

So next poll, among the two classic ones, who'd you prefer as a ruler?

And here's next Beautiful Fighters, a chapter centered about everybody's favorite teacher-student combo... or is it?


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Drama CDs: Beautiful Fighters (1/6)

So for the social media poll, Facebook won with 24v-32%, followed by a draw between Twitter and Reddit with 12v-16%. After that came "none" and Tumbler with 13v-17% and 9v-12%, then Instagram with 3v-4%, and then a couple fringe choices like 4chan and those nice guys at the Charmed forum, with 1v-1%.
Hm, so much to do, so little time, huh?

Then next poll, you might or might not know that the 7 Sin chicks were granted an anime (again). Thoughts?

And, our next venture brings us back to the Beautiful Fighters OVAs, you guys remember, right? What do you know, each chapter came with a CD containing a complementary audio story! So, while the captured Elina was waiting, what kind of important business was holding up Leina...?


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Showdown (5/5)

Before I forget, apparently that Last Chronicle card game or stuff has announced new promo cards of Leina, Nowa and Airi, isn't that nice.

About the "LW being precursor of QB" poll, "of course I knew" won with 36v-52%, followed by the "it was something along those lines", "I knew it was based on something" and "...What's LW?" with 13v-18%, 10v-14% and 7v-10% respectively, while the least voted option was "wait, QB was a tabletop game first?" with 3v-4%.
Ooh, that's what I like to hear :3 Funny how the crazy ideas of some american and japanese guys combined in the end, huh?

For the next poll, social media it is, then...?

And here's the proper end of the witch's CD!


Hope you liked the witch's funky stories! Made a playlist here, for your convenience!

Next, what will we be going for~?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Showdown (4/5)

Oh, last week Jill Leonardi, the sweet lady that keeps helping HJ to design the Grimoire books' mechanics, was interviewed at the Firelight site, so go and watch it if you're curious.

Regarding the mini-quiz about Tarnyang & Sainyang, "T red-S white" won with 39v-56%, "S red-T white" trailed behind with 18v-26%, and "no clue!" was last with 12v-17%.
So yeah, Tarnyang is the one in red and Sainyang the one in white. Chinese names are really funky, huh? I remember us going through a couple romanizations back when they were announced...

Next poll, the fabled origin of QB, innit?

And here's technically the last track of the witch. But, since it's reaaaally long, we split it into two, oh well.


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Showdown (3/5)

First, before I forget, Saitom tweeted a couple pics of the new Kaguya figure. Also, since I'm talking about figures, Tomoe of all people got a new one.

About the Snow White's craziness poll, "can't blame her" won with 11v-25%, "the strong survive" and "a little crazy" tied with 9v-20%, and then "she DOES seem a little off" and "definitely seems warped to me" tied in last position with 7v-16%.
Well that's funny, the results were pretty distributed. A mysterious little character, now ain't she?

And next poll... oh, it's a funky mini-quiz actually!

Plus, here's a new installment of the witch. If it still makes sense despite the overall weirdness, you can thank my partner for that :3


...By the way, maybe you're curious as to why we couldn't post the vid last week? Well, me and my partner were engrossed in a legal battle the like of which the world has never seen the like of which, that required us to utter more "Objection!" than the Phoenix Wright saga combined... but in the end we lost. So I resorted to an underhanded loophole, and we made it through.

Though it makes for an amusing (not exaggerated at all :D) story, I'd like to give more details about it... but maybe you guys would see ads in the vid if we did, so I just can't. Oh well.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Queen's Blade : Mobile / Card Drop Part 1

Welp, if you're seeing this, then chances are we hit a small snag with the upload schedule for one reason or another and we're now in a fair bit of a tizzy trying to fix up whatever problem it is we have to currently deal with! Great!

We here at the QB Battle Blog do enjoy sticking to our weekly schedule whenever possible though, so instead of our regularly scheduled QB Showdown release this week, I, Final Agent, will be dumping some of the cards I found in the QB Mobile game for you guys to gawk at.

 But first, poll time! So who is on board with the latest fad and who isn't, let's find out :

Pokemon Go is all the rage these days, are you in?
1rst - Nope, not interested thanks. (25 Votes / 49%)
2nd - ...It's not available in my country yet. (12 Votes / 24%)
 3rd - Playing it and having some fun. (9 Votes / 18%)
 4th - Playing it and having a blast!! (4 Votes / 8%)
 5th - ...It's not available in my country, but I still have it anyhow. (1 Vote / 2%)

Interesting stuff, looks like we either don't have all that many mobile players or we're going down in the number of pokemon players around here, well at least we won't have to worry too much about our visitors walking into trees or open traffic or anything. I'm playing the game myself and having a pretty fun time honestly.

As for the new poll, is it just me, or is Snow White kind of psychotic? Let us know what you think!

And now for the cards...

Hmm? 'Why didn't I post this dump before if I've had it all along?' I think I hear some of you ask? Hoo boy, you guys have no idea just how much rare QB stuff we have hidden away that we can't really release in mass due to a lack of man power, regretful stuff but what can you really do?

So with that out of the way, along with our sincerest apologies for those who were hoping for more Witch shenanigans this week, allow us to offer you this link with a few of my better cards (since of course, I don't own every single card in the game, you know...).

Enjoy everyone!
Here's hoping we'll be back on track next week!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Grimoire OVA 2 PV + Cinderella up for preorder!

So yesterday, HJ posted the PV of the OVA 2:

Seems to be very, very Tiina-centered, but Kaguya does pop up for a while. Also, Tiina's boobs are quiite shiny, what do you know. Also, turns out the OVA includes the first Alleyne rebellion OVA (+bonus), so maybe there's a chance we get at least another OVA including Sigui's OVA?

Aaand, just a little while ago, Cindy became available for preorder (only the version including the OVA?):

No info yet on preorder bonuses, we'll have to wait a bit for those yet. Go, Grimoire, go~!