Friday, May 22, 2015

Queen's Blade Grimoire anime poster

Wow, this week the posts never end, huh? As someone from /a/ posted this morning, simultaneously with various other sites, this seems to be the new working promotional art for the Grimoire anime, I'm going to assume from an early Hobby Japan Magazine:

Leina wouldn't have appeared in my list of favorite chars for a cameo, but I guess she'll work, even if for a nice contrast with our new jerkish antiheroine...?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Puia (2 of 2)

Can Jean make the harpy happy? (couldn't resist this time~)


Next: Puia (QG)!

Queen's Blade Little Sister Battle Poll Results

And thus concludes yet another kind of battle, so did your favorite little sister do well? Well, let's find out! So, in this poll to determine whom visitors would prefer having to deal with day in and day out as their little sister during an adventure, you've chosen...

You get 3 votes here! Let the Little Sister Battle begin! 
Who makes for the best little sister archetype?

1rst - The Overly Serious Little Sis, Annelotte  (38 Votes / 20.4%)
By Eiwa

Queen's Maid : 3rd Round Begins!

 And here is it! The third round!
Our second round having eliminated so many amazing maid candidates already, all that remains now is to narrow the playing field just a slight bit more for our final battle against last year's Ultimate Maid, Airi!

Queen's Maid : Third Round - Battle 1 Participants

Behold, 3 out of our 5 remaining contestants!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this round will be a free-for-all battle involving three contestants rather than the 1v1 that had originally been planned. However, regardless of the number of participants here and contrary to our past round, voters will only have 1 Vote to make use of this round. This is only natural, as only the strongest can hope to match the Ultimate Maid, and as such, only those given absolute favor by their fans will be able to move on!

Well, for the most part, should another last minute tie somehow occur, the same exception will be made as was made during our previous round, with the lucky participants both (or dare I say it, all three) moving on the final round against Airi!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Despina confirmed for next month

So, the next Grimoire just got her date confirmed for 06/26 and is up for preorder! This time, of the three online shops who get the preorders the earliest, AmiAmi showed both Amazon and Hobby Search who was boss, getting our first pics of her:

Barely a month left, whee~!

Queen's Blade Anthology vol 2 ch 1

Oh, what's this now? Has it been almost 3 years since our pal brought us volume 1? Lol, time sure flies.
So after finishing Zero, let's go back to classic QB flavor! I wonder if we'll release these short chapters to let off some steam while we work on another manga with waaaaay loonger chapters...?
But anyways, can you even go wrong with FS? (nooope~)

Download it here, and enjoy!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Puia (1 of 2)

First of all, bad news for Alice's fans :( As I said last week, I did try to make Queen's Gate a "full project" at Baka-Tsuki, to see if we could get more exposure, but the admins apparently aren't as nice towards machine translations as they used to be, and though they're still busy with other things, they probably won't consider volume 1 properly "translated." So, with no one to help us check the translation's quality, that means a long hiatus for Allie's story...

But wasted (?) efforts aside, here we begin the harpy's saga!

Will Puia and Jean hit it off?