Thursday, December 18, 2014

Queen's Blade Rebellion Premium Visual Book

Edit: Apparently, buying Seiten at Toranoana will get you this poster... so maybe Melon Books will get another one? C´mon, not cooool...

For the poll about best armors, Leina won by a landslide with 60v-60%, then Ymir-Aldra-Menace with 16v/16%-7v/7%-5v/5%, then Nanael-Echidna-Risty with 5v/5%-4v/4%-2v/2%, and lastly a tie for final place between Claudette and Elina with 1v/1%. My partner sneakily chose the "show no results" option, was it harder to vote? Or, more exciting...?
So next poll, Wonderland duel of Alicia vs Alice, go~

So, remember when we released the "Shi" book? Well here's another one of these booklets, that actually predates that one by a bit, but eh :p

Download it from here (LQ) or here (HQ), and enjoy!

Next time, more VQ3!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Vanquished Queens 3 (3)

Edit(12-12): Seiten previewed at last, translated the thing here~

On the latest poll about new artists, Takeda Hiromitsu and Mogudan took it with 13v-32% and 7v-17%, then Amami Takatsume and Syun Matsuena tied up for third place with 6v-15%, and lastly a tie with Yukimi and Hanaharu Naruco with 3v-7%, then last place for Bai Asuka with 2v-5%.
Then, next poll is about armors, not that easy now, is it...?

And so, one more installment, up for grabs here. Liliana's part ahoy! Probably my favoritest VQ so far, not for the reasons you might expect though. Oh, and lookie Sainyang down there, lol.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Vanquished Queens 3 (2)

Last poll about Airi's true nature, "she's following orders" won with 44%-26v, then it was "kind, honest and misguided" with 37%-22v, and lastly an almost tie of "bad girl" and "polite evil" with 10%-6v and 8%-5v.
So next poll, the last preliminars of the "possible new artists", next time will be the semifinals...

And, we continue with more VQ3, feel free to grab it here! This time's the spotlight's on Yuit & Vante, who forego their ongoing VQ saga... or do they?


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Vanquished Queens 3 (1)

Edit (12-01): Replaced pics with leveled versions, less color-faded.

First, I posted one more chapter of Alice's novel! (proofreader help still wanted!)

For last poll about the anniversary, an OVA, a video game and more Grimoire won with 20v-23%, 15v-17%, 13v-15%, a double tie between more Gate and VQ at 9v-10%, then more manga, more promotional art and more concept art with 7v-8%, 5v-5% and 2v-2%. Other options included a Shizuka book (oh, don't we all), more figures and statues (don't they do a lot of those?), all of them (well, yeah), and more Cattleya (that was refreshingly specific).
Then next poll is about Airi; she won evil trio best buddy last time, so what's your take on her anyways?

And we finally start VQ3, about tiime~! My pal gave me these 3 pics as a download link too, so I might as well post it, since Blogspot's resizing is always ludicrous...
So we start with Melona's debut. But what a debut, dude! Leave it to F.S. to go well above and beyond the line of duty and get crap past the radar! (as the cool kids say) And I don't just mean... (see the end of the post for a hint)


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Queen's Blade Anniversary : Commissions

Hello and welcome fellow QB Fans, my name is Final_Agent and I'm the mysterious partner that Leecher so often references in his posts. I handle proofreading, manga scanning, editing and various other odd jobs related to the QB series. Happy Queen's Blade Anniversary by the way!

By ManiacPaint

Happy Queen's Blade 9th Anniversary!

And today marks another day of celebration, once again!

To recap the current situation:
-Gamebooks: Seiten is scheduled to be released on December 27th. The HJ site should post their preview soon, and there's still the rumored Grimoire character by Kaneko Hiraku to be revealed.
-Visual books: Vanquished Queens 3 was released almost two months ago.
-Anime: The VQ OVA4 was released almost two months ago, we can probably expect them to release one or two more next year.

And, to follow the tradition from last year and two years ago, here are some pics of QB collections. I tried to ask a couple of our buddies, but they couldn't help much, so in the end we settled for like a four-way. First, the collection of our pal Alzrius:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Queen's Blade: The Colosseum cards

For last poll about Spiral Chaos' attributes in a Queen, Beauty took it with 31 v-47%, then Kindness with 23 v-35%, and last was Strength with 11 v-16%. I guess the "beautiful fighters" have to be beautiful after all...
So next poll, the Anniversary is upon us, what'd you rather they do...?

Now, can you guess what game I managed to get my hands on just the other day?

Yeah, just like the other day I got the You'll QB thingie, I recently managed to buy a QB The Colosseum. The selling point of it is the exclusive art, of course: besides 3 other artists drawing Nanael (quite close to the real thing actually), Echidna and Tomoe, there's FS drawing Melpha, and Claudette's artist drawing Leina, in 4 poses each with a slightly "alternate" version to them.