Thursday, March 21, 2019

Queen's Blade White Triangle: Beginner's Guide!

For the kinda depressing poll about the wikia censoring, "get our own site" won with 24v-68%, followed by "Miraheze" with 4v-11%, then "something like" with 3v-8%, and for the suggestions, we had "Move were you are free", "", "make wiki like this" and "fight it. unless they delete the GoT wikia too, its hypocrisy".
Thank you very much for your participation everybody, our wiki admin is on the case getting backups and stuff (it seems our site isn't in their sights yet, but who knows if that might change), and we'll inform you here if/when there are more news.

And now we're back to our silly polls, Bleach coming next!

So, now that we've had some time to play around with White Triangle, it's time to make a funky guide for beginner/intermediate stuff you can't easily figure out (even the japs have trouble with some explanations, it seems).

To start the game, you first have to go to Bandai Namco's page, press "Sign in" and register an account there. Everything's in english, but make sure you choose "Japan" as the place you live in, or it won't let you use it in the game.

Then, just go to White Triangle's URL to get started, and choose the 2nd button to use the Bandai Namco account you just registered. After that, it's just a matter of choosing your favorite girl, and following the tutorial, which is rather straightforward (note that I chose the 1st option to play as a guest instead, because the Bandai Namco ID page was in maintenance):

(Also, we chose Alleyne coz we thought Nowa was the "tamest" to vanquish, let's see if Youtube still considers it too spicy somehow and threatens to ban us anyway!!)

And here's some additional notes that might help you, along with some english mock-ups by our friend LuisFS! For starters, the home screen:

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Wikia threatened by censors!

If you've spent any amount of time on our dear wikia, you might have noticed that some disgusting censors every now and then come and delete our pictures just cause.

Well, apparently those assholes have decided that was just too much small-time bullying, or maybe too time consuming, and have started deleting wikias wholesale... and ours might be on the list, yeah.

So that's the reason behind our serious poll this week, do you know any place where we could save our wikia without crazy people taking it from us? We're kind of discussing it on Discord if that's more convenient for ya. If you know any good option, let us know, okay?

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 3-h

Whew, crazy day today!

First of all, Queen's Blade White Triangle is out~!

You can access it here, (again, you'll need a Bandai Namco account setting your country to "Japan"), and we'll talk more about the game soon, but go hurry up if you wanna see your gals kicking ass~
Oh and one more thing, in my Chrome it hangs after every fight and has visual errors, better go with Firefox.

For the poll about Naruto, Shizuka beat Izumi 27v-58% vs 19v-41%.
Guess Shizuka had the lead from the beginning, but Izumi didn't take "no" for an answer indeed, no sirree~

Next poll is way more serious, so I'll be making a post in a moment about it :(

As for the story, here's us ending chapter 3! One more pic too.


Thursday, March 7, 2019

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 3-g

For the OP gals poll, Liliana beat Melona 39v-75% versus 13v-25%.
Kind of an expected result, but our slime gal did put up a valiant fight~!

Next poll, ninja time with Naruto!

And in one more bit of the story, a piece of the truth actually comes to light? Also, pic!


Thursday, February 28, 2019

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 3-f

In case you missed it, we got some exciting news about White Triangle just yesterday!

About the Dragon Ball girls poll, Seiten beat Nowa with 22v-57% vs 16v-42%.
Man, I was soo~ sure Nowa was gonna take it...

And continuing with the Jump polls, it's One Piece's turn next!

Now, here's one more bit of Fio's story, with our mysterious guest traipsing around?


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Queen's Blade White Triangle PV 2!

So all of a sudden, we got another PV for the upcoming browser/mobile game:

This time it's longer, with clearly better art (if I recall, Melona's WT look was introduced in the page just 1/2 days ago, concluding them all), and shows at least one move for each of the fighters, some of them harking back to the Spiral games. Also, an unexpected guest, plus Menace not having a bra and Nanael having polka-dots in her panties, which is something Spiral just couldn't give us.

Whee! What do you guys think~?

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 3-e

For the Valentine's Day poll, it's one of those polls with plenty of results, so here they go!

Nyx 20 9%
Leina 19 8%
Airi 16 7%
Tomoe 16 7%
Menace 15 7%
Echidna 14 6%
Melpha 13 6%
Cattleya 12 5%
Alleyne 11 5%
Risty 11 5%
Elina 10 4%
Shizuka 10 4%
Melona 9 4%
Claudette 8 3%
Irma 8 3%
Aldra 7 3%
Nowa 7 3%
Nanael 5 2%
Ymir 2 0%

Congrats to the winners! Leina was enough of a surprise up there, but Nyx winning...? Now that must be a first :D

For next poll, to celebrate Jump Force coming out, we're starting a few polls wondering who among our gals represent which famous Jump series the best!

This time around in the story, someone pops out and we get a new pic...!