Thursday, May 19, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (13/20)

For the poll about Pokemon Sun & Moon, "pretty big fan" won with 19v-43%, followed by "played 2 or more games" and "not interested" with 12v-27% and 7v-15%, and lastly "played 4 or more" and "played 1" with 4v-9% and 2v-4%.
Oh look, I was one of the 2 who only played one game :3

Now next poll, who's the 2nd bustiest QB...?

Here we go with the 2nd extra track with no picture, Anarista and Menace meeting up. Since it's kinda hostile, we're going with the next pic, oh well.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (12/20)

Edit (05/13): In what was no small feat, fixed the comments again, this time apparently due to Googlecode's migration to Github :p

For Cinderella's poll, "looks great" and "looks good" won with 42v-50% and 22v-26%, followed by "kinda dumb~" and "fine" with 8v-9% and 7v-8%, with last option being "kinda dumb..." with 4v-4%.
Yay, glad to see most people like her, it's become kinda trendy lately to say that Grimoire's designs are noisy, oversophisticated and whatnot :p

Next poll... uh, new Pokemons? Well fine, I guess we can roll with that. "Must collect their entirety!", as I hear they say.

Now, Menace's story slowly approaches the climax, with Nowa's obvious cameo.


Monday, May 9, 2016

Queen's Blade Grimoire Cinderella's Profile

Aand, here's the intro to the new girl who suddenly became the face of the antagonist, she who can only be defeated by the "Queen's Blade" sword somehow.


Devil of Winter Cinderella

“Now then, whatever shall I cast? A spell of ice perhaps? One that promises never ever to break, even as the clock strikes 12?”

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (11/20)

Regarding the future Grimoire tales poll, "more foreign/less common" (Kaguya) and "more rarely-used" (Naked Queen) won in a close race by 17v-32% and 16v-30%, followed my "more well-known" (Alicia) with 14v-26%, while "fusions" (Goldie) ended up last with 6v-11%. Gotta agree here, better to see some rare fairytale than the ones that show up all the time ^^U

So next poll, how's Cinderella looking up?

And here we begin the second half of Menace's story, fanservice is go :3


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Queen's Blade Grimoire Anime Visuals (3)

Heh, I just knew the HJ magazine did have more information than what we saw. So, here are the visuals of the 2nd OVA, as found by my partner this time:

Plus, Cinderella's full pic, that does confirm her artist as Saburou, like our buddy Blabladodo guessed just a couple days ago:

New gal's profile coming soon-ish!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (10/20)

Concerning the poll about my very own QBB, "play it on occasion" won by a hair's breadth with 15v-29%, followed closely by "can't say I do" and "keep up to date" with 13v-25% and 12v-23%, with "tried it once or twice" and "not interested" being last with 6v-11% and 5v-9%. Whaaat, did you guys even see the blog's name? :D Well, the people interested still make a good percentage, in any case.

So next poll, since Cinderella shouldn't be the last, what kind of Grimoires would you rather see?

And, here's the first extra track of Menace's story that was nowhere in the book, yay! Since it clearly had no pic, we went with the first one, that kind of matches the content.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cinderella slips her way in! + OVA 2 news

Edit (04/29): ANN has the OVA's synopsis.

You'll excuse the kinda Smash Bros titling up there, lol, but... this month's HJ magazine finally announced the new addition to Queen's Blade Grimoire!

Can't get a grip on her artist just yet, but behold the beauty with glass slippers (not pictured) who also happens to be the last boss, the Devil of Winter!!

Also, more info on the OVA 2! As we could pretty much figure, Tiina and Kaguya will be the main attraction, Liliana will also be appearing and the title will be something like: "Dance Around, Dreaming Little Mermaid". Voice actresses will be Saori Goto for Tiina, and Manami Tanaka for Kaguya.

Both coming this summer, more details as we can dig 'em up!