Thursday, July 21, 2016

Queen's Blade : Mobile / Card Drop Part 1

Welp, if you're seeing this, then chances are we hit a small snag with the upload schedule for one reason or another and we're now in a fair bit of a tizzy trying to fix up whatever problem it is we have to currently deal with! Great!

We here at the QB Battle Blog do enjoy sticking to our weekly schedule whenever possible though, so instead of our regularly scheduled QB Showdown release this week, I, Final Agent, will be dumping some of the cards I found in the QB Mobile game for you guys to gawk at.

 But first, poll time! So who is on board with the latest fad and who isn't, let's find out :

Pokemon Go is all the rage these days, are you in?
1rst - Nope, not interested thanks. (25 Votes / 49%)
2nd - ...It's not available in my country yet. (12 Votes / 24%)
 3rd - Playing it and having some fun. (9 Votes / 18%)
 4th - Playing it and having a blast!! (4 Votes / 8%)
 5th - ...It's not available in my country, but I still have it anyhow. (1 Vote / 2%)

Interesting stuff, looks like we either don't have all that many mobile players or we're going down in the number of pokemon players around here, well at least we won't have to worry too much about our visitors walking into trees or open traffic or anything. I'm playing the game myself and having a pretty fun time honestly.

As for the new poll, is it just me, or is Snow White kind of psychotic? Let us know what you think!

And now for the cards...

Hmm? 'Why didn't I post this dump before if I've had it all along?' I think I hear some of you ask? Hoo boy, you guys have no idea just how much rare QB stuff we have hidden away that we can't really release in mass due to a lack of man power, regretful stuff but what can you really do?

So with that out of the way, along with our sincerest apologies for those who were hoping for more Witch shenanigans this week, allow us to offer you this link with a few of my better cards (since of course, I don't own every single card in the game, you know...).

Enjoy everyone!
Here's hoping we'll be back on track next week!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Grimoire OVA 2 PV + Cinderella up for preorder!

So yesterday, HJ posted the PV of the OVA 2:

Seems to be very, very Tiina-centered, but Kaguya does pop up for a while. Also, Tiina's boobs are quiite shiny, what do you know. Also, turns out the OVA includes the first Alleyne rebellion OVA (+bonus), so maybe there's a chance we get at least another OVA including Sigui's OVA?

Aaand, just a little while ago, Cindy became available for preorder (only the version including the OVA?):

No info yet on preorder bonuses, we'll have to wait a bit for those yet. Go, Grimoire, go~!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Showdown (2/5)

So for the poll about weapons, the attacking Sword won with 22v-45%, followed by the supporting Bow with 15%-31%, and lastly the defending Shield with 11v-22%.
Hm, what can I say regarding this one? I also choose Sword every time I start a Kingdom Hearts, so... :p

Now next poll, we allegedly did a pokemon poll not that long ago, but we couldn't very well ignore the latest critter craze...

And next track (pun not intended) is one of frogs...? Whaat~, why would there be frogs in here, I'm so random sometimes! :3


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Showdown (1/5)

For the poll about the Witch's title, "Swamp Witch" and "Marshland Witch" won with 27v-42% and 18v-28%, followed closely by "Witch of the Swamp" with 14v-21%, then "Swampland Witch" and "Bog Witch" ended up last with 3v-4% and 2v-3%
Hm, all this time having her as the "Marshland Witch" and there's still people who prefer "Swamp Witch" (among them, my gleeful partner)... You guys know her title as "Bog Witch" was basically confirmed once, right? ^^U

As for the next poll, here's a funky one about weapons!

So now... what's this, the very first appearance of the witch, predating her book and VQ OVA3 by at least a year and a half? Yep it is~, the very way she showed up in the 3rd volume of the illustrated stories. I'd introduce her a bit further, but let's have Airi and Melona do the honors, shall we?


Plus as promised, my waifu's CD drama, this time without blur, what would probably have gotten us sanctioned at Youtube or something:

Download it here/here, and enjoy!

Friday, July 1, 2016

OVA 2 Pics + Cinderella announced!

The official HJ site updated with pictures of the upcoming OVA, featuring Tiina and Kaguya, as one would expect.

And, we have a date for Cinderella now, it's September 28th (technically not summer, huh...? :3) Apparently, thanks to her diamond she can fire freezing rays and turn people into ice statues, so... hm, ice puns are not cool lately, are they... (d'oh!)

The package with the OVA 2 also includes HD versions of Sigui's and Alleyne's omakes from the first Rebellion OVAs, for some reason, I figure.

Anyways, more details as they come! Go, Grimoire, go~!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (20/20)

For the allegiance poll in Melona's stead, "leave for fun" won with 17v-35%, followed by "stay for benefits" and "leave options open" with 13v-27%, then were "leave for power" with 4v-8% and "stay for loyalty" with 1v-2%.
Hm, certainly being the witch's servant is a funny position to be in, ain't it?

Now next poll, me and my partner have been debating this one lately, and it's quite likely one of these is basically official... but still, how do you prefer to call the witch?

Aaand, we finish Menace's story with the 3rd all-new track, that as such doesn't have a pic, alas.


I also made a playlist here, as is usual by now.
Hope you guys liked Menace's story CD!

Next: the unblurred version... and we begin something else~?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (19/20)

For the previous poll about Grimoire ending with Cinderella, "could have a couple more characters" and "it can keep going!" won with 18v-35% and 17v-33%, followed closely by "I don't want it to end!!" with 12v-23%, and lastly "it can rest easy now" and "should have done with ages ago!" with 2v-3%.
Well, how could it end already? We barely have half the usual artists participating, what about the shy Irma-like gal, the cheeky Nanael-type or an overly serious Alleyne-styled one...?

Now, Melona poll, would you stay or leave in her stead...?

And, the two friends separated for so long get a chance to meet again~