Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Queen's Blade 11th Anniversary!

Edit: Added a couple pics from Blitzgob.

And here we made it to another year, and QB's still going strong!

For the recap of how things are going:
-Gamebooks: Cinderella came out a couple months ago, it's unknown if there will be more Grimoires after the so-called "last boss".
-Visual books: We can assume that another Vanquished Queens might be released at one point, sure doesn't seem like it's coming soon though?
-Anime: the Grimoire OVA 2 famously announced Sigui's appearance next, we've heard no plans about upcoming OVAs though.

So uh, not a lot this year, huh? Of course, there are still figures and stuff coming out... Oh well, let's hope for more news in the next days!

And as you might (or might not) have been expecting, here's more pics from the community, as it's kind of a tradition thingie around these parts! This time we gunned for our pal Wonder Star, from the wikia, and his figure collection.
We kinda were hoping for more of a "photo op" feeling with a few of these figures of his together, but it the end it couldn't be, so here's a few individual pics on their lonesome.
If you're interested, make sure you check his reviews of the Revoltechs and the Nyx puni.

Also, our pal Blitzgob sent me a couple pics of his own:

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