Thursday, February 28, 2019

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 3-f

In case you missed it, we got some exciting news about White Triangle just yesterday!

About the Dragon Ball girls poll, Seiten beat Nowa with 22v-57% vs 16v-42%.
Man, I was soo~ sure Nowa was gonna take it...

And continuing with the Jump polls, it's One Piece's turn next!

Now, here's one more bit of Fio's story, with our mysterious guest traipsing around?


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Queen's Blade White Triangle PV 2!

So all of a sudden, we got another PV for the upcoming browser/mobile game:

This time it's longer, with clearly better art (if I recall, Melona's WT look was introduced in the page just 1/2 days ago, concluding them all), and shows at least one move for each of the fighters, some of them harking back to the Spiral games. Also, an unexpected guest, plus Menace not having a bra and Nanael having polka-dots in her panties, which is something Spiral just couldn't give us.

Whee! What do you guys think~?

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 3-e

For the Valentine's Day poll, it's one of those polls with plenty of results, so here they go!

Nyx 20 9%
Leina 19 8%
Airi 16 7%
Tomoe 16 7%
Menace 15 7%
Echidna 14 6%
Melpha 13 6%
Cattleya 12 5%
Alleyne 11 5%
Risty 11 5%
Elina 10 4%
Shizuka 10 4%
Melona 9 4%
Claudette 8 3%
Irma 8 3%
Aldra 7 3%
Nowa 7 3%
Nanael 5 2%
Ymir 2 0%

Congrats to the winners! Leina was enough of a surprise up there, but Nyx winning...? Now that must be a first :D

For next poll, to celebrate Jump Force coming out, we're starting a few polls wondering who among our gals represent which famous Jump series the best!

This time around in the story, someone pops out and we get a new pic...!


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 3-d

For the KH3 vs RE2 poll, KH3 won by a small margin with 12v-30%, followed by a tie between RE2 and "BOTH!" with 11v-28%, and finally "Neither!" with 5v-12%.
Hm, quite the big names released at basically the same time, I sure can understand the hype for both...

Next poll, it's Valentine's!

And the next bit of the story finally deals with the long-awaited secret... what's gonna happen?


Thursday, February 7, 2019

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 3-c

Regarding the spin-off chars poll, Cute won with 6v-24%, followed by Jean with 5v-20%. After that, there were Fio and Florelle with 4v-16% and Siam with 3v-12%. On the bottom of the poll were Michel with 2v-8% and Maron with 1v-4%.
Lool, so Jean was following Cute, and Fio and Florelle got the same number of votes? How fitting and cute :3

Next poll is about the brand new games that came out, which one do ya prefer?

The story gets quite steamy in this part, things are about to get heated!