Thursday, December 29, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Winter Designs: Elina (5)

On the naughty QB gals poll, the Witch, Melona and Elina took it with 24v-18%, 17v-12% and 16v-12% respectively. After them, Echidna, Classic Aldra and Nanael were honorable mentions with 11v-8%, 10v-7% and 8v-6%. Next were Cinderella (6v-4%), a 4-way tie between Rebellion Claudette, Menace, Nyx and Luna Luna at 5v-3%, and a tie between Airi and Alicia with 4v-3%. Other ties were Despina and Hansel at 3v-2%, Ymir and Snow White at 2v-1%, and Risty and Liliana with 1v-0%. Last was Irma, who got no votes.

Y'know, it's a pity we ended up misplacing Seiten (was it a trick of hers? :3), I wonder what position she'd have gotten...

So next poll, you know about this New Year tradition from Japan? Who'd you rather dream about?

And here's the last of Elina's stuff!


Next (year): Claudette!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Queen's Blade : Rare Stuff Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas, hope you're having a great Hanukkah and happy holidays and other varied winter celebrations to everyone, welcome to this special edition of :
Rare Stuff with Final Agent

Where we go through our rare stash of Queen's Blade related stuff and pull out whatever we can to make a decent-ish post with! Today, me and Leecher figured we'd try and give a little extra something to you guys and girls so we hope you enjoy.

A bonus poster that was included with the Queen's Gate Noel Vermillion figurine a while back.
More after the break!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Winter Designs: Elina (4)

Regarding the "FS old style vs new style poll", "I don't really mind" won with 22v-37%, followed by "old style!" and "new style!" with 15v-25% and 12v-20%, and last was "can't tell the difference!" with 9v-15%.
For me, I do prefer the old style better... and you know what, it's kinda been bothering me how the "I don't mind" choice didn't have an exclamation mark (even though I was the one writing the choices this time ^^U)

So next poll, a huge amount of choices? Let's find the Coal Queen!

Now, we're close to wrapping things up with Elina! Also, finally featuring her "wicked words" trademark!


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Winter Designs: Elina (3)

For Luna Luna's Sunshine vs Moonlight poll, "fair is sun; dark is moon" won with 32v-57%, followed by "pale is moon; tan is sun" with 18v-32%, while "don't know" was last with 6v-10%.
You know, I honestly thought this was kind of a straightforward question, but was surprised when my partner said he saw it the other way around :3

Next poll, what do you think about the evolution in F.S.' art...?

Now, featuring this set of Elina's pages, is her rea~lly weird dodging move, we still haven't completely been able to figure out how it works... :p


Friday, December 9, 2016

Menace & Melona Melonbooks exclusive tapestry

Well, I did have this suspicion in the back of my mind... :p

So yup, like I posted just yesterday about Toranoana, Melonbooks revealed today that they too are offering a new tapestry. The best among the 3 stores? Quite probably!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Winter Designs: Elina (2)

Regarding the "Elina is..." poll, "an experience manipulator" won with 27v-38%, followed by a tie between "a psychopath pride-filled tyrant" and "a lonely little girl whose big sis pays her no attention" with 21v-29%, and lastly "a proud warrior who can't find anyone worthy" with 2v-2%.
Hm, quite the divided opinions on this one, huh? Is she maybe way softer than we've been giving her credit for...?

Now next poll, I just posted today about her exclusive Toranoana tapestry, so let's roll with Luna Luna!

And here are some more of those funky moves of Elina's!


Luna Luna's Toranoana exclusive tapestry

I mentioned the other day how F.S. is releasing an illustration book with QB stuff, which is getting a compilation of short comics + an ordinary clearfile when preordering at HJ store. Melonbooks still hasn't announced anything special, but Toranoana is getting a rare Luna Luna tapestry thing.

Does that book have any more surprises for us?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Winter Designs: Elina (1)

For the preferred anime direction poll, "good as it is (ecchi)" won with 27v-45%, followed by "like the books (convenient censorship)" and "full hentai" with 18v-30% and 13v-22%, and last was "should have reigned things! (books were lewd enough)" with 1v-1%.
I guess there's no pleasing everyone... funny that the censorship in the QB books seems to have come from HJ themselves, though.

And since we're with Elina now, another installment of the "X is..." polls! :3

So now we start with the youngest Vance, lots of details like Tomoe.


Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Queen's Blade 11th Anniversary!

Edit: Added a couple pics from Blitzgob.

And here we made it to another year, and QB's still going strong!

For the recap of how things are going:
-Gamebooks: Cinderella came out a couple months ago, it's unknown if there will be more Grimoires after the so-called "last boss".
-Visual books: We can assume that another Vanquished Queens might be released at one point, sure doesn't seem like it's coming soon though?
-Anime: the Grimoire OVA 2 famously announced Sigui's appearance next, we've heard no plans about upcoming OVAs though.

So uh, not a lot this year, huh? Of course, there are still figures and stuff coming out... Oh well, let's hope for more news in the next days!

And as you might (or might not) have been expecting, here's more pics from the community, as it's kind of a tradition thingie around these parts! This time we gunned for our pal Wonder Star, from the wikia, and his figure collection.
We kinda were hoping for more of a "photo op" feeling with a few of these figures of his together, but it the end it couldn't be, so here's a few individual pics on their lonesome.
If you're interested, make sure you check his reviews of the Revoltechs and the Nyx puni.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Spring Designs: Tomoe (5)

On the dogs vs cats poll, "cat" beat "dog" by a small margin with 18v-35% vs 16v-31%, "love both too much to decide!" trailed behind with 10v-19%, while "like neither" was last with 7v-13%.
Was this poll a subtle reference to Claudette vs Elina, seeing as they kinda represent both extremes? What animal would that make Leina anyways? So many questions...

Now next poll is kinda related to the news this week that the QB wiki will need to go through some notable censorship (booo... :p), how do you feel about the way the anime took things?

And here we finish Tomoe, introducing a concept of "helmet" that did surprise me...


Next: Elina!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Spring Designs: Tomoe (4)

Before I keep forgetting, FS is going to release a book with his illustrations (including many QB ones, of course), plus they're releasing a new Menace dakimakura thingie, see more info on both here.

On the previous Discord usage poll, "I use Discord!" and "I use Skype!" won with 13v-36% and 10v-27%, followed by "never used either!" with 8v-22%, and "not anymore!" with 5v-13%.
You know, I was trying things out with my partner the other day and it doesn't look too shabby, so we ended up creating a Discord for QBB! It's here:, dunno how it'll turn out, but if you have the time, maybe drop by if you feel like it? :D

Then next poll, the eternal question...?

And here we keep going with Tomoe, never a dull moment!


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Spring Designs: Tomoe (3)

Edit: Oh, messed up the poll results :p

First of all, if you're still following the development of the 7 Sinny gals (even if it's just for the lulz), they released a new vid here, and a new manga chapter here.

Regarding the table top game poll, "played tons of them" won with 13v-29%, followed closely by "never" with 11v-25%, and also closely by a tie between "once or twice"" and "still have regular meet-ups!" with 10v-22%.
Talk about a close poll. Hm, you know, I remember when I was a wee boy, spending afternoons playing Space Crusade and Hero Quest... plus later on, when I was a teenager, really getting into Magic The Gathering... good times, man :D

Next poll is about that Discord thingie, we'll probably open one soon-ish, but do you guys even use those things?

And, more explanations about Tomoe's pages. They sure wanted to hammer home that idea about the talismans protecting her! (which we haven't really seen in any other QB media)


Sunday, November 6, 2016

QB Battle 48.4

Sure wasn't expecting the newest Grimoire to get scanned outta the blue, but a deal's a deal, I guess. Hence, here we go again!

Mirrors: App + Media (update) + Extra + Fanmade
Sendspace: App + Media (update) + Extra + Fanmade

So yeah, based on the "fire giant" Brimstone, here's Cinderella! Highest BP of all Grimoires (even Zara's), strong standard attacks (for no real reason?), nasty high-damaging freezing beams and tricky maneuvers await you, so beware of her! Be sure to check the tutorial to learn her ins & outs!

If you're interested in the Grimoire's stats, here's how they currently stand:

Do her very few cons make Cindy rather overpowered amongst them all? Probably! :3

Oh by the way, I guess the "online server" thingie turned out to be a bust, it might work fine for a few people, but apparently Gmail won't let lots of people access at the same time, too bad.

While we're on that though, a buddy here proposed the other day making a Discord thingie for QBB, what do you all think, would that be interesting? Wanted to bring that up since I don't have lots of experience with those things, so if you guys figure it'd be something nice for us to have, be sure to let me know! :D

Friday, November 4, 2016

Queen's Blade: Risty

So here we go again in our quest to have all the books properly readable, with another neat revamping of a classic Queen's Blade char, that does a little more justice to Eiwa's original drawings and standardizes the restrictions with the wording we're used to now:

Download it here!

Coming next, a new QBB version~

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Spring Designs: Tomoe (2)

First of all, apparently Cinderella was fully scanned already! Which means a QBB update is around the corner, doesn't it :3

For the poll about potential Grimoires after Cindy, "of course! still can go on" won with 13v-37%, followed by "probably, I'd rather have another QB series" with 11v-31%, in turn followed by "doubt it, all main chars are in place" with 9v-25%, and last was "nope! bring another QB series!" with 2v-5%.
Well, imho Grimoire still has lots more to delight us with... and well, the topic about a new QB series could make for another poll? :p

Now next poll, ever played a table top game, QB or otherwise?

And here we continue with Tomoe's fancy details!


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Spring Designs: Tomoe (1)

For the "Winter Devil/Devil of Winter" poll, the former won with 33v-57% versus 24v-42%.
Kind of a close call, but oh well, the audience hath spoken, so it shall be.

And next poll, since there are no apparent QB news this month, Cindy gets 2 polls in a row? How likely do you guys think is that she's the last Grimoire?

Now, it's Tomoe's turn. For some reason, this book really gets into the details of each move, so hey, more fun for us!
(You might also have noticed that we skipped some obvious chars like Leina or Nowa, unfortunately those have tiny doodles in 'em that we aren't able to translate :p)


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Queen's Blade 2005 Winter Designs: Irma (2)

First of all, like one of our buddies pointed out just the other day, Waku already subbed OVA 2, yay ♪

For the poll about preferred audio CDs, "all of the above" won with 15v-38%, followed by "not a huge fan of audio CDs" with 10v-25%, then it was "storybook style" and comedic style" with 6v-15% and 5v-12%, and lastly "more serious-natured" with 3v-7%.
Hm, so 1 out of 4 of our readers don't like audio CDs much...? Weird, I thought they'd be better received than most over media, being voiced and all... :p

Now, next poll, maybe my partner and I are kinda petty-minded individuals, so since we can't agree on things, which of these you'd prefer for Cinderella?

And here we finish with Irma's stuff!


Next: Tomoe!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Queen's Blade 2005 Winter Designs: Irma (1)

For the OVA 2 watching poll, both "someday will, no rush" and "definitely will!" won with 12v-29% , followed by "already saw it!" with 11v-26%, then it was "it was ripped so soon!?" with 4v-9%, then another tie at last place with "no thanks" and "won't watch either OVA" at 1v-2%.
Wasn't too bad, was it? Bit light on Kaguya tho~

So, next poll... oh look, how's them QB CD flavors?

And, here we begin with details about my Irma~


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Queen's Blade 2005 Winter Designs: Risty (2)

In case you didn't hear, OVA 2 was already ripped here or here... and well, "sister series" 7 Deadly Sins started doing a quasi-animated version of their confessions.

For the released Cindy poll, "can't wait to see her" won with 38v-62%, followed by "already preordered her" with 11v-18%, followed by "so-so", "meh" and "who" with 6v-9%, 4v-6% and 2-3% respectively.
Go, Grimoire, go~!

Now next poll, clearly OVA 2-themed.

And here we finish Risty's sketches comments thingie!


Next: Irma!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Queen's Blade 2005 Winter Designs: Risty (1)

Cindy's ouutt! :D

So about Yuit & Vante's quiz, "Yuit = minielf & Vante = robomaid" won with 72v-91%, "no clue" trailed way behind with 6v-7%, while "Yuit = robomaid & Vante = minielf " got 1v-1%. 
Heh, no problems with that one I see, it was just the pair of pseudo-chinese twins who were problematic.

Now next poll, the aforementioned Cinderella was released, how's she looking?

And here we begin a new thingie. Turns out a number of "Queen's Blade Designs" extra books have been released yearly (especially in the beginning) with a few sketches of each char's pages, commenting the poses and stuff. So without further ado, here's a bit of Risty's!