Thursday, February 1, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-1(f)

For the original Irma poll, "3/5 was alright" won with 19v-37%, followed by a close call between "4/5 has a lot of strong points!" with 12v-23% and "5/5 loved all about her" with 11v-21%. After that, there was "2/5 was never that great" and "1/5 was bad all around", with 6v-11% and 3v-5%.
Great to hear lots of people liked my Irma! Wonder why she was rather low in the popularity scale then...

Next poll, there was some controversy or somesuch about Patreon not long ago, so tell us, do you fellas use it?

Moving on, here's a rather short chapter... where Elina makes a surprising declaration?


Chapter 1 : Elina’s Journey (Part 1)

A Ruler’s Duty

“Rightful owner?”
“Indeed. That boy, Sir Michel Rivaranciel, along with the magic whistle Cathedral, both belong to my mistress.”
The girl in the maid uniform informed Elina, pulling out a scythe.
“Resist again and you will only suffer.”

With Michel hidden behind her, it made it seem like the maid was threatening Elina instead.
Whenever townsfolk saw two armed women face to face with one another, they would tend to gather, anticipating another Queen’s Blade match. Official matches could start anywhere, from street corners to crosswalks and were essentially like a free form of entertainment to your average everyday citizen.

“I-I don’t belong to anyone.”
“This kid’s trying to run away from you, right?”
Elina asked.
“Seems to me like he doesn’t acknowledge your so-called mistress’ ownership of him.”

She could always get answers from him later. It’s not as if she planned on letting him off the hook anytime soon for knocking her over earlier anyways.

“I don’t see how that’s of any concern to you.”
The maid brandished her scythe in a threatening manner, then began approaching.
“Protecting the weak and frightened is a ruler’s duty.”
Elina announced, spear in hand.
“I’ll ask you only once.”
The blonde voiced to the boy behind her.
“Do you want my help? Well?”
The boy only managed a weak “Help me.” in response.
“Next time, why don’t you try starting with that?”
“I suppose that makes us enemies then, a pity.”
The maid sighed and closed her eyes before readying her scythe.

“My name is The Infernal Temptress, Airi.”
The Queen’s Blade crest materialized in front of the red head.
“And I hereby declare an official match.”

Feeling they were finally about to see some action between the two beautiful fighters, the crowd around them began to roar.
But no crest appeared to Elina.

“Too bad.”
With a smile, the Vance girl aimed the butt of her spear towards a nearby stall.
“But I’m no beautiful fighter, so I don’t need to play by your rules.”

The blonde took Michel under her arm and slightly twisted her spear’s grip.
And with a soft psssh, the barely audible sound of a burst of air, a steel cable suddenly launched itself from the Vance girl’s spear.

“Farewell, Airi.”

Airi, as well as the shocked crowd, could only watch on in mute awe as both Elina and Michel suddenly soared up and into the sky.

The boy screamed at the unexpected burst of altitude. The two had been launched so high they were overlooking the entire city.

“Step-sister’s precautions certainly did come in handy.”
Their escape from the battlefield assured, the blonde made use of the rewinding feature on the custom-made weapon, originally intended for capture, to pull back the steel cable before looking around for a suitable landing spot for the both of them. Her carrying Michel, it would take an especially sturdy rooftop to support the weight of their landing after all.

One brief free fall and safe landing later, Elina wasted no time breaking into a full run.

“Please, waiiiit!”

Ignoring Airi’s cries from down below, the blonde ran through the rooftops, dragging Michel behind her.
“We’re out of here.”
No stalls, no gawkers and no Airi to stand in their way, they made their escape.

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