Thursday, September 27, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 1-a

For the poll about opinions on Unlimited OVA 1, "could have been better" won with 10v-28%, followed by "alright" with 8v-22%. After that, there was a tie between "great!" and "pretty good!" with 6v-17%, and last was "awful" with 5v-14%.
Hm, I wasn't much of a fan of the OVA either, even though the story was the closest we've seen to canon in an anime, it was a bit of a poor-man version, imho.

Next poll, we know you might not come here for the latest meme, buuut...

And after the introduction, let's start the story proper! ...Oh, what do we have here, a grown-up man with like a lot of dialogue, and who doesn't need Leina's help, in our Queen's Blade? Lol, the author sure had some progressive ideas for the time :3


Thursday, September 20, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 0-b

Regarding the Holy Instruments poll, Laila's wings won with 28v-63%, followed by Sigui's burning mace with 10v-22%, and last was Laila's cannon with 6v-13%.
Heh, I somehow knew the wings were gonna win. Independent flight is too much of a temptation, ain't it~

And next poll, now that some time has passed since Unlimited OVA 1's release, did ya fellas got around to watching it?

So, here he finish the SOU prologue! Time to introduce our new hero(ine?), plus finish the Tomoe vs Airi fight! Also, Eiwa pics; we've only just begun! :3


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sword of the Unicorn, chapter 0-a

Regarding the "Sansuma" mobile collaboration thingie poll, "longer projects are more worthwile" won with 18v-58%, followed by "mix of quick collabs and longer projects!" with 12v-38%, and then "quick collabs give us something to munch on!" with 1v-3%.
Hm, I wonder just how popular this very collaboration was... and why it wasn't an Unlimited thing, instead of classic...

Now next poll, how about those funky holy instrument thingies Rebellion introduced?

...So, the prophecies long forgotten have come true!!
I'll bet you guys weren't expecting this when I mentioned we were preparing new stuff last month~

But yup, here's the beginning of the very QB novel in the flesh! In the end we never found a proofreader to help us with it, so I had to learn the ropes enough to prove to my partner that I could pull off most of it myself :3

If you've read a bit of the Unlimited stuff, you might recognize the style, though this story is notably more focused, the battles pleasantly longer, it has a bit more of worldbuilding, plus it features our so-called new hero Fio. How does he compare with Doormat Michel...? We'll let ya be the judges~!

And without further adeu, at long last, enjoy! :3

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Queen's Blade The Live: Liliana (7/7)

Regarding the opinions on new Ymir poll, "looks good but doesn't feel right" and "looks great, outfit suits her!" won with 18v-45% and 12v-30%, with "no strong opinions" following with 4v-10%, and then a tie between "looks bad, good outfit tho" and "looks awful!" with 3v-7%.
Well, I guess that was a win for our dwarf, the revamping must have been worth it~

Next poll is about the QB collab thingie with that mobile game we saw the other day, what'd ya think?

And here is the last of the live pirate! Hope you liked her, let us know if you want us to work on Airi or Alicia another day~
If you're so inclined, we got download links for ya:

Liliana the Live (LQ): Here
Liliana the Live (HQ): Part 1, Part 2

Plus bonus, the making-of vid!


Next week: we start with our so-called secret weapon? (kyaa :3)

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Queen's Blade: Sangoku Smash collaboration

Sup guys, so yesterday the QB Unlimited retweeted this announcement about a QB collaboration in a mobile game. The game in question is apparently called Sangoku Smash (3 Kingdoms Smash?), by A-Team, available here, and possibly known as"Sansuma".

This one
The collaboration apparently started last week (sure took the QB guys time to announce it) and will only last for a couple more days, so I guess you're still in time to check it out for yourselves if you wanna.

So I thought: how could I, of all people, not see what it's all about? And then I did.

Want some?