Thursday, July 26, 2018

Queen's Blade The Live: Liliana (1/7)

For the Nyx comparison poll, "Both" and "Unlimited" ended up at the top with 26v-37% and 24v-34%, followed by "Classic!" with 18v-25%, then "None" with 2v-2%.
Wow, that's way more of a close call than I expected, but I guess the Unlimited version did manage to appeal to enough people :)

Now next poll, it's time to choose favorites in that sister series about the angels?

And, if you had any doubt we're trying to broach every single aspect of the QB world, here we begin with Liliana's live book! Featuring Yuki Aoyama, who could have benefitted from a pink wig, let's be honest :3


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Master of Queen's Blade Excellent Graphics: Melona, Menace

Regarding the redux VQ poll, "I love it!" won with 32v-43%, followed by "I like most of it", "I like some of it" and "I only like a few parts of it" closely one after the other with 16v-21%, 13v-17% and 10v-13%, and finally "I hate it" with 3v-4%.
Comparing with the last time we did the poll, the first two options had more followers, while the last three were a bit more crowded together at the bottom. Hm, maybe after the novelty wore off, people are a bit less excited about that series...?

Next poll is Nyx' comparison poll... and we're reaching the end of the road with these~

So here are a few more designs, for the remaining two gals from the so-called evil trio!


Next week, we go live...?

Monday, July 16, 2018

Unlimited OVA 1 Pics Roundup!

So, last friday OVA 1 finally came out!

I was waiting for the usual guys to review the thing... but they must be sluggish, coz they haven't yet. Fortunately, some other fellows picked up the slack, like this one:

And SankakuComplex going for the lewds as always:

While this one ended up basically documenting the whole thing:

Thanks to that tho, we now got some decent pics of the new boy Michel~

What do ya guys think about 'em?

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Master of Queen's Blade Excellent Graphics: Echidna, Irma

For the Cattleya comparison poll, "Both" ended up winning with 26v-41%, followed by a tie between "Classic!" and "Neither" with 14v-22%, and then "Unlimited!" with 8v-12%.
Heh, so is she the most polarized char after all...?

Next poll: due to technical difficulties (lol), what'd ya guys feel about VQ now? The QB twitter mentioned it just the other day, too.

And here are a couple more gals and their designs!


Thursday, July 5, 2018

Master of Queen's Blade Excellent Graphics: Leina, Melpha

For Delmore's comparison poll, "Unlimited!" and "Classic!" won with 37v-62% and 15v-25%, then it was "both" with 7v-11%, and "neither" got none.
Well, that was a bit surprising, I was expecting Classic to have less votes, guess he still got the touch... :3

Next poll, Cattleya's turn!

And here we start with a few more designs from the Master of QB book!