Thursday, March 29, 2012

Queen's Blade Rebellion Welveria's Profile

The Marshland Witch Welveria's profile has just been released, so here we go again! (will it be Bog Witch after all?)

"All of you over there, sacrifice yourselves. I'm creating, a world without the living."

Queen's Blade Rebellion Illustrated Stories: Upheaval, chapter 11

Extra chapter! Closing the curtain on the second volume, here's my favorite character.

 When they find themselves in the desert of Amara, what's Menace up to?

Monday, March 26, 2012

QB Anthology 7

Another chapter of the anthology, this time a battle at the bath-house by another hentai mangaka, Mizuki Hitoshi (for some reason, most of them are, lol). Download it here:

And remember that you can help get more QB mangas translated, though there's a brand new credits page to remind you guys of that.

Edit (03-28): Changed the link to a better proofread version.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

QB Battle 30.2

Mirrors: App + Media + Extra + Fanmade (update)
Sendspace: App + Media + Extra + Fanmade (update)

Adapted the dojins Homura Akemi and 7 Stakes of Purgatory. They're both books made by pros like Stella, but in this case they weren't really complete. The 7 Stakes behave pretty much like a standard book, while Homura has a few weird pages where she's captured, as if she's fighting the actual witch:

Besides, added a file to define your own sounds, though it still needs more work for accesories and stuff. If you find some cool freeware sounds, let me know and I'll add them for more "bells and whistles".

Later today, I'll try to add a patch for 2v2/3v3 challenge mode, and revise a few files with typos.

Coming next: Don't know about Pyrrha, but at least Nelliel and Mei-Fang.

Edit (03-27): Fix for critical sounds, a couple of typos and tag-related bugs, and 2v2 challenge mode: Mirrors/Sendspace

Sunday, March 18, 2012

QB Anthology 5

Another chapter of the anthology translated by final agent, this time a long, funny chapter drawn by veteran hentai artist Rusty Soul. Download it here:

By the way, final agent is looking for a translator to get the rest of this series and/or the QB mangas released, so if you know japanese and are interested, leave a comment below.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Queen's Blade Rebellion Illustrated Stories: Upheaval, chapter 10.5

Extra chapter! Unfortunately, no more weekly illustrated stories, it's been crazy getting them out so far. Still, I'll try to release them every 2 weeks as before.

The battle hyped through the entire "upheaval" arc, Annelotte vs Sigui!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

QB Battle 29.7

Mirrors: App + Media + Extra + Fanmade (update)
Sendspace: App + Media + Extra + Fanmade (update)

Added the fanmade Maya and Aya Brea (thanks to Okami31):

Coming next: dojin special edition, with Puella's Homura Akemi and Umineko's 7 Stakes of Purgatory. Also, customizable sounds and 2v2/3v3 Challenge Mode.

Edit: Fixed the links back in Upheaval's 3rd chapter, so that anyone can enjoy the story until then.

Edit2 (03-15): Put the new Hamachi network up there besides the page's title (I didn't know there was a 500 char limit ^^U), try there if you want to play online but the other network turns up full.

Edit3 (03-17): QG Pyrrha came out just in time.

Edit4 (03-22): Updated the What is QB? page with the proper pic of Welveria, the Marshland Witch. Most of the text is just her announcement, and her short bio is too small to make out, so I'll have to wait until her proper profile is posted. The most interesting tidbit? She captured Aldra's and Annelotte's mother.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Queen's Blade Rebellion Illustrated Stories: Upheaval, chapter 10

In theory, this chapter would be the end of the 2nd volume, but we know better than that :p

The Inquisitor Sigui goes all out in the battle, guided by her faith!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

QB Anthology 6

A new chapter of the compilation, this time by dojin artist Kurosaki Kotora, a.k.a Search-Light, who "continued" the chapter in one of his works (NSFW cover), download here.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

QB Anthology 4 + Queen's Blade Rebellion Illustrated Stories: Upheaval, chapter 9.5

Updated the translations page with another chapter of the QB Anthology Comic by final_agent, this time a 4-koma drawn by pixiv artist Hirose Madoka (it sure is diverse), download here:

As for the Illustrated Stories, extra chapter! Read on to find out about the largest mystery in Rebellion (at least in sheer size).

Who can get their hands on the mobile fortress Bligh?