Thursday, January 18, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-1(d)

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Hm, guess it's a bit of a silly yearly tradition to follow through... though then again, trying to improve oneself is kind of commendable as well?

And since we recently noticed that new-ish pic from F.S., what do you go for anyways?

Now we're back to Elina again, what did she have in mind when she confronted Claudette?


Chapter 1: Elina's Journey (Part 1)

Information Broker

Sheldan, one of the city states belonging to the free alliance and the one closest to the Vance domain. Given how anyone who’d like to visit their territory would likely find themselves making a stop by this city first, it was somewhat unavoidable that Elina would do much the same on her way out.

Although, there was more to her visit here than mere formality. Prior to running away, Elina had managed to obtain, via her more trusted maids --for which she was less than proud of on account of being forced to spy on her own family--, a list of emissaries her father had hired in the search for Leina.

“Well then, let’s hear that report.”

Elina called out to a dark skinned elf sitting near the front of a stall tucked away in one of the corners to the populated market place.

“Before we get to that, mind proving to me that you’re the real deal?”

The elf in the, somewhat excessively, skin-baring outfit crossed her legs. Guarding her nether regions appeared to be some strange-looking silver ornament resembling a snake.

“You don’t trust me?”
“Let’s just say getting told I needed to report directly to you was news to me from this job.”

Something that’d been no small feat to arrange too, given the amount of hoops Elina had to jump through just to contact this woman. Then again, the elf she was speaking to was far from your average information broker either. You’d likely make yourself difficult to contact too if your services included the possibility of VIP assassination given the right price.

“I was sent by Father to act as his proxy, he wants her back home as soon as possible.”

Elina informed the woman and held out her insignia as a member of the Vance family. She figured the news of her running away from home to go search for Leina wouldn’t have reached this far yet.

“Hm, looks real enough.”
“And the fact that you’re here without any escort whatsoever is because…?”
“What about it?”

Elina slightly pouted.

“Pretty risky thing to do, don’t you think?”
“Oh? But if you’re really the person the rumors say you are, then I doubt you’d just up and ignore one of your young female customers if she happened to get into a spot of trouble while you’re around, right?”
“And just which rumor about me was the one you heard?”
“The one that gets me to trust and meet you alone here, okay? Now start talking.”
“You’re definitely gutsy, I’ll give you that much. Sheesh.”

The elf muttered in amazed, then began reporting what she knew about Leina’s movements thus far.

“Now listen carefully, because I’ll only be saying this once.”

She shifted her tone to a rather peculiar sounding one, one that would make certain that no one around them could overhear, leaving only the Vance girl able to listen.

“The young Vance maiden, Leina, she’s already participated in a number of fights as a beautiful fighter and has racked up a steady amount of wins as a result. Mind you, she never really ever starts any of these fights, but since one of her rivals happens to be the Bandit of the Wilderness, Risty, a fighter renowned for her strength, well… let’s be blunt, beating Risty put Leina’s name on the map for all the other competitors.”

“That’s my sister for you, no matter how many beautiful fighters she takes on, she’d never lose.”

“After losing her match, Risty was overheard saying that Leina was heading for the legendary land of Maramaks. So yeah, basically just follow the trail for Maramaks and you should have a good shot at finding Leina along the way.”

“Maramaks? But that’s…”

The legendary unknown land of Maramaks, said to be a place where only the strongest of the strong could rule. If the stories were to be believed, its doors would only ever open to the most powerful of beautiful fighters.

Some believed it to be a sort of final resting place for beautiful fighters after they pass on, a city that somehow existed somewhere within heaven. Others believed it to be a place ruled over by some kind of devil king, who sought to use the city to build himself a harem made up of only beautiful fighters. Regardless, no one knew its true form.

“Sister… you couldn’t possibly believe in such fairy tales, could you?”
“Oh, it’s no fairy tale. Maramaks exists.”

The elf spoke in a way that indicated she was dead serious, in contrast with the young Vance girl’s bewildered expression.

“How do you know?”
“I’ve been around the block a lot longer than you kids, I know some stuff.”

On that note, the elf stood up.

“W-Wait, was that all the information you had!?”
“*Chuckle* ...About as much as I’m willing to share with some kid who ran away from home anyhow, yeah.”

The elf shot the speechless Elina a smile, then disappeared into the crowd.

“Ugh, and now I’m pissed.”

It was quite clear the elf had known Elina’s status as a runaway from the get go.

“Played me like a fiddle.”

The blonde frowned, reluctantly forced to admit she’d been bested.


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