Thursday, October 31, 2019

Queen's Blade White Triangle Story 2-4

Before I forget, against all odds, Unlimited OVA 2 was announced, for 28th February next year too! Seems WT has been quite the epic success! As is teased (and as we know), the crux will be the Elina vs Tomoe battle.

For the Halloween intimidating poll, the Witch won this hands down with 33v-82%, then there was Aldra with 7v-17%, and poor Cinderella got the silent treatment alas.

And we actually came up with another one, a funky situation poll!

Storywise, the bit regarding Elina and Nanael is settled now, but...?


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Queen's Blade White Triangle Story 2-3

For the WT mook poll, "might be interesting" won by a landslide, with 21v-77%. After that, there was "yeah, already got it!" with 4v-14% and "I don't think so..." with 2v-7%. No one voted for "sorry, not my cup of tea".
Hey, that's nice! And luckily enough, our pal ajay in the discord is in the middle of scanning it too, so we might even have it in full soon :3

And here we start a series of polls about Halloween! Can we come up with at least another one? Tune in next week and see, I guess?

In this next story bit, we hear more about Triangle?
(Fun fact: I'm not one to toot our own horn, but a throwaway line ended up becoming a joke with the perfect timing ♪ To fully appreciate it though, you'll need to rewatch it a biiit further down the line)


Thursday, October 17, 2019

Queen's Blade White Triangle Story 2-2

For the poll about April Fools' Betelgeuse-chan, "Hell yeah!" and "Yeah!" won with 7v-36% and 6v-31%, followed by "Double no!" and "No!" with 4v-21% and 2v-10%.
I can't believe it wasn't a 100% acceptance rate, did you see those curves...? Also, the original article added another pic I forgot to save, which was her exploding in page 41 Knocked Down, and you won't like it when she does that (real world spoilers)

Next poll, we never asked about the new WT mook!

And this new installment of WT story, EliNana time? (fun fact: the very last line with the pic ends abruptly barely letting you read the text, I had to stretch the video myself, that's why you might notice the music ending earlier than expected)


Thursday, October 10, 2019

Queen's Blade White Triangle Story 2-1

For FS' joke char, "no thanks" and "she looks creepy!" won with 15v-37% and 11v-27%, followed by "doesn't seem half bad" and "she looks hot" with 8v-20% and 6v-15%.
Oh, c'mon guys, don't be so mean...

And next poll, we double down on (and finish for now with) the April Fools stuff, asking about everyone's potentially most anticipated char...?

Storywise, we enter chapter 2, yay!


Thursday, October 3, 2019

Queen's Blade White Triangle Story 1-5

Before I forget, the White Triangle mook released this week! Still trying to find any kind of preview tho.

For the Queensland poll, Tomoe's Kata Demo won with 11v-40%, followed by Setra's Mystery House and Airi's Swamp Bath with 7v-25% and 4v-14%, and then Elina's Rollercoaster and Nanael's Merry-Go-Round got 3v-11% and 2v-7%.
Well, I never thought that choice would win out, coz you know, an image is worth more than a thousand words, as they say?

So we continue with past April Fools, now adding a touch of Cthulhu~

And we finish chapter 1, yaaaay!