Sunday, April 17, 2011

QB Battle 20.4

Megaupload: App + Media (upd) + Extra chars (upd)
Sendspace: App + Media (upd) + Extra chars (upd)

Added Catwoman (thanks to Okami31 for the pics) and updated Cammy's images with more professional-looking ones (thanks to etherblade).

The files you modify in the "config" folder won't be overwritten by updates anymore, and most of the choices in Online battles won't ask both parties now, except for gimmick selection and color selection (like Luna Luna's or Darth Vader's).
By the way, if you want to fight online against other players, be sure to join the Hamachi channel featured at the top of the page.

Coming next: Choosing your own music for each screen, Bleach's Yoruichi & Sui-Feng. (I'll postpone the Night Owl earning Gimmick Points when leveling up until I understand those points better).

Edit (04-27): Ivy confirmed for next update, Yukimura Sanada's preview pics here (she doesn't have a "double matrix", as I assumed her "speed mode" would need, though).

Sunday, April 3, 2011

QB Battle 20.1

Megaupload: App + Media (upd) + Extra chars (upd)
Sendspace: App + Media (upd) + Extra chars (upd)

Finished the Warhammer guys with Kal Jerico, and now Night Owl can choose Gimmicks (ninja tools) to use in the fights.

As for fanmade characters, beware of the bee showdown: not only Q-Bee (thanks to Charles for gathering pics), but also the "Killer Bee", Cammy.

Q-Bee was quite a challenge (because there isn't much artwork depicting her as in the middle of a battle), but borrowing a lot from the Birdman with Lance and Net concept character, she became an atypical flying character.

Coming next: Night Owl gaining extra BP or gimmick points when leveling up, and some more customization through the "config" folder. It'd be nice if there was Ivy too, but who knows.

Edit (04-05): Fixed some bugs and typos Q-Bee had: Megaupload/Sendspace. And coming next time too, Catwoman from DC.

Edit (04-06): Tiny patch for Q-Bee resulting in incorrect ranges sometimes: Megaupload/Sendspace

Edit (04-08): Fix for Huit & Vingt's Chemical Gas incorrectly succeeding everytime, and to improve the CPU's response against it: Megaupload/Sendspace