Thursday, November 16, 2017

Watch out for the Unlimited prankster!

So yup, the Unlimited site was updated today with our Melona's new design!

Really, really subtle changes this time around, and it's only 5 left! Will the rest be so lucky~?

What do you fellas think? :3


  1. Nice to see she hasn't changed too much (Unlike Claudette).
    Kinda worried about Cattalya though. There has got to be at least one "Adult" like character in this. Yimir may get the Loli extreme treatment outta this. Nyx is gonna be interesting to see. So is Irma and the elven combat master.

  2. I see they still insist her bust size is variable. I'll believe it when I see it. ;)

    Though, actually, I'm not going to see it, since I don't watch anime... so the character profiles are probably all I'll ever see of Unlimited. I'm pretty uninformed on the whole topic really. :)

    Oh, I should comment on her appearance, shouldn't I? Um... I have nothing to say. But I did realize, while comparing old and new, that this girl has a lot of EYES, so I've come to the conclusion that she's no common-or-garden slime, but rather an example of that unspeakable Lovecraftian horror, the Shoggoth.

    Well, it's just a theory. I don't suppose you know if she's ever been heard to utter the phrase "tekeli-li?"