Thursday, August 24, 2017

Queen's Blade Unlimited Risty is go!

So today the HJ site was updated with the profile of our wild amazoness, Risty!

Can't say she changed a lot, huh? Funny how everyone has different hair now. Besides, she changed the buckler for a more fancy-looking, compact shield... plus she lost her shoulder tattoo, and her leg tattoo changed design?

What do you guys think?


  1. yeah, no, I dunno, at least she looks the same.

  2. I love Risty's redesign. It's sexy but simple

  3. Wow, they really smoothed out her hair. Can't say I'm a fan of that change exactly. I rather liked the whole messy, unkempt look she had before. Helped give her this image of being a bandit, which she is one.

    Outside of that and what's already been mentioned, I also noticed that they got rid of the fur trimmings on her armband straps.

    Overall, trying to ignore the different artsyle, she seems to have a slicker design overall. Actually, most of the redesigns are feeling like that now that I think about it.

  4. She is the least one would expect to be an ex Brigand also looks less Tough

    1. well, the thing is, even if I prefer the original design, regarding her hair this one is more realistic, don't get me wrong, I love women with very long hair, but come on, in the wild a girl can't keep extra long hair.

  5. another "okay" redesign. The Messier hair suits her much better. overall all these redesigns are "meh". they all kinda dumb down the character designs and look like "diet" versions of the characters.

    Another thing I don't reall like is that they've all been "MOEfied". the biggest appeal to me was that the Queen's Blade ladies looked like fully-grown women, not Moe anime girls.

  6. Yay, Queen Blade Unlimited designs! The original webpage did not get updated so I thought there were not updates since February... Bookmarked the right site now!

    Anyhow, I'm personally more positive about the whole thing than most people here. The fact that we are getting more Queen's Blade is awesome and I really appreciate that. Yes, I do prefer the older more "mature" art style of the previous series... But what is offered here is still good despite the "moeification".

    Designs like Claudette are obviously very different from the old one I loved it... But the new one also work in my opinion. It looks intimidating; powerful.

  7. Hm. Interesting. I actually was never a fan of Risty, so I like this redesign. Comparing the new art and old art, their costumes are surprisingly similar. New Risty is missing the fur trimmings and loses the 80s style hair...

    I think what concerns me most, though, are personality changes. Appearance might be superficial when you consider how much Airi has changed.

  8. For fun, here's my thoughts on all the Unlimited basic designs.

    Elina: Positive. The ribbon on her neck and her leggings gives her a more noble feel compared to her original "bestial" outfit. The lack of the chain on the spear limits her moveset a bit though (although the cloth strip could be used for the same purpose in theory, I suppose). Also, is she the new main character..? It'd be unusual to have someone who is more of a villain as the lead character, though I'd be curious to see where it leads. I like Elina overall so I wouldn't say no to that!

    Airi: Neutral. It's basically identical besides a larger breast size.

    Leina: Slight negative. It's very close, but the new breastplate looks too puny in my opinion; the larger one looked better. I also preferred the dual straps, but it's no big deal.

    Nanael: Slight positive. Very similar, but the boots are a heck of a lot better, and the sword and ribbons a bit better. I preferred the smaller hairclip, though.

    Nowa: Slight negative. Identical besides the hair and hair-clip; the old hair seemed more fitting for her.

    Melpha: Big positive. Melpha always felt "off" to me as a Queen's Blade character. Turning her into a magic user feels a lot better than her flail-mini buckler combo, and she feels as if she fits more. The clothes feels more fitting with Sigui, which I favored by a huge margin. Her new personality (based on Google Translate) also has potential...

    Echidna: Slight positive. Darker skin = more diversity = good. I also prefer her new boots and right arm bracers, though the dagger leg strip looks weird and I miss the top's rubies (despite how tacky they were).

    Claudette: Unusure. Completely different design and I liked the old one. However, the new one does look more "noble" (which is both a plus and a negative for Claudette), and is far more intimidating. Considering she's supposed to be one of the strongest, most dangerous people in the land, I feel the new design works very well.

    Risty: Negative. Wild hair suited her far better, and the new one looks less imposing. The torn sash instead of the pristine one here also helped her give that "wild" appearance. It's possible the new Risty will be less brash though, in which case the new appearance is fine. However, her legs look impossibly long; there's a few other cases of very long legs (Leina being the prime example), but Risty's are the only ones that really strikes me as "off".

  9. New ahield, huh. Well, the old one did tend to cover her up a bit too much IMO, so that's fine by me.

    My main complaint is the same old thing: the artist is apparently only capable of drawing one body type, and everyone ends up looking the same. Something's wrong when Risty has the same figure as Melpha...