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Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-1(b)

For the poll about writing skills, "better than decent" and "I can manage" won with 13v-35% and 11v-29%. After that, "I can sort of write okay" and "I'm terrible at writing" with 7v-18% and 5v-13%. Last place was for "my writing is pretty great actually!", with 1v-2%.
Hm, I think I'm not bad myself, but then again, it's been years since the last time I even tried, so... :p

Moving on with the polls, this time is about good ol' Setra, who apparently is now a ring?

And, here's one more part of the story, going back a bit in time to the actual beginning of Elina's misadventure!


Chapter 1: Elina’s Journey (Part 1)


-Several weeks before…

Despite the late night hour, Elina’s room was about as lit as day, lamps illuminating the space as mirrors only served to make things brighter by reflecting the light. The ornaments were all far from cheap looking, and yet they found themselves strewn every which way around the room.

In stark contrast to those luxurious items, multiple uncouth bags of cloth lay thrown in a heap in the corner, looking rather out of place with the decor. The bags held whatever commodities Elina thought would prove useful for her journey.

All she needed now was to secure a means of transportation and she would be set: her preparations were as good as done. Well, she still needed to find some funds but she hardly considered that a problem. After all, she was Elina, second successor to the Earl of Vance and born to the family that once split the very Continent in two.

No, the real question was: how would she even leave this gigantic castle to begin with? The Vance Castle was built to repel invading forces, so breaking out was every bit as difficult as breaking in.

Not to mention her room was on the top floor. After learning the way her elder sister Leina had escaped, whatever items Elina might have been able to fashion into a rope found themselves promptly confiscated and her windows sealed on her father’s orders.

“What is Father so afraid of?”

She sighed, gazing at the night beyond her window. From where she stood, she could see the castle town that extended to the lake side beneath her, the Great Wall that protected their territory and even a bonfire from the branch castle out in the distance.

A glance at the world that her father ruled. A world Leina wasn’t a part of anymore.

“You’ll give chase, then?”

As she looked out into the night, she heard a voice ask behind her.

“Of course.”

It was her step-sister, Claudette. Elina made no effort to turn around as she answered her.

“Bringing back Sister Leina, the heiress, is a ruler’s duty.”

Having undertaken every precaution imaginable to make sure she’d go undisturbed, the only ones left with access to her private chambers were either Count Vance or her stepsister, the one who governed the area.

“A ruler’s duty… how you so love those words. We both know that’s not your true reason though.”

“Fufu. You know me too well.”

Preparations for her trip had to be carried out in the utmost of secrecy. Only two people, Elina and her personal maid should have known about it.

Actually entering her room was about the only other way she could have been caught, but considering her father was the type to summon her through butler or steward even when he had a task for her, she thought that possibility extremely unlikely.

“So who let the cat out of the bag? I might have to punish someone.”

The blonde sighed, her thoughts shifting to the maiden likely waiting in the next room. She was a tight-lipped girl, but if ordered by her father or Claudette, even she wouldn’t be able to keep the secret.

“There was no need to ask anyone.”

The general smiled, a tinge of loneliness on her face.

“You love Leina more than anyone, so you not running after her was impossible to even consider.”

Leina meant the world to Elina, Claudette knew this better than anyone.

“However, I have my own position to consider, you realize?”

Claudette, the eldest Vance sister, was an illegitimate child with no inheritance rights. If the last remaining heiress, Elina, were to disappear too, it would mean chaos within the territory.

“The Earl ordered me to keep an eye on you so you wouldn’t escape.”

“I figured as much… Yet the fact remains, I’m the only one who stands a chance at finding Sister.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Are you kidding? I bet those people father hired don’t even have a lead yet.”

“And you do?”


Elina firmly declared.

“The Sister I know would never let herself get caught by rabble like that! Even you know that much, Stepsister Claudette.”

The Vances were a family that respected warlike spirit. Whether it was the eldest daughter Leina or the second daughter Elina, they may have been ‘princesses’ in nearly every sense of the word, both wielded combat prowess akin to any expert’s.

Claudette could do nothing but nod at Elina’s words. True, they often tried to make Leina look the part of the docile princess, but the young heiress knew so many techniques that even she could catch Claudette, the one appointed to leading their army, off guard sometimes.

“So that’s why I have to go after her. I have to find her before some little harlot from who knows where gets lucky and makes her do anything weird!”

Elina stated with confidence. Her skills were superb and an obvious match for Leina’s, something she knew Claudette would be well aware of too.

“I understand your determination. But I can’t just let you go either, I could never face Father again if I did so.”

As she said that, Claudette brought forth both a spear and a bottle of liquor.

“What’s that?”

Elina carefully looked the spear over.

“It’s a custom-made weapon made by the merchant, Cattleya.”

The blonde was familiar with the name, Cattleya was a blacksmith that had produced many already famous weapons throughout the Continent.

“This will be quite the test.”

“A test?”

“I was well aware you’d leave no matter I did. So let’s just say I’m readying myself to warm the throne in your absence for the next while.”

With yet another lonely smile, she placed the liquor bottle on the table.

“And that?”

Elina pointed to the bottle.

Speaking frankly, Claudette simply could not hold her liquor. For the so-called perfect female general-- Spartan, accomplished, intelligent and beautiful--, it was pretty much the only flaw one could possibly hold against her and something only her family knew about.

“An excuse.”


“While coming by to check on Elina for signs of her preparing an escape, I was urged by her to share a drink and by my fault alone, found myself unable to refuse her request.”

Getting her story straight, Claudette took a swig of the drink.

As she watched her stepsister willingly accepting to bear dishonour for having failed in her duty, all to allow Elina the free movement she so desperately needed, Elina could only feel a deep sense of gratitude for her sister’s kindness.


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  1. Pretty good translation! Thank you very much!

    So Leina is a competent warrior right off the bat? That certainly change things considerably! The whole main anime arc can't exist anymore... So an Elina-centric story makes more sense than ever.

    Glad to see that Claudette is still a good person at heart despite the new "evil" design!

  2. Sisterly love is a beautiful thing.