Thursday, August 3, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Airi (6)

For the poll about Unlimited Claudette, "great design but not Claudette" won with 37v-50%, followed by "great design and fits the character" with 19v-26%, then "bad design and not Claudette" with 11v-15%, then "okay choice for design and character" with 6v-8%.
Heh, gotta agree this time with the majority, the design might be cool and all, but is too different from the Claudette we know and love, isn't it...

This week's poll comes from yesterday also being Panties Day (8/2 = pa-tsu), so angel panties galore!

And here we finish Airi's sketches, including her absorbing move that would kind of become a bit more intimate in the anime and posterior adaptations :3


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  1. Hmmm... "pa tsu" is a bit of a stretch, isn't it? And it's not good having your panties stretched. (You're probably regretting opening up the comments section now, aren't you?)

    Anyway, what I actually wanted to say was I have to vote "none of the above". The stripes would have had it, but... vertical? That's just wrong!


    1. You fool !

      Polka dots are the best panties !

  2. Say, will the Queen's Blade Anthology 2 translation ever be continued or is that over?

    1. It's not over, but there's only so much work we can do with 2 people. :p

      As always, we can't really seem to get ahold of any proofreaders...