Thursday, November 30, 2017

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Upheaval (6/10)

For the quiz thingie about the 2nd flattest gal, Sainyang won with 27v-42%, followed by a tie between Ymir and Cham Cham with 14v-21%, a 4-way tie between Eilin-Aldra-Alice-Nowa with 2v-3%, and nobody voted for Katja.
Lol, you know, the correct answer was supposed to Eilin, followed by Ymir and Katja... Man, everyone bullying poor Sainyang... :3 Or rather, this is how they're supposed to measure up:
-(Yuit 59)
-Eilin 60
-Ymir 61
-Katja 65
-ChamCham 69
-Alice 72
-Sainyang 75
-Aldra 75
-Nowa 78

For next poll, what do you think about the new sister series HJ announced recently, based on the devils one?

And now, it's time for the 2 stories to intersect! What kind of trouble are the twins getting into now?


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