Thursday, December 7, 2017

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Upheaval (7/10)

For the 7 Virtues anime poll, "definitely interested" won with 24v-51%, followed by "I'll pass" with 9v-19%. After that, there was "might or might not give it a try" with 6v-12%, "not interested in either" with 5v-10%, and "I'll give this one a shot!" with 3v-6%.
Hmm, more support than I was counting on, for sure :)

For the next poll thingie, we made a survey, but we didn't know you couldn't attach it to the side of the page, oh well... you can open it here, for now:

We go back to Elina and Sigui for a bit, things are getting hot, will they go all out...?



  1. I so want to see Elina doing "Holy Pose: Kitty".

    Was it in the anime by any chance? Might induce me to watch it...

    1. I totally want to see that Holy Pose too... but alas, it was never shown, as far I know.