Thursday, September 21, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Nanael (6)

By the way, before I forget, remember part 11 of the Menace CD Drama we translated like a year ago, where she entered the men's sauna by mistake? Well, apparently someone with a certain sensibility let Youtube know about the video, and they removed it...
Sigh, I wonder what we can do now... upload it again without the pic, maybe?

For the poll about Unlimited Tomoe, "okay design" and "great design! glad they didn't change it" won with 26v-40% and 23v-35%, followed by "great design! could use more changes" with 10v-15%, and finally "bad design, no changes" with 5v-7%. "Bad design, feels lacking" got no votes.
Hm, seems an overall positive impression, why change what it's not broken, amirite?

Let's go next for one of those funky polls we do from time to time, this time about writing~

And here's Nanael's last part! It is rare to get such raw, unfiltered art in QB...


Next: Melona... but not before a bit of something else?


  1. If they were allowed to get away with something like that because it was just a sketch, it's rather disappointing that they didn't do the same with any of the other characters...

    1. There is another character who will have some exposure too actually.

  2. Regarding the Youtube stuff, If it's a copyright strike or whatever, slightly changing the bitrate(so the sounds sound higher or lower) or mirroring images seems to help.

    1. Oh no no no, none of the small stuff, we already went through a copyright strike with the witch's CD and cleared it.

      This is a violation of the community rules, I'm assuming because of the nudity (why else?).