Thursday, October 5, 2017

Queen's Blade 2008 Summer Designs: Melona (1)

For the poll on Unlimited Setra, "I think it's a good change for Menace" and "I disagree with the change, makes no sense for Setra" won with 21v-44% and 13v-27%, followed by "on the fence" and "I think it's a good change for Setra" with 7v-14% and 4v-8%. "I disagree with the change, it looks bad" lost with 2v-4%.
Hm, lots of differing opinions, seems like good ol' Setra found a way into our heart, huh?

Here's another Setra poll in a row: just what is he...?

And here we start with our pink slime girl and her many faces! (literally 1000, right?) We did need some expert help to make sense of some of the scribbles all over her designs, sigh... :p



  1. "Her body's shape is hers to control"... except for the size of her breasts, apparently. I mean, her Leina is spot on, but her Ymir? Not fooled for an instant.

    1. Oh lol, no, it's on purpose, they'll actually point that out next :)

    2. I see. Well, that's MUCH more plausible than F.S simply being unwilling (or unable) to draw flat chests. I suppose the same goes for her Nowa, too...?