Thursday, October 19, 2017

Queen's Blade 2008 Summer Designs: Melona (3)

For the poll about Melona's charm points, "fun personality", "jiggly chest" and "thick thighs" won with 29v-27%, 26v-24% and 17v-16%. After that, there were her "cute eyes" and "soft bottom" with 12v-11% and 11v-10%, and for the single-digits votes, there were "bouncy ears" with 7v-6%, "adorable smile" with 3v-2% and "nice tummy" with 1v-0%.
Hmm, I see it was a close fight at the top, guess it won't be easy to decide a winner in...--

...The follow-up poll, which of them is the ultimate one?

Now, here's the end of Melona's sure fanciful run of endless disguises!


Next: No more designs for now! Instead, we begin with a release I've been waiting for like, what seems like ages~!

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  1. Heh. I wonder will she get her Rebellion outfit in the new version? Funny thing about her is She's cheerful until you call her a monster. Then she get's really vengeful. Hell she's been hating on Leina for the entire first series ever since she called her that.