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Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Prologue & Chapter 1-1(a)

Edit: Oh, next will be Nanael's designs, not Melona's, my bad :p

For the poll about angels panties, Laila's weird panties took it with 39v-57%, followed by Nanael's classic polka dot panties with 20v-29%. After that, there were Kyuel's simple panties and Hachiel's vertical stripes with 5v-7% and 4v-5%.
Hmm, I wonder what would have happened if my Menace with her horizontal stripes had been there as an option~?

The poll this time is based on one that they did in the Unlimited twitter before, so why not, huh?

And lo and behold, here's the start of the Unlimited story! Unlike other posts where we try to release a finished thing in consecutive weeks, we'll try something new this time and post these as we manage to get them translated, interspaced with other stuff in the meantime.

So without further adeu, here's the two first installments we have of the brand new story!

Prologue: Story of the Beautiful Fighters

The Queen's Blade, a life or death tournament held once every 4 years, gathering Beautiful Fighters from across the land to compete.

In accordance with the practice set by the Founding Queen who gave new life to the Continent, only the strongest woman can be allowed to rule over all.

Thus, under the vigilance of an angel, any winner to an official Queen's Blade match may issue any one order to the loser.

Take away an adversary's precious weapon for yourself? Maybe enslave them instead? Or perhaps... demand the throne from the current Queen herself!

From the borderlands, a noble's daughter sets out in search of her beloved sister, Leina, who threw it all away to become a Beautiful Fighter, Elina's adventure begins here.

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Chapter 1: Elina's Journey (Part 1)

The Maid and the Noble

A pained sigh escaped the young woman's lips, clad in only her underwear and with her hands tied behind her back, her entire upper body had been immobilized.

Her breasts, barely restrained in their luxurious lace as is, were not what one would describe as being 'overly large.' No, rather, it was more apt to say they hit that exquisite size where none could ever call them small either.
The lovely curve of her svelte waist coupled with the splendid round of her hips below made for a captivating sight. A body like that in this sort of situation would likely test the reason of any man...

Every writhe and wriggle the girl made caused an almost musically sounding “cling cling” to ring out from the metal chains attached to her choker, making it quite the difficult accessory to ignore.

“P-Please... give... give it to me...”

The instant the young girl worded her appeal, the small bit of cloth that'd once, if barely, managed to contain her full breasts suddenly vanished in a dim flash of light, like a petal lost to the wind. All that remained on her now were the chains hanging from her choker and one last piece of fabric, the one guarding her rich, round hips.

“And what exactly would 'it' be? You're going to have to be more specific than that, Airi.”

Illuminated momentarily from the flash that came from the disappearance of Airi's bra, Elina questioned the disgraced, and exposed, maid lying before her on the ground.

Airi's body glowed with an ever so faint light in the dark room. She wasn't human, that much would be clear to anyone. To run out of vitality in this world meant the deterioration of Airi's physical self, and to lose her physical being meant being unable to maintain her clothing... as well as her very existence on this plane. She would disappear and all that would be left of her recent defeat would be the choker that Elina had so graciously 'given' to her.

The maid was on the brink of a very forced dematerialization.

“Well? Answer me. Tell me what you want.”
“Essence... I want essence...”
“You're almost there...”
“P-Please allow me to partake in your essence, Miss-... Lady Elina.”

Airi begged, gazing up at Elina's form with vision blurred by her desperate state. The way things were going now, if she didn't obtain essence soon she would be gone before even daybreak. Were that to happen, then she'd never complete her mission.

“My essence isn't any ordinary essence, is it?”

Her tone icy and indifferent, Elina extended the tip of her toes the slightest bit towards the wraith.

Unable to use her hands, Airi would have to stretch out her tongue if she even hoped to reach that.

“Lady Elina's youthful essence... please...”

Elina silently pulled her toes back away from the approaching Airi. Like a dog made to wait before being allowed its treat, Airi's expression darkened.

The Vance girl's goal was simple; make the relationship between the two nice and clear, Elina only 'offering' her essence as she deemed fit and making sure Airi never felt as if she got to 'rob it' out of her in turn. Given that Elina had forbidden Airi from ever obtaining essence from anyone besides her as a loser's condition to their Queen's Blade bout, the maid had little room to argue the matter.

“Not yet.”
“I-I can't wait... I'm... almost at my limit...”
“So that's as long as you can last, huh... You're a disappointment.”

Scorning the redhead, the blonde slowly moved to remove the accessories from her right leg.

“I hope you realize that even a dog has more patience than you.”

Exposed to the night air, Elina allowed her beautifully toned, and now fully defenseless, foot to grace Airi's sight.

“Airi, what are you?”
“I am...”

Sensing the hesitation on the maid's features, Elina pulled her foot back even further out of Airi's reach.

“Who is your master? Is it me, the one right in front of you? Or is it someone someplace else?”

A simple test. Having Airi voicing her allegiance right now would clarify a lot. Then again, Airi could opt to vanish from this world this very instant out of 'loyalty' to this unknown 'true master' for all Elina cared too. They'd been at it for several days already and so far, all Elina had managed to get out of her was that this 'master' existed at all.

First thing's first though…

“I'm feeling generous, so I'll ask you one last time.”

She stood up abruptly and shot a long, cold stare at the wraith.

“Who are you?”
“I-I am...”

Airi almost seemed to swallow something before she allowed herself to continue.

“I am Lady Elina's... slave... I am unable to live without Lady Elina's essence... so please... share some with me.”

Between breaths, Airi admitted to them both that she served Elina.

And as if to symbolize her parting with her hesitations, the last of the clothing protecting Airi's naked body vanished as well. If she didn't obtain essence soon, Airi would be next.

Yet despite having heard Airi, Elina made no efforts to move her leg back within the maid's range.

“Lady Elina, I need it...”

Groveling on her hands and feed, the maid desperately tried closing the gap herself, wearing nothing but a choker and some chains.

“That's... no way to ask. Did your manners vanish along with your clothes?”

Coldly answering Airi, the noble girl spun on her heel and sat back down on her bed.

“You're a maid right? What's the magic word?”

Maintaining her status as the dignified master in this relationship, Elina generously offered the slightest hint. Losing a servant who still had her uses this easily would be just wasteful now, wouldn't it?

Airi quickly looked up when she heard that.

“I beg of you, Lady Elina, please share your essence with this lowly maid.”
“There we go, now was that so hard? Saying 'please' is just proper etiquette.”

Elina extended her food again.

“Fine then, it is a ruler's duty to keep their servants well-fed after all. You may go ahead and help yourself.”

With both arms still bound, Airi crawled over and began lapping at Elina's toes.


A slight gasp slipped through the blonde's lips as she experienced the strange feeling for the first time, like her foot getting number and number.

“*Chuckle*... delicious... you're so delicious, Lady Elina.”

Airi diligently ran her tongue over every inch of Elina's toes, absorbing what she could from them. Even under the dim lighting, it was easy to tell just by the color of her skin how overflowing with vitality her leg must be. Elina's body fully tensed as she tried to minimize the small quivers she felt running through her from the cozy yet tiring sensation of having the essence drawn out of her.

“Oh my? Does it feel good?”
“Cut the crap, would you?”

Elina suddenly yanked Airi away by the hair. She was the one in control, she was always the one in control, there was no doubt about it, but...

[It DID feel good, didn't it?]

She honestly thought it would be more painful, so she must have simply gotten caught off guard, that's all.

“You want me to stop your meal here?”

Airi's expression stiffened. Her reserves were still far from fully recovered, in fact, she barely had enough to even rematerialize clothing at this point.

“I-I allowed myself to get carried away. Please accept my apologies.”
“That's more like it.”

Grinning, Elina released the wraith's head.


Losing her balance, Airi landed closer, now finding herself between the other girl's legs.

“Now, speak. Show your gratitude to me for allowing you to partake in my essence.”


Reading hesitation on Airi's face yet again, Elina took half a step back. Clearly Airi wasn't ready to swear unfaltering loyalty to her from the bottom of her heart just yet. Expressing her newfound loyalty into words still seemed to give her issues.

“L-Lady Elina.”
“Who is your master? Remember what'll happen to you if I don't give you my essence.”

The blonde demanded, waving her toes left and right in front of Airi's lips.

“Then again, wouldn't really matter to me either if you disappeared though.”
“M-My mistress is...”
“Your mistress is?”
“You, Lady Elina...”

Albeit reluctantly, there was no mistaking that. Airi had just called her “Mistress.” A single little word yes, but one with very special meaning in the act of the maid daring to say it just now.

“Then I suppose my duties as a mistress aren't done yet...”

Smiling, Elina turned her toes downwards towards Airi's waiting lips.

“Nh... ah...”

From Elina's toes, to her ankles and past her calves, Airi's tongue slowly made its way across as she moved towards Elina's thighs.

“Cool it, you're getting ahead of yourself and it's disgraceful.”
“I can't help it... your essence is so delicious, Lady Elina.”

Unlike before, all the weakness in Airi's voice was gone. Now that she'd obtained the essence she needed, she was back to normal.

“By the way, Lady Elina, please don't mind me. If it feels good, then raise your voice.”

With a longing sigh, Airi continued tracing the noble girl's soft skin with her tongue.

“Well, to be honest, I'd prefer it if you did. Your essence would taste even better that way.”

Airi's tongue drew closer to the base of her leg, inching nearer to between her legs. Generally speaking, essence absorption was more effective when done near places closer to the center mass of the body such as the sexual organs or the lips so...

“Don't push your luck.”

Elina had no intention of going any further than this. With a jerk, Elina held down the wraith's head.
“A mistress doesn't do favors for her servant.”

Getting drunk on pleasure was far from the plan here. Not to say she wasn't sort of interested or anything, it just wasn't the time.

“L-Lady Elinaaa...”

The Vance girl, now clenching the chain attached to the pathetic-looking maid still begging for essence, stood up.

“Open your mouth.”

The moment she said it, her slave knelt down, lifted her head up and opened her mouth without missing a beat.

“Good girl. Time for a reward.”

The noblewoman slowly began to trace the redhead's lips with the tip of her finger, slickening it with the maid's own saliva and spreading the wetness all around Airi's ravishing ruby lips.


Airi's tongue followed the fingertip's every movement, keeping an unsure distance from it, waiting.

“You want it that bad? You're insatiable.”

Elina slipped her fingertip within the waiting wraith's mouth and Airi wasted absolutely no time closing her lips around it, clutching it firmly.

“Lady Elina... More, please...”
“Well, I guess if I have to...”

Elina pulled her fingertip free and lowering herself atop the maid, pressed Airi's lips to her own.

Coming next: Nanael's designs!


  1. Wow, does that mean there is a chance for Elina to be the main character?

    1. Rather than there being a chance, I'd be surprised if she wasn't.

      At least, for the moment, that is.

    2. finally some good news for Unlimited :D

    3. PLEASE GOD NO! ANYTHING but having Elina as the main character! (seriously, she's one of the most evil and despicable characters in the whole series! I really hope this is just "her Story" and doesn't actually mean she's the protagonist).

    4. I seriously dont want Elina to be the main character :P

    5. I did read Hide & Seek, but I still stand that she's the worst character:

      She abused Nyx mentally and physically, tormenting her so much that it led her to be scared of everything and eventually finding Funikura, she lusts after her own sisters, and treats everybody else like garbage. she's arrogant and cruel. I don't understand why anyone likes her. (I think she's worse than the actual villains like Melona, Menace, and Airi).

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  4. I do like Elina because her bad behavior makes her interesting and complex to me, but I'm a huge Leina fan, so I'm really hoping it remains her story.

  5. I'm a bit late to the party here, but I only recently got around to reading this. Well, so far, it reads like an extended Vanquished Queens scenario, but without the pretty picture to go along with it, which is a bit disappointing (for me) since the pretty pictures are the main reason I'm interested in QB in the first place. Ahem. But I see that more characters turn up pretty soon, so maybe something will actually start to happen as the story progresses. I won't write it off quite yet. ;)