Thursday, November 9, 2017

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Upheaval (3/10)

For the previous poll about Delmore, "good change, Delmore wasn't that great" won by a landslide with 23v-46%. After that, there was "neutral on the change" with 9v-18%, a tie between "bad change, not Delmore anymore" and "bad change, downgrade from Delmore's dynamic" with 7v-14%, and lastly "good change, better version!" with 4v-8%.
So I guess our new succubus-like gal has gained the appreciation of a good part of the fans, not bad for such a drastic change :3

Now for the next poll, you see, yesterday apparently was "Nice Skin Day" due to one of those japanese mumbo-jumbos ("いい(11)肌(8)", I don't fully get it myself), so why not a poll?

And we're here with more bickering between Elina and Ymir!
Oh also, like last vid, this one apparently infringed copyright as well, but we haven't received a reply from the original owners yet, hm :S


Spoilers? If it needed any confirmation, it was Melona who tried to fit Elina with the armor. Funny, we never saw her funky eyes in the corresponding pic... would it have been too much of a telltale sign?

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