Thursday, August 24, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Nanael (2)

Oh hey guys, you know one of the running gags in this blog, where every year I only remember about this site's anniversary a few weeks after the fact? Well it happened again~
Celebrating the 7th anniversary here, we still got loads of material to work on! (any extra proofreader would help speed it up enormously, though)

So about Nanael's harem poll, it was kind of a close call, but "I'd tell her to take a hike" won versus "I'd definitely join" with 42v-55%, against the latter 34v-44%.
Oh, poor Nanael, I thought she'd be a tad more popular than that. Or is it that people don't like being in a harem...?

Now next poll, how do you view Airi as?

And here we start all the fancy designs of the half-assedly-fighting angel!



  1. The biggest difference between "slave" and "servant" is if the person has a choice or not. Airi doesn't seem to have a choice to follow the Swamp Witch so to me she falls more under slave than servant.

    1. Watch beautiful fighters again, Airi has the choice.
      She's definetely a servant.

  2. You missed "Maid Day" too. :)

    (It was the 10th of May, obviously.)