Thursday, September 7, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Nanael (4)

On the pupil's poll, Nowa took it with 17v-31%, followed by Annelotte and Menace with 13v-24% and 12v-22%. After that, there were Irma and Leina with 7v-12% and 5v-9%.
Heh, of course Nowa was gonna win it. Didn't expect Annelotte so high up, pity that my Menace was so close to 2nd place tho, and my Irma just can't catch a break, huh... :3

This poll's week is about Ymir, and a question we've kinda been wondering about lately (and was part of a VQ entry featuring Liliana as well, if you may recall): is she old or young?

Now, here's a bit more of Nanael! Dunno how clear it comes through, but we're pretty sure that the 3rd pic there is a reference to Evangelion, not only with the giant monster ("kaijuu") and barrier talk, but also the pose itself. The more you know, huh?



  1. wow, full naked tits in a QB combat book?

  2. Definitely an Evangelion reference. Except that it's the angel doing the dropkick. They're getting their own back...! or something...